Playa Del Carmen

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There is a place right in Playa called Popa Cubanas. It is close to the main highway and the Chedaui Dept store. The girls change the names all the time or I would give you some good ones. There are usually 2 or 3 hot girls and the rest are still do-able.

If your asking about PDC near Cancun then you might look into the new Chilly Willy’s. Same owner as the one in Cancun but a second location in PDC. Lots of the girls now from Cancun now work there. You can find the place by asking a cab driver or looking for the bill boards along the main highway.

see the area has been dead for a while as far as action and places are concerned so I thought I would pop in and leave some information.

Alot has changed since Hurricanes Emily and Wilma made their appearance in 2005 and even some of the clubs and action as well. Here is a sum up.

On the highway going south through Playa Del Carmen between Constituyentes and Juarez there are 2 small places. Malibu Charley’s and Babe Hots. Small not a lot of girls but every now and again some hot Latin girls, just passing the light at Av. Juarez you find Club Marlin which is a larger club that has been around for a while and yes more girls and some better options.

Passing the Sam’s and Centro Maya (City Club) still heading south you will find the remnants of a couple of clubs that never had a chance and Chilly Willy’s Playa Del Carmen which is owned by the same guy as the club in Cancun.

Now if you aren’t looking to drop a lot of cash ($500 US and up) Chilly Willy’s is not the place for you and if you don’t speak fluent Spanish the others are not a good option as well. Recently clubs like Chilly Willy’s both in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen have been getting a lot of bad press for holding American Tourists hostage at the clubs for outrageous bar bills and if you don’t pay whether you owe it or not they call the police who work together with the clubs to take care of you. This makes entering a place where you can not freely move about a dangerous situation which should be avoided. Some Americans non-Latinos have been taken for more than 2 thousand dollars which they gladly bill to your credit card.

Another place to avoid both in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen is Pleasure Palace, these places advertise with incredible girls real but quite old the pics and they again get you into a place where you can not freely leave. The one in Playa Del Carmen has only 2 real girls the rest are a hook to get you into the place.

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