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Los Angeles at war against pleasure. Your tax dollars at work..the moralists winning over your rights as consenting adults.

In Los Angeles the cops are out in force to attack providers whose “crime” is making people happy. Such a sad state of affairs…If citizens knew this I would think they would get upset. But all they usually hear is the stories about the street hookers.

September 1998 horror by Los Angeles Cops…similar to many stories all over the country: A friend of a provider reports:

KarlaVanessa called me from jail tonight. She asked me to pass this on…West LAPD came in and broke her door down. Vanessa had been trying to hire someone to answer her phones for her last week (at the time, she knew something was up, called me afterwards)..”I only do rubdowns here” was what she told the undercover woman (COP)..

Well, they must have had a warrant, the tiny 5 foot tall 100 lb. woman was accosted at gunpoint after her door was broken down. She hadn’t been doing anything at the time. (she is one of the most loving, biggest hearted humans I have even had the fortune to know).

Vanessa says she knows and remembers the faces of all 15 officers who broke her door down, ripped her clothes off so they could “search for drugs” and literally ransacked her home to the tune of 3 hours. They found $200 of her money, and $1600 of someone else’s money – in a book!

Ransacked her car…btw here’s a nice bit..they CAN take your car even on incall IF THEY WANT TO.

She has been arrested for pandering because of this…she had no intention of putting this woman to work, i.e. pimping her, only answer her phones,.$25,000 bail,they threatened her saying the judge would demand 100,000 bail and/or 3 yrs. (For having someone answer the phones). they ransacked her home, took her money, credit cards, who knows what else, plus the humiliation. (Another witch burning here!)

She also asked that I tell everyone there is a big big sweep going one. Everywhere. Internet, papers.

Another provider says about LA Vice cops: These guys are the laughing stock of the PD. While other detectives are out chasing murderers, thieves, rapists, molestors, these Vice Cops are chasing hookers for chrissakes! What a joke. Do you think the other cops in the PD have any respect for them at all? When is the last time you heard of a vice cop chasing hookers being killed in the line of duty? You don’t!

Vice at West LAPD is extemely arrogant. They feel the need to justify why they spend their time scaring women and children. This detective actually started to justify why he does his job to Vanessa. He is trying to protect her from harm, it is not fair that she makes so much money for nothing when her neighbors have to slave away 40 hours a week in an office (So life is not fair? So what?)

From Venessa out of jail:
I am back! Well, after being in jail for 3 days, I just can say that it is not a good experience for any of the providers. Wake up at 4 am for breakfast, have unsolicited sexual advances from female gang members who promise they will protect me (yeah right), not discounting the more hardcore lesbians, handcuffed all day long except for meals and sleep.

So can you guys imagine me with no make-up, handcuffs, dirty hair..hey I will use that photo from now on in my ads and maybe you all will feel sorry for me and call me. In fact, maybe all my former clients could chip in and pay my attorney fees.

And to all of you who think you know what is going on and how to handle the cops…you don’t. You have no comprehension of what is really going on. Of course I am not that stupid to place on this board the details because it will not aid the providers to have the info in a public forum.

I do not want any of the providers to experience what I have been through. No one deserves that. I have been through having my dignity stripped, treated like a criminal. Showing kindness to a man is criminal??? If you guys have any compassion for me, then I want you to stay out of my business.

A very special thanks to all my dear friends who were there for me when I was in jail. You know who you are and I am forever grateful. Like the phrase says “You know your friends in good times and a bad.” You will always be my friend forever. God Bless! O’brigado.

Another sex worker friend reported: I just learned that two very good women are going to be doing a year in county because of their work in this industry.

An integral part of the case that was built again them came from a *client* who was approached leaving a session. Obviously no one clued him in on being prepared to handle police who hustle you off and threaten to tell your wife and your kids and your boss and your priest/rabbi and your daughter’s second-grade teacher about your hobby. What would you do? Well, here’s how he responded. He told the vice:

a. the name of the provider he saw b. her telephone number c. how he heard about her services d. how much he paid e. what he got in exchange for his renumeration

With the exception of ‘e’ and parts of ‘b’, what goes on here is not that dissimilar. Please note that the BIB already had their suspicions (high traffic, etc), and I do realize that he was just one of many nails that went into that particular coffin.

He *should* have repeated the same mantra that someone suggested above (maybe you fellas should practice it in case you are ever approached).

The experience of KV and those of the many others that are treated this way should be brought to the attention of the media. Most of the media seems to be focused on the drugged out street hookers or the high profile Heidi Fliess types, who as I recall never even was convicted of sex work, only drugs. I think the majority of citizens would be outranged by how their tax dollars are being spent on dangerous criminals like KV.

Nothing is going to change without public awareness and education. It has worked somewhat in San Francisco. Or a better example is Berkley where lots of folks have been arrested for being nude in public, until after so many juries refused to convict them, the police stopped harrassing people if they were only being nude for art etc.

Honest reviews are still needed, but can be less explicit as is now the policy. With the legal status ripoffs can continue to .. rip off and honest providers needed to be supported, but ironic that support can be dangerous legally for the provider.

But as long as we remain one of the few Western nations where giving pleasure is a crime, the problem will continue. That is why I encourage people to do whatever they can to make these types of horror stories made public and get the public’ attention as well as organizing to more seriously work for decriminalization of “pleasure” providers.

The primary reason people don’t protest the laws is out of fear of public embarassment and loss of employment. If someone works with children in any way and protests this law, s/he can expect to lose his/her job. If you work for a Mormon and try to make a stand , expect a rough time at work. Hell, if you come out in favor of titty-bars, imagine the grief you’ll catch at work. If left to a vote in private the laws might be changed. But the problem is forcing the issue to get on the ballot to allow the citizens to speak.

What we are faced with is moralists imposing their values on other people. If they can’t reach us by knocking on our doors and preaching, then they will instead enact laws to prevent us from doing what they secretly wish they could.

Street Scene

Prostitution in Los Angeles,Hollywood Area – Forget the scene on Sunset Blvd around LaBrea. This is the only place in LA that once sported very good-looking (and even beautiful) hookers in traditional shiny hot pants, super high-heels, and meticulous make-up. Numerous busts have made the area a ghost town since about 1998. Also, forget about the movie-famous corners of Hollywood and Vine or Sunset and Vine…a trip there is for historical purposes only.

If TS hookers are an OK alternative, Santa Monica Blvd between Vine and Fairfax is still hopping (I guess the police department hasn’t hired enough transsexuals to help bust the Johns), especially on Friday and Saturday nights between 2AM and 5:30AM. Some of the “girls” are so petite and beautiful, even the straightest guy might be tempted after a few drinks, at least for some “head.”

Venice – There is action most nights of the week along Lincoln Blvd anywhere between Venice Blvd and Pico (especially just north of Lincoln and Venice and on the corners of Lincoln and Grant)but only after midnight, and even then there are usually only a few girls. Prices are low, but the girls are mostly in the homely to average range. The competition is fierce among guys in cars who are willing to pull U-turns and break every traffic law when one of the prettier girls arrives on the scene.

Downtown – An occasional girl can be found around 7th Street from Alvarado to Lucas, but it is very hit or miss and not worth a trip. The greatest number of girls are located on Figueroa Street between 50th and 40th streets. Almost all of them are Black, though there is an occasional Latin female. The best bet is to enter one of the motel parking lots on those blocks and park…it won’t take long before someone comes up and propositions you or offers to connect you with someone. The prices are super-low ($25-40 is not unusual for full service), but most of the girls are homely. I have seen some real beauties, however, and, for the early birds, this is not a bad place to look for some early morning action.

Apparently, all the street workers have found a new haven on Olympic Blvd. (Hoover to Union). As soon as the sun goes down, you will find girls coming out to the streets. They’re white, black, and hispanic chicks working Olympic Blvd. I got a blow job in the car for $40 from this blonde chick. Pay an extra $20 for a motel room, it’s worth it. Today is Friday and I plan to pick up a girl.

Downtown Los Angeles is still alive with action particularly on 7th St. between San Pedro and Alameda. Most of the girls are druggies or homeless but there are a few cute ones as well. Met one in particular. Her name is Rachel a 23 year old blonde. Nice body and attitude. $30 dollars will get you head and a fuck from her. She hangs around the Greyhound terminal. Another area to check out is W 8th St. between Alvarado and 1 bock east of Union. 9th St between Alvarado and Union. Sometimes you can get some really nice girls here and $40 to $50 can get you everything including anal. Best to get your own room though as some of them are running scams where their boyfriend or pimp is in their room waiting to rob you. I have heard about this from some of the hookers on the street. W. 7th between Lucas and Union can get you some real cheap scraggly crack addicts if that’s what your into. Also if you like latina chicks the area of 4th and Main can be loaded with them. They work out of a hotel at 4th and Los Angeles. These girls are there during the day only and weekends are best. At night they move up to 3rd and Main where there are some bars. Going prices for them is between $35 and $45 dollars for a fuck only. Most don’t give head. You then have to get a room elsewhere as the Korean Lady who runs the place on 4th and Los Angeles shuts down after 8pm. As far as the cops go the area of 7th St. just east of downtown can get hot especially Friday and Saturday nights. When the black and whites are cruising everywhere and if the see you one too many times they will stop you and ask you what your up to. The area around Alvarado the cops are sometimes heavy and sometimes not. Area around 4th sometimes is setup with Stings but usually for the women not the Johns. Hollywood is pretty much dead. Sometimes there is a little action On Sunset between Western and Normandie but not much. Met one young cute girl named Mary on Sunset and Western. A definate 9 in my book and it only cost $50 for head, pussy and anal. Also you might want to check out the area around Sunset and Fountain. Particularly where the little strip mall is on the northeast side of the street. Hookers hang out at the Donut Shop sometimes and sit on the wall in front of the mall. There is a hotel at the corner of Sunset & Bates where they work out of. It is one block east of Fountain. I have had some enjoyable experiences with them. Prices are between $20 and $50 depending on what you want. Some are cute some aren’t. Also somedays there is plenty of hookers around that area and sometimes you might not see any for a week or so. Cops sometimes are heavy in the area but are mainly looking to do drug busts. Hope this helps

Visited LA last week on business. Meetings broke up early so I took the bus from downtown to Whilshire and Alvardo. On my way down to Olympic, I started some small talk with a young girl at the stop light. She just looked at me with one of those “fuck me” smiles. After asking her where she was going and answering the standard “You a Cop” 20 questions we headed for a little 8 plex hotel about 5 blocks east of Alvarado. Hotel $20 for a couple of hours. This young lady just got off Parole for running drugs across state line and was just working for beer Money. She still had a nice little body (no kids) after being in prison for several years, with only a few scars and tattoos. For $50 She gave me a standard blow then I took a trip to the Y to moisten her up. She slipped condom on me and fucked in the missionary position while she held her knees almost behind her head.. I lost control and blew my load in a couple of minutes. Oh Well. Headed back to Alvarado via Olympic and just as I passed the Oasis Motel this older but striking Latino caught my eye. Next thing I know its $20 to the Oasis and in to room 24. After I set down the $50 bucks on the table, she undressed to display a full figured body with ample breasts and ass. Hoping she would get right on the root to get me going again, she just said “NO” I don’t give head. So I just dived down between her legs a massaged her clit with my tongue. She must live in an apartment for when she climaxed on my face, she just sat up with her eyes rolled back, didn’t make a sound and then just about passed out. She begged me to enter her pussy now that my dick finally got hard again. She just got on her knees and stuck her ass out to the side of the bed. Her puss was perfect height for me to pound her doggy style. As I was fucking away, I thought to myself “why not do this again with someone else”. So I faked an orgasm, said thanks and bye bye for now. By 6:30 the street action on Olympic & Alvarado was starting to pick up. About 6 girls were hanging out by the bus stop on the corner. I just wandered into the pack and let it be known Room 24 was available. Only one of the girls was interested, but hey she was white and had a nice body. After we got back to room 24, she let me know she hasn’t done this for a long time and just wanted to have some fun (RIGHT). I plopped down $60 and into bed we went. She had a pierced nose, tongue, nipple, and two clit rings (just for looks of course). She slipped a condom on me fist thing then gave me a great blow job, taking time to lick and suck my balls. I returned the favor down at the Y, her pussy was already gushing so much that she let me stick three fingers in her. Finally she rolled over on top of me for a little cowgirl ride. This time I blew my load and almost passed out. After saying so-Long to my pierced friend , I headed down to a great little bar next to a Mexican restaurant. I started drinking double tequilas’ to celebrate my good fortune. By 9:00 PM, a lot of Latin chicks were rolling into the bar. Then a guy came out and started playing his organ and singing salsa music (one man band). An older Mexican woman with a killer body sat next to me at the bar and we bonded instantly (She has 11 grand kids and I had 5). In fact, the more I drank the better she looked. To my surprise, at 11:00 a female impersonator show hit the stage. After four of what-ever-they-are got done I started to get up and head back to the hotel. The woman at the bar pleaded with me to stay longer, soooo I thought to myself “Maybe I’ll get lucky again tonight”. This time instead of paying $20 bucks for a room and $50 for a lay, it would only cost me $79 dollars in booze for her and me. I was dead wrong and dead drunk, she said “next time you come to LA we will get together but not tonight”. What a waste of my charm. As I staggered out of the bar to get a taxi, I ran into a black chick wearing yellow hot pants and halter top that just wanted to have sex with me. We walked down to the Seven-11 cash machine (my second time that night) and headed off for the Oasis (room 24 was taken) I dropped $50 on the table and kind of laid back on the bed. “You got a rubber” she asked. Of course I was out so she volunteered to go to the front desk and get one for a mere $4. Now I know why I shouldn’t drink, she stiffed me and never came back. Maybe this was my luck night after all. I left the hotel and staggered up the street to catch a cab, at 2:00 AM the streets were empty. As I made my way past the liquor store, I looked about one block ahead of me to see a chick with two tone blue jeans that were wiggling pretty good. I finally caught up to her (she really slowed down her walk to lure me in) and low and behold she had her own apartment. Needless to say I had to hit the bank machine again and off we went to her place. She was an attractive black woman that really helped sober by making me walk up four flights of stairs to get to her apartment. The only trouble was she shared the one bedroom studio with her retarded brother that was sleeping at the foot of the bed. She grabbed a couple of blankets and we headed for the kitchen floor. To my disbelief, she sucked on my dick enough to get it hard again. She kindly slipped on a condom with her mouth and we fucked in various positions all over the kitchen and on the kitchen table. After I finally blew my diminished load on her backside, I began to realize what a night this had been. She called me a cab and back to the Marriott we drove. It was a lot more fun chasing whores, dancing and drinking in a Mexican Salsa bar and chasing some more whores than calling up an escort service for an hour of fuck me – I got to go sex. The grand total was about $350 ( there may be a couple of Visa charges I don’t remember) and if my dick doesn’t fall off I would recommend Alvarado and Olympic to anyone looking for a good time

Street walkers are on Sunset again, from Highland west to Fairfax I counted at least 6. The majority seemed to be within a few blocks of Gardner.

the street scene is pretty much dead. around 2am you’ll find a few around alvarado/olympic but nothing amazing. last night we saw 3 decent ones, two girls walking together wanted 75 a piece, and a hispanic girl we’ve seen before who’s always in white (the best lookin’ one there). we tried to hit her up but as soon as we came back around the corner she was gone (what’s the thing w/ them vanishing like that so quickly). sunset has some action, seen a few very fine girls, but if u cruise sunset make sure you’re heading east instead of west, as they’re all on the south side of the street. anyone know where all the girls are at now? because they must have gone somewhere else. olympic/alvarado is pretty much desolate!

I’ve seen a few white hookers walking along Sunset Blvd in the evening. Most of them are blacks and can be found from a block east of Fairfax to about 4 blocks west of La Brea on Sunset. Check the motels, American burger, 7-11 and the corner of Gardner and Sunset seems to be a hot spot.

sorry about the above post, was just making sure my password still worked… there was some heavy good street action tonight on sunset (the usual places).. but it was wednesday.. friday/saturday nights are too busy with the whole cruising and cop thing to really find any good streetwalkers.. by they were definitely out tonight… a lot of 7-8s.. and a few 9s… good luck talkin’ to them though as they aren’t much for the random john, although i did see two very fine black girls get into a random car after they were hollarin’ for awhile..

besides sunset, you can also check out 7th and valencia (around union). if you go down 7th street towards downtown… after u pass valencia st.. look on the right hand side for a vertical sign that says “HOTEL” a lot of FINE hookers work out of this place, and there is usually a few guys standin’ in front.. monitoring business.. i have not figured out how to get into this place yet, but i have seen many guys go in and come out.. i went up to the door once and asked and the guy said “it’s full” .. so your best off tryin’ to find a few working girls walkin’ towards this place.. and pick them up there and take them back there… to get “known” atleast.. try this place on sunday nights. around 1:30am-2:30am.. is when a friend and I saw about 5/6 girls inside just kickin’ it.. looking VERY good.. my friend was on the verge of hookin’ up w/ one when she asked him to “show her something” but he wouldn’t cuz some guy was sitting right outside and he didn’t feel like lettin’ a guy see his dick…

if anyone knows any information about this place.. or any other hotel around there that runs the same kind of business.. please post and let me know what you find..

try all the places i mentioned above at 2:30am-4am on weekdays… or the 30th – 1st of the month… especially on the 1st of the month.. you will find A LOT of action.

Olympic / Alvarado area The Alverado/Olympic area seems to be hit or miss. I was out cruisin around a couple of months ago and found a couple of girls that were pretty nice looking. I hooked up with a latina girl named Elsa. She’s about 5’5 a little chunky but a big ass and big tits. She was also very nice looking(I give her an 8). She got on top of me and rode me like a stallion for only $45. But she wouldn’t go down on me, darn!!!! I guess you can’t win them all. Overall it was a good experience.

Was at the Guitar Center on Sunset the other day, and while walking back to my car a few blocks away, was approached by a fairly attractive white hooker. She said she had a room at the Travel lodge across the street and asked if i wanted to go back to her room with her. it was kind of weird because she didn’t specify exactly what for, even though it was implied, not only by what she wearing but by the wink and the smile. It seemed a little sketchy, seeing that it was 4pm, but I figured what the hell. SO we go to the room and she immediately starts grabbing me and then says that $75 would make me a very happy guy. I figured that since nothing specific was discussed it would be safe. We both asked each other if we were cops and then I got my money’s worth. BJ, doggy and a load on her back and i was out of there.

Union,Olympic,Alvarado,7th street aer good for crusing in the late evening for chicks
Also try along 1st street near the bus station
also recommend the Mid City area of Alvarado/Olympic there’s allot of action there especially on weekday nights . Another place would be the whole Figueroa strip which would range from Figueroa/Vernon to Figueroa/Imperial

Walked thru MacAuthor park at around noon on a wednesday and hooked up with a very cute latina. Didn’t get her name but she went all the way for $55 plus $20 for the room. There were others available that were sevens but I think she was an eight which is really good for that area. There seems to be quite a few latina girls lately. Be careful though especially at nite.

Try figueroa around 51st $50 for BJ $60 for FS

Beverly Hills area check out La Cienega south of Wilshire. Check both sides of the street near this intersection.

Pico/Union area 7th Street, south on Union and east on James Woods to Alvarado.

Have tried looking SW around the Pico/Union and 7th Alverado area with no luck. Did manage to pick up a Scanky white girl at the donut shop of Alverado and 3rd. $40 for a cbj $60 for fs. Got the CBJ wasn’t to impressed. Her name is lily and she usually hangs around the donut shop from 2am till about 5am.

Inglewood – Once a hotbed of activity, it has died out completely since the advent of Sportsman’s Park. I have to admit, the police did a remarkable job cleaning the place up, especially on Prarie Street towards the 105.

Looks like things are picking up at Olympic and Alvarado…Lots of different action, latinas, white, and black…I met this pretty black lady named tanisa, was taller, had some 34 DDD huge natural tits…did full service plus anal for $80…she had a nice tight ass, was really into it…also let me pull of her ass and cum on her lips and face and tits…Also met a cute 21 year old blonde named Mandy….she looked a bit like britney spears, real nice round bubble ass, shaved bald pussy…did doggie style and bj for $50….lots of other ladies there as well.

Street walkers on Century Tammy, a white, 5ft.10 or 11 blonde with green eyes. A crackhead with two black boyfriends named Ken and John. Great anal. Wears no bra most of the time.

For those who live in So. Cal. Pick up the L.A. Express or one of those sex papers. You’ll find a list of massage parlors. I tried one near LAX airport. Sorry can’t recall the name. Paid the madam $50 entrance fee and was told to go to a private room. I was quite nervous since this was my 1st experience using this type of service in California. A pretty Korean girl walked in. Could not speak any English. Anyway she gave me a massage…a very weak massage. But I got a hard on looking at her nice body. I ask how much for everything…she said in broken English how much I wanted to pay. I offered her 80. She agreed to the price. Went out to get the condom…came back and stripped naked and proceeded to give me a BJ for a few minutes and then I began mounting her and rode her until a came. Not bad for 130.00. How much do L.A. massage parlor usually charge?

Fritz that’s it! Decent strip bar in Lakewood/Long Beach – dancers range from a 4 to a 9, some are aggressive with showing tits others are not! Full bar since they are not totally nude, which I like. My experience there has been different for different times – good to very good lap dances, stage dancers vary greatly.

Bare Elegance
Very good titty bar (no alcohol – this is California). Some very good dancers. Try the VIP area with couches. Privacy is decent, but for overhead cameras. Some dancers know how to keep it interesting. I met one Trixie, who was extraordinary.
4824 W Imperial Hwy, just E of I-405.

Century Lounge
This is the one with the “Nudes Nudes Nudes” billboard along Century Blvd at LAX, right by La Cienega.
I don’t know, but I’ve visited twice, and didn’t like this place. They have VIP booths lit by black-lights. This produces a strange effect on women’s make-up, giving a beautiful woman a transformation into some kind of spotchy monster. I wonder if they ever take a mirror in there!
Lap dances were very tame in my experience.

4600 Hollywood Blvd.
Nice visit one afternoon. No private dance area. But a couple of very nice women. One, named Toni, has huge natural breasts, and a look very much like the porn-star of the ’70s named Uschi Digart. Pleasant enough during lap-dances, mainly because of her tremendous good looks. I’d give her a B for contact, though.

Club Savannah
1908 Mississippi Ave, LA
This one is difficult to find, and not worth the effort. They’ve done up the place in a manner suggesting they think you should spend obscenely here. And you can, but for almost nothing. The dances are $40 apiece. Still, I tried it, thinking they might have found a way to make the dance worth that (it could happen). Well, just an immense waste. You to into these cute private couch areas, and get superficial contact, with the shortest songs I’ve ever heard. You can burn through money quickly, and get nowhere!

Deja Vu Westmister
Nice traditional titty bar. Small crowd and few dancers when I was there (a weekday evening). One really excellent slender blonde, but she was unapproachable for lap dances. (Actually, everyone got one but me – I must not have been her type – oh well). So I had a beer or two, and left it at that.

Exotic City
10300 Glasgow Place, along LaCienega, S. of Century Blvd, by LAX.
Major league waste of time and especially money. The format is unique. You meet a woman in a waiting area, and then go into a completely private room. So far so good. She puts on a radio, and then begins undressing. OK. She hands you a box of Kleenex, and suggests that you can “make yourself comfortable”. Hm? Then she continues dancing, more closely, and you discover that you can’t touch. Again she points to the Kleenex and encourages me to “make myself comfortable”. So I guess I’m to “take matters into my own hand”.

Jet Strip
Lennox area Decent club with bar. Good private area, but couldn’t find dancers with much imagination in the lap department. They have a nice feature here, though. They sometimes do this promotional thing to get the lap-dances going. They let you pick the girl of your choice, and you get one free lap-dance. Not at bad idea.

Wild Goose
Located under the 105 overpass on Airport Blvd. near LAX, this place usually has a good crowd, is relatively brightly lit, and has no secluded VIP area. Dancers decent, but their version of lap-dances are in a chair along a wall, and involve no real contact. But, they serve beer.


Am I correct…it’s basically a place to meet where you can expect hj and maybe a highly rare BJ. Once you really find a gal you arrange for something away at say a hotel? Prices are in what range? I’ve heard of $50 hotel sessions.

For an interesting time in LA try one of the dance clubs downtown. I can’t recall the name of my favorite since I am new to this scene, but they sure beat a strip club. The club I am thinking of is on 6th street (?) near the convention center. I think it is Club Flamingo.”

There is no club on 6th Street, which is not near the convention center. Club Flamingo, which was located on 12th Street, was right across the street from the convention center but it closed last March and has since been torn down. This guy may have been thinking of Club Fantasy, on 4th and Hill, which is the only club that is located downstairs

Visited toward the end of the business day recently – my first visit to a hostess club. Odd
feel to the room; women sitting on one side looking bored, and men, mainly Mexican, sitting
opposite, looking at the women.

“Club Minato which will be re-opening on September 1st. It’s located inside the Cathay Bank Plaza on Gale Avenue, 2 blocks east of Hacienda, right next to the Sahara Theatre.

Now the club has been sold and will be called Club Enchantment in the near future. They need time to change the paperwork into the new name. It will officially re-open as Minato on 9/01. They will return to the original format and compete with the likes of Boss, VIP, Sugar Honey, etc. My source believes with the right management and cooperation with the Sheriff’s department the club has the potential to be the “Fantasy of the East.” It is the largest club out there, has ample parking, and is freeway close.”

Minato turned out to be more Club Savoy East then Club Fantasy East.

Tropical Club
1721 S. Flower ST. (Flower and 18th)
open at 4:00
Sleepy frrom Flamingo is the floor manager

Anyway, I engaged one, and we went to sit in the TV area. Pleasant conversation, though no mileage. Slightly plump, but voluptuous girl in early 20s, who’s led a rough life. So, on to the next.
A very young hispanic girl was the stuff fantasies are made of. Unfortunately, that’s all it will be. No action, just a little dancing and sitting to talk. I think my age (46) must have brought out the shy youngster in her. Too bad.
All in all, I’m not sure whether I’ll be trying hostess clubs again. Maybe. But it isn’t clear
enough to me how to either get the mileage, or make a contact to see one on the outside. Maybe it just will take the right chemistry on a future visit.
that was the Tropical Club, in the posting above. Downtown LA.

Minato has filed for a liqour license. I guess that all of the clubs are trying to find some way to compete with the Boss Club.
By the way the club on 6th Street was Savoy, now long gone.

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