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Try Veracruz for cheap and plentiful women. I went there and the women were pretty, charming and very inexpensive. I paid 30 dollars all night for a beautiful girl who also let me take pics of her naked. The girls hang out in the central plaza. Hotels surround the plaza so it’s walking distance to fun. Don’t bring girls in through the lobby the hotel won’t tolerate this. Try the parking garage in the back. On weekends it’s not uncommon to find as many as 75 girls in a 1 block area.

Strip Clubs:
Paseo Ejercito Mexicano No. 24

Athens Palladium
Ave. Urano No. 20

16 de Septembre No. 1798

Touch Me
Gral. Prim No. 793

Like most Mexican strip clubs, additional services are offered.

Near the Holiday Inn in Boca Del Rio Veracruz there is Strip club named Extravagances. The girls are beautiful, and for sale. For 100 Pesos you get a table dance where you are encouraged to touch. For an addition fee a BJ or sex is available. Get the tourist guide to Veracruz at the tour desk in the hotel. It lists 3 or 4 clubs in town.

I was in Veracruz Mexico recently and found the beaches really suck but there are other things that may interest you.
We passed a club three blocks from the Holiday Inn in Boca Del Rio. I went back that night at 9:30 the admission was $5.00 and the nude dancers started at 10:00pm. A gorgeous blond sat with me and explained the operation. A table dance is 100 Peso’s and touching is required. A BJ and sex costs more. While I was not prepared to take this step, it was obvious that this place had a lot to offer the guy who was out looking for a FS. The name of the club is Extravagances. It is listed in the local tourist advertisement book.


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