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Tijuana is located just south of San Diego, California. Two border crossings exist, the main one at San Ysidro (where it’s possible to park and walk) and the secondary one east of TJ near Otay (where a car is a must to drive over). Look for the Otay crossing signs in TJ or the TJ Airport signs. It’s close to the TJ airport. It closes at 10pm and reopens at 6am so keep that in mind.


Zona Norte (Red Light District)
The walk to Zona Norte takes about 10-15 minutes from the time you cross the border.

After you cross the border gates go past the taxi’s and continue straight ahead past all the pharmacies. Keep going to the pedestrian bridge and cross over it. When you reach the end make a right and follow the signs to Revolutione. Cross Revolutione and continue 2 blocks…the first is Constitution and the second is Ninos Heros. Right on Ninos Heros and you’ll pass all the SW’s. Walk around and you’ll find AB and CC.

A good marker for Zona Norte is the large (huge) arch. Zona Norte is about 2 blocks beyond the arch.

Many guys go for the weekend “Friday, Saturday and Sunday”. I suspect guys living more then a 3 hours drive away prefer to take advantage of the long drive and stay a few days.

Probably one of the better hotels to stay at is the La Villa de Zaragoza more info here
They do allow you to bring ladies to your room.
The one problem you may have is that ladies are less willing to leave the zona. Hotels in the zona such as Cascadas next to Adelita Bar put you right in the middle of the action. The hotel above the Tropical Bar is also not bad. The best hotel for Chicago Club is the Leyva Hotel which is next door. Many of the working girls stay at this hotel while working at the club. Note, the rooms are not up to US standards and below what you would find at a Motel 6. The benefit is almost all the women will stay there with you for longer term sessions.

Beware of guys walking the streets and cab drivers as you will get mixed results for getting set up. Your best bet is to go to the Chicago Club, Adelita Bar or Mexico Lindo (all have info posted about them on this board). Check out the two links in the posts above (Going to TJ and the Mexico FAQ) for more details. While at the clubs take your selected girl to the short time room (at the club) and see what kind of chemistry you have. Then start making some offers. It all depends on you and the girl, $100-$300 for all night and $200-$600 for 24 hours.

You might consider going to Ensenada (one hour south) where longer term parties are more common. The women are also more willing to go farther to nicer hotels since it’s common there.

I have a few friends that stay at Pueblo Amigo and bring girls to the rooms there. You may even have some luck bringing a girl from the Bolero strip club which is a short walk from the hotel.

Girls working in the Strip clubs like Maddona’s and Bolero demand higher rates. It will also depend if it affects their work day. For example some of the girls will consider going to your hotel after they get off work (3am) to spend the rest of the night with you. Usually $150-$300. Should they have to take a day off work it will cost you even more.

Finally the least expensive is Adelita Bar, Chicago Club and Mexico Lindo (off Revolution). If you have some Spanish speaking ability then you can get even lower prices at the smaller clubs like Las Chevlas, Tropical and the Miami bars. (there are several other small bars in the zona). The key again is your ability to speak the language.

Good Luck, perhaps the TJ Goodfellas can comment on this?

Note: How you come off with the lady,(social skills) are important too. I’ve seen some TJ guys who frequent the clubs get rejected no matter how well they speak Spanish. If your a drunk, talk loud and never shut up, are obviously rude, pushy and a jerk don’t expect anything no matter how much your willing to pay. Remember you get what you pay for so don’t expect much from a $20 street girl in the alley. Beware of the American know it all that claims he can get you anything.

Saturday night was mad packed. Still there was a great selection of women. 10’s to 4’s. Went upstairs with this girl with DD’s. I ended up going two sessions before I blew my load. She gave great lovin. Foreplay post play the works. Her name was “Jessica”.

Two questions for you all. Last time I was at AB’s, after sleeping with one of the girls she offered her number to me. On a piece of paper she wrote down her home number and cell number, plus her real name. I never called these numbers. When I saw her tonight she acted like she had no clue who I was. There was only a week between the two times. Is there some kinda of scam here or is this chick just not real bright or she just likes to give out her personal info to a lot of people?
Two. Another girl down there keeps hounding me to make a baby with her. Every time I see her and I go to the room with her she begs me to make a baby. She even trys to take the condom off when we are having sex. Now I have not been so stupid as to do such a thing, but I am wondering what’s the deal. She promises that she will take care of it and I don’t have to do a thing. Is she looking for a ticket for US citizenship? Just wacky? Or is this some kinda of scam? This same girl always asks me every time I see her. It seems like she really wants a baby. Her reason is that it will be “muy guapo”. Maybe someone out there knows what is up so that I will be more savy.

Went to Tijuana stayed at hotel cascadas small room stayed one day, floor were clean no problem it was nice.
HONG KONG I went to HONG KONG strip club only after I walked and checked all the street girls. In honk kong there were a lot of hot girls (10s). What HONG KONG has over ADELITAS is at Hong kong you see most of the girls showing their tits so you get to find what you want. I got a girl 80 dls for half an hour great exactly wat I wanted d breast. She was fine gave me a blow and good sex I asked about another half hour she wanted 80 more but no I was saving for other.

Besides the most common equipment such as:
Better condoms, thinner, flavored
Ear plugs, loud music protection
Small flashlight, room and clubs are dark
Lube, flavored, helps reduce condom breakage
Gifts, Blow Pops, Kit Kats, chocolate bars etc.
Breath mints, Certs, Gum, Peppermint Lifesavers.
Spanish/English Dictionary, pocket size
Hot Spanish Pocket size Spanish phrases
Any suggestions to ADD to the “First Time Visitor” list or even the seasoned sessioneer?
Great bribe for the gals, waiters and hotel employees.

Anyway this time I was prepared for Tijuana and security was my priority.
1. Firstly I ditched my car on the border for $7 per day parking. I wanted no automobile hassles whatsoever ie parking, driving, traffic or insurance inside Mexico.

2. Got a money belt at Kmart before departure and placed 1/3 of the whore budget inside and put on a loose shirt over it. The other 1/3 of money was placed inside my left sneaker wrapped in a small plastic bag and right under the arch of my foot so it won’t be painful to walk freely. Rest of the money went into the wallet. So by dividing the stash I lowered my chances of being totally out of cash to somewhat better statistics. If I needed cash I would go Men’s room say in Adelitas and pull out three $20 bills and present it to the courtesan of my choice. I never had more money during the actual sex encounter where things get a little fuzzy afterwards or you drop few bills.

3. Since I did not have my new driver’s license mailed to me I had to take my passport. That posed an additional security risk. A US passport is worth at least $5000 in any country whose citizens are dying to cross the border. I certainly cannot trust Tijuana Hotels to guarantee its safety for a moment. So its best not to take it with you if you can but I had no choice. I faxed a copy of my Passport to a web-based email account which can be viewed anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. If my passport was lost, than I can pull a copy of it at any Internet computer. This technique is a must for a modern International traveler anywhere in the world and specially to a Whore monger who often invites strange exotic girls in his hotel room and is subject to losing valuables or documents.
Next I and my friend, kept our belongings to a minimum. We carried with us what we can gladly lose and can easily replace under $25 anywhere. That means a cellophane bag with couple of T-shirts,trousers,disposable shaving kit,condoms and maps. I usually strip my wallet of all credit cards,membership cards, or anything valuable that I don’t need outside the US. There are nice gentleman out there,who will make your life miserable if they ever got hold of whats inside your wallet here or in Mexico.

4. We stepped out the Bus terminal onto the Revolucion Avenue and ran into this din of noise and barkers shouting at us. However once inside our motel room which was the Playas I secured my passport under various hiding techniques which can be learned from Eden Press books or in any underground literature. I would not mention those techniques here for the very reasons because I do not want to provide free education to future thieves. You certainly do not wanted to carry any valuables or a Passport to Adeliats or any bar anyway. So after hiding things in the room safely we ventured out to the clubs freely.

4. I tipped the Gatekeeper at Adeliats and at Chicago and both those guys took us in and made us comfortable and every time I would go in and out
they will greet us. So a little money goes a long way in this monger business. It certainly helps to make favorable impressions.

5. To try and test my security I walked out to the intersection of Cohailla and Nina-heros near Adeliats alone at midnight and immediately sensed pending danger.Later I recalled it was advised against walking in those areas in some of these posts here . But I wanted to test my level of tolerance to danger or something. However we stayed quite a bit on the back street where Adelitas is and I would not say its good because it certainly is not a very nice place to hang out. However there was a small food place and we regularly ate there right next to one of those rough looking bars where young Mexican girls were doing brisk business for $20-$25. Both of us stayed away from the street hookers since we figured out that these girls were cheap for definite reasons. The key to walking in dangerous places is to be very alert and know what’s behind you. I always walk in the middle of the street with shoulders thrown back and head held high and taking each step deliberately as if I am in no rush at all. I do not engage in eye contact with any elements that I do not wish to interact with period.

5. In Tijuana I found always take a Taxi at night or when alone.Don’t walk to your hotel when you had a good time and when you are feeling great because your life is worth more than $5 on Mexican a street or anywhere for that matter. However in Tijuana I found some of these regimens a little bit overdone and taxing I found there was enough Policia riding behind small police trucks like a little commando army unit. Than there were bike cops, police cars and so on. These cops were noisy and were on the look out or to bust some heads. All I wished it ain’t mine and avoided them as well. The street behind Adelitas was very well patrolled and overall there was lot less to worry. Those who still find they are apprehensive about going to Tijuana please follow these techniques and you will repel many problems in general.

Hours later I went and got a STREET GIRL it would cost about 25 for once you are done once. I told her an hour she said she do it all hour massage blow but for 80 we went upstairs, it was great she worked hard all positions with a blow I came after she did a lot of work a lot better work than the one from hong kong, she asked if I had lotion to give me a massage (next time I will) but she did anyway then she asked to go at it again and I came again and all was really good. This was better than my first one and it cost me 40 for each time I came. Went to hong kong many times and visited adelitas girls way better at hong kong don’t know how much at adelitas but I been there many times before and they still cost me 80 so I did not want to find out because I could go back to Hong kong and get a hotter girl for the same.

Next morning I went to eat at MARISCOS LA PERLA opposite corner from Hong Kong had seafood enchiladas in chile verde and added two eggs food was great service was excellent they were always great. (The only way they could have made better service was to bring me a girl.)

I checked online and spent time figuring which girls were fake or they had stolen pictures don’t know what you would get if you got those hotties. I actually found one and the real pictures were stolen from Facebook. I called many numbers in Mexico I added whatsapp because a lot fill more comfortable and secure on whatsapp and they have their pictures. I narrowed it to a few and fine with 80 or 100 dls most preferred hotel PREMIER I called one girl she came in 30 minutes. Hotel Premier was very secure rooms were great, 25 dollars for 4 hours is how they rent I expected a dump instead it was vegas room, you drive in go to a parking garage which is actually part of your room, your car gets locked in and you are locked in to your room you walk upstairs to a very nice spacious room big bed and this was their cheapest too bad they had no Jacuzzi rooms available they must be great. When the girl arrived it was just like the picture great tits, not real but they were real to me and I liked them. 80 dls for an hour was agreed before. She gave me a lap dance great body I got hot. She gave me a great blow job if I hadn’t has too much sex before I would have come just from the blow, definitely the best this girl knows how. We did all positions she worked and I worked and I could not come but it she was great felt good I should have come toward the end of the hour she gave me a handjob to get it over it was not working she got me to where I felt I was coming but nothing came out she had me feeling like I was coming for more than five minutes I was twitching and moaning like I was coming but at the end I could not I had gone dry but this not coming was the greatest I ever had. Looks like they run me dry so I will not call the next one I was going to call at 10. She was the best of them all I told her next time I call her and she can find me another she said how about me and my friend we penetrate each other and do you for 80 plus 80 and I can always also call her friend I made sure I wanted someone with big tits she said yes we will poke your eye. I said we are on and next time after that I will ask them for another for hours after she said would guide me to other Premier was the most secure place I been when she arrived they called me to ask if I was expecting a visitor.

I went to the Zona Norte again last night, but it was so cold there were hardly any street girls, maybe 25 at best. It could also have been due to the fact it was late Monday night, on the eve of Christmas Eve. To my surprise, I found Claudia leaning up against a wall on the west side of Constitucion near the corner of Calle Coahuila. We chatted while I kept her warm for about 15 minutes or so before I headed over to HK and Miami bars. I had a beer at HK while watching a pair of dancers rolling around in whipped cream, which was quite a show to see! Afterwards I stopped off at Las Chavelas for a quick walk around, then I ended up at Adelitas! She was booming, although there were not as many quality girls, but then there were not as many guys either. After a couple of walks around and a beer, I bailed and headed back over to HK. HK was filled with locals, I saw maybe 3 Americans, that’s it! Some of the girls were good looking, but I noticed that they weren’t leaving the bar with the customers, so I thought maybe they weren’t allowed to “go upstairs.” I watched another girl do a hot strip dance while hanging upside down, which was really good too! I finished my beer and again went over to Adelitas, but this time I ran right into Evelyn, the last girl I had in TJ. She was looking good, better than anyone else I’d seen that night, so we chilled for a bit while she had some drinks and another beer for me. Just as before, she was hotter than hell, but this time I let her have it good, none if this “no finish, go long time” crap! Actually, the sex was fantastic, but I wanted to save some cash for another girl for later on, so I came just minutes before the room attendant knocked on the door. This time Evelyn and I walked down together hand in hand, then she kissed me on the cheek before heading off to the girl’s room…

I grabbed a couple of tacos from the stand down the street from Adelitas, then I strolled over to Chicago for a quick look-see. The place was dead, and the girls were not up to par, so I walked back over to Adelitas and saw that Evelyn was already on another customer! I found that to be amusing, she has a good routine going which seems to be almost pre-programmed, but since I saw nothing else of interest, I went back over to HK. The girls there were looking better and better at about 2:30am, the crowd had thinned but all the girls had remained! I grabbed a ringside seat and ordered another beer, then I watched in amazement while some hot chica proceeded to rock my world! She was so beautiful, she was tall, slender, and best of all, she looked Asian! Her long golden brown hair was so beautiful, and her eyes were so so so so killer sexy! Her body was so tight and firm, her ass was abundant without being too big, and her tits were a perfectly shaped yet natural C cup which stood at attention with much enthusiasm! My dick started to drool, then I noticed I was also drooling from my mouth, not good to do in public! Anyway, I was mesmerized by this chica and I had to have her! Then, off came the see-through skirt, and to my total delight was this tiny little shaved pussy, no panties were adorned so I had the best view of her when she squatted down in front of me and pulled her legs wide open for me to get a full view! My dick was pounding hard and I wanted to fuck her right then and there, but I waited ‘til she was finished with her routine before I motioned for the manager to come over to me. I asked her if I could take the dancer to a room, then she walked away without a word. She discussed it with another manager, and he then took off for a few minutes. He came back with the news that I could take her upstairs for $70.00, but I negotiated it down to $60.00 WOW, no shit! Damn, in a few minutes he came back to lead me to my dream girl in waiting, I sat beside her and I told her she had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen! She was shocked, she never heard that before, but I assured her that she was so very sexy with her beautiful eyes! We talked for a while, and then we went off to the hotel upstairs next to HK and Miami! The room was $12.00, Azul was $60.00 and worth every penny of it! We went overtime as she did not want to end our date, but she asked for no more money, just only for my time! We made love, slowly, deeply, passionately, we really had a connection that was more than just good sex! She told me about her family, where she is from, and a few things that are personal, and she showed genuine concern for me when I told her I had been working hard with 2 jobs (to pay for my TJ trips). This was a real girlfriend experience, complete with kissing and with her coming hard, which in turn I blew my nut along with her! She let me continue to pound her slowly for several minutes after we came, and when the attendant started knocking, she insisted on going overtime without additional cost! We were in the room for 55 minutes, she was stalling the attendant with things in Espaniol, not much of it I understood, but the gist was she wanted the guy to back off! Eventually we left the room together, but she asked for my phone number and E-mail address, and she gave me her cell phone number and E-mail address as well. I’ve already sent her an E-mail to say thanks and that I am looking forward to a long time session with her next time!

We gave each other a big hug and a kiss, then she went down an elevator to her room to go eat something, and I headed back to Adelitas for one more walk around and a smoke before I hailed a cab. I knew at this point Claudia would be furious with me for standing her up, as I had told her earlier that I’d be back for her! Of course she knew I wouldn’t be back, but I promised anyway! Sorry Claudia, but my experience with Azul was much too wonderful to have passed up on! I truly love that shaved pussy, not to mention she is tighter than hell! After watching her dance moves and wishing that my cock was the recipient of those moves, then to have this hot chica actually doing those very same moves only with more enthusiasm, was more than I could take! I was totally spent after fucking Azul, and my legs were wobbly for quite some time afterwards! The cab ride back to the border was quick, and the walk through was a snap, in all, from Adelitas to my parked car was a total of 16 minutes! It was 4:19am when I started my ice cold Blazer up to get some heat going! It was 4:24am when I hit the 805 fwy., and it was 5:49am when my head hit my pillow in my Santa Ana home. I slept like a rock until noon this afternoon!

A few side bars…

The cab driver that took me from the border into the Zona Norte took me to a massage place located behind La Tropa Bar, just down the street from Adelitas. I went along just because I was curious, but I did not buy in to this potential rip off scheme. I looked at the line up, and although the girls were young and cute, I saw none that rocked my world. The cabby was pissed, but fuck him, I asked him to take me to Adelitas, not to this place! I only gave him $5.00 for the ride, nothing for the side-trip!

I met up with some really suspicious looking characters while heading back from behind La Tropa to the main action just west of Constitucion. But as they appeared to be eyeing me, I shot some mean FU looks of my own, they left me alone as I walked past them, but glancing over my shoulder ‘til I was safe!

The address of Hotel Coahuila is 1439 Calle Coahuila, the address of Adelitas is 1441…

After enjoying a couple of quick tacos, I wandered over to the Chicago Club, but at the SW street corner I was met by a TV, he grabbed me and was trying to grope me, but my attempts to push him away were meager at best. I wasn’t trying to start a fight, I only wanted him to get off me! A cabby watching this yelled some shit to the TV, then he ran off! I thanked the cabby for his thoughtfulness, what he did was totally cool!

Some guys have asked why do some of the girls ask for phone numbers or exchanges of address, etc. It seems quite simple, times are hard up for these girls now since 911, and it seems that there is more money to be made from private arrangements such as in employing an escort! I think when times are slow, the girls can reach out to their clientele and seek business to keep them going until the bar action increases. Either that, or the girls really like you and want to keep in touch on a personal level

At one time, Peanuts had a reputation as a place where the waiters would try to rip you off. They would try and get your ATM or credit card number and take the money in your account. Go to the Penthouse instead. If you are looking at the front door of Peanuts, turn around 180 degrees and walk about 50 feet. Get on the elevator and go to the fifth floor. If I remember correctly, you get off on the fifth floor and walk up one more floor. Last time I was there, they were using two floors when they got busy. Don’t forget they are only open at night. Don’t believe the guys from Peanuts if they tell you the Penthouse is closed. They lie. FYI Mermaids has been closed for several months. There is an older posting on this site that recommends Mermaids.

y other favorite strip clubs are as such. Beverly hills on Revolucion. Probably the only non rip of place on Revolucion. then Hong Kong Next to miami on the street directly behind Adalitas. The chicks there do not go up to the hotel, but it is a nice club and the privados rule. then I also like Pollo which is on the west side of tropical. All the chicks at pollo dance, and all will go up to the hotel. Hope you like these places.

Sure you have to be careful. But as long as you wear a condom everything should be ok. All the girls in the bars AND the street girls are regulated by the police and have to get regular check ups. I have watched as cops went up the street asking to see the street girls health card (tarjeta de salud) If you are worried, ask to see her card. I do and have yet to have one get upset with me. And if you had unprotected sex with the chick at the green door, wait a couple weeks for anything to manifest if it will, then get a complete std screening from your Doc

The MP are great there. There is 2 next to the Jai Li place… $40 for a nude body to body rub then extra for everything… and it will last for 1 hour. You can shower before and after. The total price around $120. Massage and full service

MP… the only MP open 24 hours in down the street from Adelita and Chicago… the same price $80 1/2 or $120 1 hour… everything goes.

Go to Chicago Club if you visit after 8pm in the evening, or go to Adelita Bar any other time. Once you get into the area around the Adelita Bar there are several other clubs on the same street, across the street, in the alley behind the club etc. that also have women.

Things have gone a bit downhill in TJ since 9/11 and the women are desperate for business. Note the ads for escort services.

This is a really good time to go to TJ! I was there last night and met a really attractive chica at the Miami Club. I think her name was Janet. Very lean and skinny. Price was $30 for a half hour! She was very willing to please. I have found you can get better prices during the week. The best strip club in TJ is the Penthouse. It is right next door to Peanuts. It is on the fifth floor. It is only open at night. Many beautiful chicas.

The U.S. government has recently posted an advisory to U.S. citizens to avoid border communities in Mexico at nighttime, and to avoid red light districts at all times. The drug wars have heated up in Mexico.

It’s come to my attention that better GFE service can be found in TJ. Something that was rare to never as far as the usual clubs, ie Chicago Club and Adelita Bar. True GFE, which includes deep french kissing, BBBJ and intense friendly service for the entire time period. This is something that has always lacked in the usual clubs. Adelita Bar for example you can set your clock from the minute one of the women takes a guy up the stairway to heaven. Then note the time when they return down the stairs. I’ve studied the times and behaviors of many women for hours. Most are back down within minutes and rarely 30 as promised, more like 15-20 minutes with a more common 16 minutes. Often women are back out without the man. This also sends a signal about service, when you do the math, add minutes to get to the room, minutes to pay your $11 room fee, minutes to get undressed, minutes to dress etc. It appears that guys are paying $60 or more dollars for sometimes what amounts to 10 minutes of service. Usually which is very sterile and cold at that. Is it that some men don’t know what great GFE service is or that my standards are too high?

Over the past several years, Tijuana escort agencies have become a popular option for adult entertainment. These agencies aim to compete with US escort agencies, offering better service at half the price without the law enforcement issues.

Many adult travelers to Tijuana still prefer to search for that diamond-in-the-rough amongst the ladies working the Zona streets or tourist bars, or, if they speak Spanish, try their luck in the non-Zona bars or with non-professional women.

However, the escort agencies are a good choice for those who don’t speak Spanish well, aren’t comfortable in the Zona, or want to find a good experience without wasting a lot of time or effort.

How does one make a date with an escort?
In a nutshell:

  • The client chooses the lady (or ladies) from the escort website (see list, below).
  • The client contacts the agency with the lady’s name, the date, the time, and the length of session he wants.
  • The agency sees if the lady is available. If so, the agency makes the date. If not, the agency suggests a replacement.
  • The client describes himself (clothing, height, age, etc.) so the lady or agency driver can find him, and gives his cell number so the agency can keep contact.
  • The agency tells the client where he can meet the lady or agency driver. This will be an easy-to-find location just over the border.
  • The lady or agency driver meets the client at the designated meeting point, and then they go to the hotel or private apartment.
  • The client is driven back to the border (pedestrian line) after the date.

What can one expect, looks-wise and service-wise?
There’s pretty much something for everybody — slender or busty, barely legal (18) or mature (30+). There are even ladies for certain fetishes; for example, lactating or pregnant, and even virgins who only do oral. As is common with US escorts, Tijuana escorts can be described as younger, thinner, and better endowed than they really are. For example, if the profile says “32 years old,” think “40+ years old.”

One may find that some ladies work for more than one agency, under the same name or under different names.

All escort websites feature photos of the ladies. Some show professional, glamour-type photos while others show more accurate non-professional photos, with the intent that the client finds the lady to be better-looking in person.

Service-wise, clients can expect to receive DFK, BBBJ, and two or more pops during the hour.

What does it cost?
There are normally three cost factors involved: the session, the hotel room, and the transportation.

The Session:
Tijuana escorts normally charge $150/hr. for FS. Some ladies charge more, upwards of $175/hr. Other ladies charge less. If the lady allows anal, add $50. Some agencies may also run specials, especially during slower periods or for ladies who are less popular. Typical specials offer two hours for the price of one, or free transportation and hotel room. Most agencies also offer discounts for sessions lasting two or more hours.

The Hotel Room:
Most escorts use short-time hotels located a few minutes from the border by car. Rooms rent for about $35 and have a 4-hour time limit. The nicer rooms have a king-size bed, walk-in shower, fresh linens and towels, cable TV with porn channels (Playboy, the Erotic Network), and room service. Each room is accessible only through a private garage, offering discretion and security.

NOTE: The client and the lady must leave the room at the same time. If the hotel staff sees the client leave alone, then they will call the police.

Some ladies include the cost of the hotel room in the session fee, or use private apartments. In this case, there is no cost for the hotel room.

In many cases, the lady arranges for a taxi from and back to the border and the client pays the fare, about $5 each way. Sometimes, the lady drives the client herself or the agency sends a driver.

Total Cost:
If transportation and hotel room are already arranged, then the client pays only the session rate ($150/hr.). If the client pays for the hotel and taxi fares, then the price goes to about $200.

Why see an escort? Why not stick to the Zona?
Within the Zona clubs, there is no guarantee of service or quality control. Those who are disappointed with their service have no recourse with club management.

Compare this with the attitude that the better escort agencies take. These agencies are interested in client satisfaction and want feedback, regardless of how the session went. They insist that the ladies follow standards for conduct and cleanliness. If the client was unhappy, then the agencies will try to correct things. For example, Team Juanita Online has five rules for the ladies.

  • Kiss with tongue
  • Give oral sex
  • Receive oral sex
  • Allow multiple-pop intercourse
  • Stay off cell phone during date

Cost is also a factor, as the typical $150/hr. escort fee doesn’t tell the whole story. Case in point: During a recent visit to Adelitas, we timed the ladies as they went upstairs with their clients. One lady was back downstairs in 16 minutes. That left perhaps 10 minutes for sex, as it took time to find the room and get dressed and undressed. At $60/session, that’s a rate of $360/hr., and that doesn’t include the room.

Finally, note that many agencies schedule only two or three dates per lady, per day. Compare this with the Zona bars, where a lady could entertain ten or more clients during a single shift. A lady who sees fewer clients per day can give each one more attention.

What are the agencies?
Here are the websites for most of the Tijuana escort agencies.

Mexico Lindo Bar
This agency has possibly the largest talent pool, with as many as 30 ladies available. Agency staff is customer-oriented, as they once arranged dates and transportation for our group of four, all over the phone with only an hour’s notice.
Hot Tijuana
More photos and contact info for independent escorts. It gives a US # 619-955-6769 to reach her.
This agency usually features four to six ladies. Ladies must follow the same conduct rules as do those working at Team Juanita Online, with two additional rules: each lady must shave her pubic area and keep her weight down.
Baja Escort
This agency usually features four ladies, and is operated by one of the working ladies.
Tijuana Girlz
You’ll need a free Yahoo account to access this, Yahoo email address also works.
Sexy Tijuana

When can I make a date with an escort?
Agencies can schedule dates 7 days/week, although some ladies won’t work Sundays. Typical hours are from 9a – 9p. Some ladies can be scheduled earlier or later.

Cheri Erotiq https://twitter.com/Cheri_Erotiq
Mexico Lindo Bar www.mexicolindobar.com
Cum In TJ http://www.cumintj.com
Musas http://www.scortads.com
EscortsEnTJ https://twitter.com/EscortsEnTj —— https://eentijuana.catalog.to
Hot And Sexy Latinas https://hotandsexylatinas.com
Queens TJ http://queenstj.com
Hottijuana http://hottijuana.net
Adult Baja http://www.adultbaja.com
Angelitas https://angelitas.online/

El Campamento Massage (La Tropa)
East on Constitución, past Calle Coahulia
This is located directly behind La Tropa Bar.

Monte Carlo is located 2 blocks north (towards the border) from the Cultural Center (there is a large globe shaped object out front). It’s off the independencia bridge. The shopping center where the parlor is located is next to the river. It’s on the 2nd floor at the stairwell.

Executive Massage located in the Zona Rio area at Mision de Loreto #2970. Phone number is 84-84-63. Open Monday-Saturday they close at 10 PM.

Cheater’s massage parlor
Corner of 2nd Street Azteca Massage, located on 2nd St. to the west of Revolution. On the third floor up the stairs.

Hotel spa is worth a visit. Real Ejecutivo
A massage parlor that just opened up in the Hotel Campamento

Christy’s at 7084 4th Street just before Wendy’s. Their phone number is 6871955. Prices are like Wendy’s $20 per hour plus $10-$60 for extras

Head up Centro street toward PLANTA BAJA ZONA I think the street toward the massage parlor. The massage parlor is the one on the ground nice looking neon sign one not the upper floor one. It’s called 5th avenues Spa form Men.

New Body located at 7903 8th St. west of Revolucion. They offer a jacuzzi and different packages. Prices are higher like Executive Massage. Open 7 days till 11:30 PM. Phone number is 85-5274.

Located on 4th St. a little more than 1/2 mile west of Revolution. A couple blocks after the park on the right side of the street after Cristys. Jose the owner, phone number is 6872522. Massages are $20 per hour, extras anywhere from $10-$60. Selection of chicas varies with sometimes many larger women. Wendys is open 10 AM til 10 PM, shift changes and new chicas at 4 PM. Sometimes closed on Sunday.

Salon Stress
Located at 1650 Pio Pico. East of Revolution 4 blocks down 8th street turn east at the Jai Lai palace. The area is not safe after dark and open 10 AM to 10 PM. Basic hour massage is $20 an hour and extras can vary. Quality of chicas can also vary as well as the quality of the massage and extras.

Some clubs here are gone and other new clubs open like this one call Luxor right on Pueblo Amigo witch is 5 steps to your left after crossing the border by the told white hotels this place when U enter looks like a barber shop they sit you down and you think you are going to get a haircut but after a few minutes there is about 20 young young girls in front of you waiting to see who you want to take, my taxi took me here and I didn’t know what to expect but I took the gold option with 2 young girls and Jacuzzi for 100 dollars they got naked and gave me a very bad massage for 20 minutes and then they ask me for 200 dollars each, since I was horny I only took 1 girl she gave me the worst BJ of my life and then when I put it inside her I was so hot I had to pull my thing out again, I mean the temperature of her was extremely hot I’ve never seen anything like this before I did her for about 10 minutes missionary and finished doggy, we took a shower but this is the most money I had spend at one place with the less quality of service and the girl look like from the streets she was 19 here is her picture and avoid this place at all cost.

Monte Carlo
Located in the same shopping center as Senior Frogs and Bolero’s strip club. Ask at the parking entrance for directions to the office. Prices start at $25 for an hour plus tips for hj,bj or fs (3) women available on a Sunday evening. They close at 10pm and have sister clubs Mermaids and New Body Gym which are open till 2 and 6am for the late crowd. Bigger selection of women at the other clubs which are near 7th and Revolution. Out of the 3 women 2 were fair and one was very attractive. Mermaids does lineups, all the women are seated on a couch in plain site.

Mermaid’s Massages
Calle 8va. esq. Niños Héroes
Zona Centro
Tijuana B.C.
Web site
A few blocks west of Revolution at 8th street. Look for the neon lights on the south side of the street. Some cuties plus some with good attitudes.

Yes some of women in TJ do get medical checks and they are required to show these cards to club management. Street girls are not part of this group. Blood is taken and they do a physical check as well. Many guys think this done for their safety but I got the feeling from girls I personally knew well that it was for them. Some men think that just because they are in Mexico that the women don’t care about their health. OK so this may be true in some cases and it’s also true for women in the USA like Nevada.

The women have to register with the city, have their health cards stamped and signed by the clinica that is a few miles west of the Zona. Mexico is behind in Medical equipment and testing so I highly doubt that the tests are as good as the ones done in the modern USA. You have to also take into consideration that inbetween these tests a girl can be infected and not know it. I’ve never had a problem in TJ, I have known (not heard of) a few guys that came down with STD’s.
The girls are checked every 30 days.

Como estas?=How are you doing?
muy bien= Very good
y tu?= and you?
mucho gusto=With great pleasure
Como te llamas?=What’s your name?
Me llamo Paublo=My name is Paul
Que hora es?=What time is it?
Cuantos años tienes?=How old are you?
Cuantos niños tienes?=How many children do you have?
De donde eres?=Where are you from?
Gracias=Thank you
De nada=You’re welcome
no entiendo=I don’t understand
Hasta luego=See ya later
No se=I don’t know
Lo se=I know
con permiso=excuse me (allow me)
disculpeme=excuse me (I apologize)
Lo siento=I’m sorry
Donde esta el baño?=Where’s the restroom?
Tengo que ir al baño=I have to use to the bathroom
por que?=Why?
A que hora cirras?=What time do you close?
Que es eso?=What’s that?
Puedo hacer reservar para el Sabado?=Can I make a reservation on Saturday?
Como?=What did you say?
Mande=Repeat “Say it again”
buena suerte= Good luck
bueno=Good or great
muchas gracias=Thank you very much
no puedo=I can’t
Cuanto?=How much? also Cuanto quieres?=How much do you want?
Vamos arriba=Let’s go upstairs
Te ves muy guapa=You look very attractive
Incluso hotel?=Including the hotel?
sin ropas=Without clothing
Me gustaria una mamada=I want a blow job
Quieres una bebida?=Would you like a drink?
Quieres bailar?=Would you like to dance?
Ponte encima=Get on top
Y ahora el perrito=and now doggie style
Ponte de rodillas=On your knees
Cambio de posicion=Change the position
Que rico!=How rich (this is great)
Besame=Kiss me
Que dias trabajas?=What days to you work?
Me gustaria al masaje=I want a massage
Date la vuelta=Turn over
Me gusta la luz prendida=I prefer the light on
Me gustan tus ojos=I like your eyes
Te acuerdas de mi?=Do you remember me?
Tienes hambre?=Are you hungry?
Quieres ir a cenar?=You want to go to dinner?
Quieres ir a almorzar?=You want to go to lunch?
Que paso?=What’s happening?
Cual es tu numero de telefono?=What’s your telephone number?
Cuanto para la linea?=What’s the fare to the border (taxi driver)
Te doy cuarenta=I can give you 40?
Me la pase muy bien contigo=I had a good time with you
Quizas otra dia=Perhaps another day
Cuanto tiempo llevas trabajando aqui?=How long have you worked here?
Me lo escribes por favor?=Please write it for me?
A donde vas?=Where are you going?
He terminado=I’m finished
Ya ordene=I’ve ordered already
Tengo solamente treinta dolares=I only have $30
Me la destapa por favor?=Can you open this bottle please?
Voy a dar una vuelta=I will be back later
No pago mas de cuarenta=I don’t pay more than 40
nunca mas=never again
Que te paso?=What happened to you?
Que es tu posicion favorito?=What’s your favorite position?
Conoces a ella?=Do you know her?
Dame cincuenta centavos=Give me .50 (asking for change)
Donde esta mi cambio?=My change?
Voy a quedar me con las ganas=Too bad it didn’t work out
no conviene=it’s not a good idea
No me estoy fijando el tiempo=I’m not watching the time.
Deja me en paz=Leave me alone
pregunta le=ask them
Que la disfrutes=Do you enjoy it
Vivo en Chula Vista=I live in Chula Vista
lo dudo=I doubt it
Pensaba que te hibas a tu pueblo?=I thought you were going to yout town?
De varias apprendar algo de Espanol=You need to learn some Spanish
Estas segura?=Are you sure?
Si cambias de opinion por favor me avisas=Let me know if you change your mind?
Me puedas dar un beso?=Give me a kiss?
Puedo tomar fotografias?=Can I take pictures?
Quiero lo mejor=I want the best
Esta toda bien?=Is everything OK?
Primero me voy a bañar=I’m going to shower first
Quieres bañarte?=Do you want to shower?
Tengo regalo para ti=I have a gift for you
Como te gusta a ti?=How do you like it?
Te gusta asi?=You like it like this?
Cuando vas para vacciones?=When do you go on vacation?
Ya tomaste la prueva del SIDA?=Have you taken the AIDS test?
Quieres pasar la noche conmigo?=Wanna spend the night with me?
Tu cara es conocida=I’ve seen you before
Voy a pagar la mochada=I’ll pay the bar fine
Me gustaria cinco de a uno=I would like 5 singles(for asking for change for tips)
Me viste la cara-slang for, you played me like a fool
codo=(elbow),pointing to elbow, means (you’re cheap)
Tengo sueño=I want to sleep
Nos vemos despues=See you later


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A passport will not be required any time soon(no legislation in place to make that required), however it is one of the accepted documents to re-enter the US. A Driver’s license in combination with a birth certificate will work as well. You can apply for a “border Pass” or “pass card” anywhere you can apply for passports and they are acceptable for crossing as well. The pass card I believe is $40 and is good for 10 years crossing from Canada and Mexico as well as a few other close destinations(maybe US possessions)
Here is a link to download the form:


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