Puebla Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point)

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Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point)
About a 2 hour drive 60 Miles south from Sonoyta which is just over the border on Highway 8. Rocky Point is on the Gulf of California. Lukeville is just over the border on the US side. Famous for Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument Lukeville is small with not much to offer. You can see cars along highway 2 in Mexico from the US side when driving along Puerto Blanco Drive. The area is teaming with US Border Patrol as this area is well known for illegal crossings into the US. Empty water bottles can be found along the trails of the National Park (water bottles with Spanish language) leading you to the conclusion that crossings take place often. In fact you could throw a stone from the highway in the US to the highway in Mexico. Be prepared to be stopped and questioned by US officials.

Bar Crystal
Located on a dirt road before you enter the main part of town.
Open 24 hours
Weekends and nights you can find up to 12 women
Prices are $30 – $50 plus $8 for one hour in the room. Negotiate the whole party in advance as oral is not always included.

Guau Guau Strip Club
Entry $4 which includes a drink
5 – 15 women, Tables dances $10
Full Service is available in the back where they have small rooms. Ask the waiter
Oral $50
Full Service $100
Prices are not set and will depend on the girl

From Phoenix expect a 3 hour drive (150 Miles) down the 85 past Gila Bend and then Ajo.
To the west is Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Base, to the east is Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation.

Wanted to talk about some of my travels to Rocky Point, located about an hour from the border of Lukeville, Arizona.
Known for its Spring Break parties, Rocky Point also has night life. One main strip bar is called MAU MAU (pronounced wow wows) Ask a cab to take you there. Its located in the center of the city. Anyway, there is a three dollar cover. You go in and you have a selection of many hot Latina babes. Table dances are $7, and you get quite a show, lots of touching all over.
Most of the ladies range from 7 to 10. For $14, you get a private show and you can suck on their tits and lick them all over. They usually kiss your neck and chest. Some of the girls will allow you to finger fuck them and other girls will jerk you off during the dance. usually they don’t ask for extra tips, but i give them an extra 5 or 10 bucks. Jessie and Elizabeth are the regular dancers there, and they will treat you right. There may be this incredible woman that goes by the name of Andrea. About 5 feet tall, brown hair, brown eyes, perfect ass and tits. She is wild. I gave her a $20 tip for her service. She is an exception to the rule. If you really want FS just head over to the Crystal Palace bar located in the outskirts of town. Ask the cab driver you want to go to the Crystal Palace and he will take you there. Action starts around 9pm. There are lots of average to ugly woman, all Latina, but there are a few
gems there. If you don’t see any hot woman, ask the bartender Donde estalas bonitas senoritas? After a while some of the attractive woman will come out. The going rate is $40 bucks for a fuck. This includes the room plus
condom. Pretty good deal. Most of the women won’t perform oral sex. You can get two girls for 80 bucks Also, don’t worry if you see Mexican police there. They know whats going on and wont bother you unless you start acting like an •••••••. Good luck in Rocky Point.

Rocky Point, Puetro Penasco appox 3 hours south of Phoenix Dunas $200 for an hour will accept $100 for two hours.
Crystal Palace twice $40-$60 for 20 minutes. Girls scale, 4-6

Guaw Guaw
also offers some full service $150 to go to the back room or $65 in the “small compartment” Crystal Palace is the place to go, If you’re patient you’ll find 7-8. Very Mexican authenticity women. For $60 received bareback BJ and FS in every position possible (With rubber and KY jell).

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