Rosarito Beach

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I have a few buddies that have been doing all nighters with several really attractive Russian women who work the Hotel and beach. Apparently the Russian Mafia is getting in on the hot Mexican scene, these babes are blondes, brunettes, red heads etc. Charging from $75 to $100 for the entire night.

I also go there quite often for years now, and I have never seen obvious working girls there, only the occasional as luck would have it “in and out” not on a regular basis working girl. I have been told that there may be a high priced Madam or agency for those of the high level Mexican or big money Arena, however, I guess you have to be in the know because I have money to burn yet have never found the agency, nor seen gorgeous working ladies around when there. Mostly a family oriented place. Any thing you guys find would be appreciated, likewise if I see anything in the future I will report it.
Got to Rosarito Beach Hotel around 8:00 PM and checked it out thoroughly (Packard we probably crossed paths). Nothing remotely resembling working ladies or Russkies. Left about 8:45 PM to continue on to Ensenada. Returned around 12:30 AM and the place was dead, hardly a soul around. We also checked at Festival Plaza and the surrounding clubs — nothing. Returned around noon on Saturday, hung out for a few hours, nothing happening, left for home around 2:00 PM.

I’ll be checking it out from time to time, but while living in Rosarito for three months it was clear that the working girls scene is very touch and go. At any of the nice clubs you *could* happen across one or two working girls on any given night, but it was very unpredictable and more likely that you would not.

The only predictable place in Rosarito is Los Caminos Cuatro, a dive at the north end of town where the small number of girls are SG quality at best or less. Since I always went there just for kicks with Maria/Lizeth CC, I have no idea of price or any details of what they do.

The whore house in Rosarito is located north of the hotels on the east side of the street. The bar is called the “4 streets” but it’s in Spanish. There are about 5 stairs up to the front door. It’s more of a locals place with a hotel upstairs. Caminos Cuatro I believe is the name. You drive right by it on the way into town on the main drag.

Here’s my 2 centavos worth. I have stayed at this place. It is nice enough although nothing compared to the beaches and resorts much farther south in the country. Still, it is only a $3 bus ride from TJ, there are some very nice shops for gifts, the food close by ranges from tacos stands to motif restaurants and is all good, and it is usually a low keyed place to relax during mid week. I wouldn’t mind taking someone there for a day. I suspect most of the chicas would love it, and you, if you got them out of the Zona for a while. If you are young and like to party til you drop or not this whole town rocks during holidays. Presidents Day and Easter are a zoo with college kids everywhere.


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