Puerto Vallarta

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I went to Puerto Vallarta in November and saw all the Alamos, zona roja, Queros, and Juniors. I had the more fun at Juniors in which I met a girl by the name of Krystal there. It cost about $600 pesos for a quickie (15 minutes) in a private room, 1000 pesos (1 hour) in the back or 1500 (2 hour at your hotel or they will take to a place and an extra $200 pesos for the room). Krystal did give a good BBBJ there in back and gave me her phone number where I could talk to her and meet her for an afternoon 2 hr session for 1000 pesos, but I did not try that anyway my try it in March. The other places alamos and the Zona Roja did not have very good looking women, they were all right, but I like beauty. Queros had great looking women, but they charged 1600 pesos for 1 1/2 hour. Probably need to talk to the girls and try to meet them after work. Well, that’s all folks!

I recently spent some time in Puerto Vallarta on vacation. If you’re just looking to get laid, visit the local clubs and bars on the Malecon (the street running alongside the beach in downtown). The girls, mostly American and Canadian get crazy drunk and if you play your cards right you’ll be getting a blowjob and sex at 4:00 a.m.

I also went to the recently opened Gentlemen’s Club in the Hotel Zone. It costs 100 pesos ($10.50) cover and the place upstairs is very cheesy. The girls are just as bad except for one who called herself Shakira. As soon as I offered her a drink, she immediately began to grab my dick. She told me that for 1000 pesos ($105US) I could have my way with her for half an hour, full service. For $300 ($32US) I could have a 15 minute full nude lap dance. I opted for the lap dance in the back of the joint. The place was dark and had individual semi-cubicles. The girl was very obviously turned on and she wanted me to have sex with her but only for $1000 pesos. I finger banged her, she got very wet, but just as she took my dick out and started stroking me, the guard came by to tell us that time was up. A few more minutes and we would have been having sex.

I was really horny now so I went to across the street to Q-Eros. This place is the bomb! Cover was $100 pesos. The place is very classy and big, like your traditional Cheetahs or Scores or Spearmint Rhino. The girls are all 8s, 9s, and 10s and mostly very young and hot, hot, hot. For $300 pesos you get a 15 minutes full nude lap dance in your own private little room w/locking door, $1500 pesos ($155) gets you full service for half hour. The girls strip on stage one at a time for two or three songs. I didn’t see anybody throwing money like they do in the States and Canada.

The talent is outstanding. I started shooting the shit with a hottie that spoke English and I asked her if she wouldn’t mind coming to my hotel room the next day. She agreed and I met her in the hotel lobby, brought her back to my room and we had sex twice before we took a shower. Then in the shower she gave me a good blowjob and we fucked again in the water! Both a little tired we rested on the bed, and before you knew it we were having sex again! Yeah baby! We finished by cumming on her ass. She didn’t even ask me for money, she seemed to be doing it for the love of it. I did give her $80US on her way out and she seemed very appreciative. I’m sure if I had stayed longer, she would be in my room every day and would only have to pay for her meals! I’m definitely looking for her when I go back. BTW, she goes by the name Cristal. I definitely recommend Q-Eros. Next time, I’ll also try Juniors.

I visited Juniors bar and have a few comments.
Prices: (about 10 pesos to one U.S. dollar)
Cover charge $70 pesos
Drinks $70 pesos
Girl drink $140 pesos
Lap dance $140 pesos
Blow job $740 pesos
Sex $840 pesos (ten minutes in back room)
Go to hotel $2000 pesos
They will expect a tip for the door guard if you use the back room ($100 pesos) and the girl will expect a tip of about $200 pesos. The lap dance is better than you get in the States. They use it to get you excited and then try to sell you the more expensive services. The girls are all young and pretty, worth the price. If you stay in the old section of town around Los Muertos beach, you can walk to Juniors. It is two blocks up the hill from the Torre de Oro hotel, at the top of a flight of stairs.

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