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Tecate a small sleepy town east of TJ which can be found taking highway 2 out of TJ east along the border. From the US take the 805 north to Telegraph Canyon Road. About 8 minutes north of the US border or 7.4 miles. Telegraph Cyn turns into Otay Lakes Road. Continue on Otay Lakes Road to the 94. Make a right and take Highway 94 to Tecate Road. Make a right (South) to the border crossing. You can pay and park your car on the US side and walk over if you like. This town is less dangerous then places like TJ and driving is no big deal. Hardly any traffic and theft is rare. Walking would probably be far more dangerous and time consuming as the clubs are not located close to the border.

Try Juarez Bar. Pretty much any taxi driver knows the place. Go to the Sports betting place to find a taxi. The action did not start till 4pm. There were about 6 ladies to choose from and not one that I would pick. There was also another place on the east side of the street about a mile south on the main drag. It was a pool hall that had women and beer. Also slim picking during my visit. I have heard of guys having some luck but in the two visits I made last year both came up empty handed.

Yes its a short drive either on the Mexican side or the US to the east. The crossing to and from the US does close, I believe at midnight.

Getting to Tecate involves about a 35 minute ride from El Cajon taking the 94. The border closes at 12 midnight and reopens at 6am (I believe). To get to TJ from Tecate you can take the dangerous highway 2 or use the toll road which is fast and safe. Tecate is kind of a 2-horse town. My buddy used to live right across the street from the Juarez Bar. The place drones on all night to typical um pah Norteno music. I’ve been inside the Juarez bar twice, once in the late afternoon on a Friday and then in the early evening on a Saturday. Both times the women were 2’s on a scale of 1 to 5. Its possible that as the evening continues more women and maybe more attractive ones appear. Prices were starting at $30 for a trip to the room.

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