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152 miles to the southeast of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. It lies inland about 6 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

Approx. 280,000.

Getting There
Flights are available from Mexico City and Monterrey.

Best lookers are at the Jet Set but it’s also the most expensive. Go downtown next to the Port. Jet Set is a great deal if you’re looking for a club in this city. Some very beautiful and talented women work there. It’s a strip club with rooms upstairs, or you can bar fine a lady. However, many ladies are just strippers and will not do dates outside of the club.

Most of the ladies were just average, but a couple were above average to very nice. They quoted a rate of 550 pesos, but after some negotiation they came down to 400.

If you want to try for some non-pros, go to Bario Antigua, which is an up-scale disco. On weekends you’re sure to find something of interest here.

is a regular bar that offers dancing and has plenty of girls late at night. Another notable regular bar is the Manila Beer House on Madero Ave.

There are plenty of fine ladies available near the center of town. Go to the big department store near the Town Square. You will see groups of women standing around.

Tell your taxi driver to stop, go up to the one you like, just ask her “Quantos pesos por la hora?” She will probably counter with 800 pesos, but you may be able to negotiate for 400-600 pesos.

Beach Area. The best beach hotel is the Maeba, but it’s expensive. They try to force the meal package on you, but tell them you want a room only, no meals. It will still be $100 USD per night.

There are many hotels downtown, and that’s a better bet. You can take a lady into most of the hotels if you just register and pay for two when you check in.

Another good hotel is the Hotel San Antonio on Hidalgo Ave. It is outside of the downtown area, but there is no problem with bringing women to your room.

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