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Hi Guys, just got back from a trip to Chicago. I headed out for a look see at a place recommended by a friend of a friend of a friend. The place is called the Peking massage parlor. My rating of the place is a 3. I took two friends; I was quickly ambushed by a late 30’s Korean woman, like all massage parlors in Chicago. She asked if I had been there before, I said no but my friend had, we haggled for about 5 minutes and came to a price of 150 for straight sex, no head. She wanted 200 for all. My friends did not do so well they paid 120 for hand jobs. I think the woman was way too pushy for a Korean but I got my nut off.


Joe-Jin Spa
It’s just over the state line, and you can get there from Indy via I-74. Look for their ad in the back of the Nuvo weekly newspaper.

You’ll be led into a room equipped with a bed and a nightstand. At this point, you’ll pay the house fee, which is $60 for one hour or $40 (I think) for 30 minutes. She may also check your ID.

Peking Spa
Full Service/Full Body. 4613 Logan Ave East Chicago, IN 219/397-2637. Rates: $60/an hr, plus tips. Insiders tell us that this place is not much to look at on the outside or the inside but that some of the Oriental girls, most of them in 20’s, are very pretty, always accommodating. Tips can bring complete service. They give body shampoos but some of the rooms do not have a table for this so you can get a shower from one of the girls.

The facility itself is worn. But the girls are prettier than most of the Asian massage parlors in Chicago, Illinois. And, full service is available, not possible in Chicago only had releases. Had a girl named Kathy that was an 8, nice face, 25, large breasts, and thin. They had five girls working when I went in. Half- hour massage was $40 and hour was $60. The fee for extras was HJ +$60, cbj +$100, and full service +$120. This place was not cheap but the service was OK. I don’t know what happen to Nana friend but was not the case with me.

$40 to get in and $120 for full service.

I spent a few nights in Indianapolis last week. Both Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon/evening the street action was sparse and there seemed to be a lot of police around Washington Boulevard. I picked up one girl and she indicated that most of the action had moved to 10th street (mostly black) and New York Avenue (mixed). This is where I found the few girls who were working. Summary: Areas of interest: Washington Blvd. New York Blvd. 10th Street. Looks (10 being best): 1-5 Prices: $25 to $40 for BJ $30 to $50 for sex or 1/2 & 1/2 $50 for Greek

Dating Dynamics
Off of the Courthouse Square. They have different priced massages cheapest is half hour topless for $65 Totally nude massages are also available. FS $100

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