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Rising Sun
The Rising Sun Bath House is located just off the capitol square on the south side of Main Street above some bars. Wide variety of girls there. Most appear in 30s, some are in early 20s. A young blonde in her early twenties was my choice, on a Sat. morning at 11 am. 60 dollar entry fee for 40 minutes, or 80 for an hour- I chose the 60. she said with tip I get anything I wanted (FS), but I was only looking for partial- good thing because it turned out she was on her period. she said she usually charges up to 120 above the entry fee for FS, but she also said that it was her second day on the job, and I made the mistake of mentioning that I’d never been there before. Anyway, I gave her 120 (including the 60 for entry) and hopped in the shower. When I came out naked, she stripped right away- nice soft breasts, very faint blonde bush, A+ ass. she asked if I wanted a massage, I said sure. There was a mattress on the floor and a couch against the wall- I laid down on my back on the mattress. within minutes she was going at it with my cock lathered up. The only problem I had was she was using plain old moisturizing lotion that reeked for hours after several showers when I left.

Back to the story- great hand job, roaming hands around the nether regions, foot massage, full body rubdown- could have had whatever I wanted for what I paid, 100% confident of that. She also allowed me to caress her breasts, flick my tongue back and forth across her nipples, and lather up her clit. when I was ready to cum, I flipped her over, kneeled over her and unloaded all over her tits and face- disappointingly she wiped it off with a towel instead of playing with it first. then we went in the hot tub room for a while- they also have a sauna too. Overall, pleasurable experience with main drawbacks being- 1.not the cleanest place in the world 2. not the most beautiful girl in the world 3. girl was on the rag.

Have checked back in to see who’s working there- next trip will be to see Tamika- Absolutely FINE-ass black girl, very young looking (20-22 I would guess). Unbelievable body- very trim and in shape compared to the other girls there- nice size tits for a trim body, and of course a beautiful black beauty. And I also think she has the sexiest face I have seen there- so she’s next on my list. The Geisha house is located off E Washington avenue just east of hwy 30, on a little “frontage road” next to a harley bar and some other stuff. Very clean establishment- high class. Drop-dead gorgeous girls- all 18-26 I would guess when I went in on a Tuesday night at 6:30, and all dressed in expensive looking lingerie. I was running low on cash, so just decided to scope it out for future reference. Chose a beautiful brunette with luscious breasts and an unbelievable ass into the room, she explained 120 for 40 minutes, 160 for hour tip included in price. She doesn’t get nude, but I’ve heard handjobs are pretty regularly included there, but no FS. Would be well worth it anyway just for the quality of the girls though. Will probably check it out again sometime, maybe stay for service.

Have visited the Rising Sun several times. The women are definitely getting better – several good lookers. $60 for a half hour massage and $100 tip will usually get you full service. Amber is now a blonde but still attractive. Houston is a very attractive young blonde but does not give full service. Venus is also a very attractive blonde but gives full service without protection. Chelsea is the best – a very attractive little red head (around 100 pounds – a definite spinner!). Small breasts but possibly the cutest ass on the planet. She is exceptionally friendly with a devilish look to die for. She will do anything to please if you treat her nicely and loves to cuddle afterwards. Another good looker is Jade who is oriental. Slightly older but also well worth the money.

Went to Madison on business. Checked out Rising Sun and Geisha. Rising had 3 girls working. One black, (a 7) one white (a 5) and one Indian/Latina. (a 6) (At the door, she’ll ask if you’ve been there before. Say yes. New people pay more.) $70 entry and then it’s away to the room. When in the room, offer $$ for F/S. Start low and work up. I said $60, she asked for $80, we settled on $70. She leaves, you shower, she returns…ahhhh. (**Keep your wallet in sight. Take it with you while you shower. This goes for both places.**) Rising is located a block from the Capital building, just down from the Best Western Hotel between an Irish pub and the Rainbow room. You can see its sign from the Capital building. Oh, and I went with the young Indian/Latin lady. (Selena was her name) Not bad. O.K. lay.

Geisha is the same, except you pay all up front. 3 girls, one white (a 10+, but no F/S…damn), one black (a 10, does F/S but was on her period…damn, damn) and one Latin (a 7 but still worth it) My senorita wanted $180, I countered with $160…”Okay…if that’s all you have.” (Mia was her name.) Good BJ. Great personality and not a bad lay. Geisha is located on a side street just off E. Washington. Outside looks like someone’s house. About 3 or 4 miles from the Capital building. Worth a visit.

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