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For those of you who wish to find massage parlors in Orange County that offer full service, forget about it! I have been doing some research and have come across this article posted in a local newspaper. Thought you’d be interested in reading it.

Two years ago, Costa Mesa police said they had their hands full with nearly 14 massage establishments they believed were operating as fronts for prostitution.

Undercover officers who went to certain chiropractic or acupuncture businesses reportedly got massages without being evaluated by a chiropractor or acupuncturist, and scantily clad office assistants offered more than just massage, said Costa Mesa Detective Paul Dondero.

Costa Mesa officials decided the only way to stop the prostitution was to require chiropractic businesses that provide massage to have fully licensed massage therapists, which would provide a way to scrutinize these employees and potentially discourage certain individuals. At the time, there were no state or local regulations requiring licensed massage therapists at chiropractic offices.

Within months of Costa Mesa adopting an ordinance requiring such licenses, all 14 problematic businesses had moved out or were shut down, Dondero said.

In an effort to curb prostitution, Anaheim, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Westminster also have tweaked their ordinances in the past two years to require all businesses that provide massage to have fully licensed massage therapists.

On Tuesday night, Fountain Valley became the latest city to support massage licensing requirements. The City Council gave a preliminary nod to an ordinance that echoes a new state law, signed this month, that officially gives cities the power to require independent contractors who provide massage at chiropractic offices to be licensed.

Assemblyman Tom Harman, R-Huntington Beach, authored the bill this summer because there was nothing in the state law to address what local authorities could do to prevent prostitution at chiropractic offices.

While state law allowed cities to regulate massage parlors by requiring masseuses to be properly licensed, chiropractic offices were exempt.

The lack of regulations for chiropractors and fierce competition for customers have contributed to growth in illegal massage and prostitution at chiropractic offices, law-enforcement officials said.

Since February, the state Board of Chiropractic Examiners has revoked the licenses of nine Southern California chiropractors alleged to have used their offices as fronts for prostitution.

Six of the chiropractors – Robert Pashko, Chin Ho Kim, Gregory Tefft, James Aquila, Fernando Pardo and Megan Pham – operated in Orange County. A revocation hearing is set in two weeks for Simone Kotsch of Huntington Beach.

Last year, seven chiropractors in Southern California had their licenses revoked over allegations of allowing prostitution, including one in Garden Grove.

With 12,000 chiropractors in the state, the revocations represent less than 1 percent of the field.

Still, Costa Mesa and other cities were concerned enough to immediately beef up their massage licensing rules. “This (new state law) just reinforces and supports the efforts that we were able to attain a year and a half ago,” Dondero said.

But in Fountain Valley, City Attorney Alan Burns said he worried about how far cities could go because of the little-known chiropractic exemption in state laws. He conferred with Harman about clearly giving cities authority to regulate chiropractic workers, too.

Burns helped write Harman’s bill that Gov. Gray Davis signed into law this month. “Most of the girls doing massages in the illegitimate offices were unlicensed and earning cash tips,” Burns said.

Westminster officials adopted tougher rules in February. The city now prohibits locking doors in all massage businesses, requires masseuses to wear nametags and professional attire and specifies that chiropractors must be on the premises at least 75 percent of the time.

“I can’t quantify, but it’s been fairly quiet on complaints for prostitution activities at chiropractic offices since we tightened the ordinance,” said Westminster police Sgt. Marcus Frank.

I’ve been to some really great places up in the LA area, cost between $140 and $200 for in-call FULL SERVICE, but, they are through escort services. I’m trying to find anything local, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Westminster, etc. Asians are my love, but I have not seen any on Harbor Blvd. Does anyone know where I can locate Asians anywhere near Santa Ana? I only know of Harbor Blvd. between 1st and Hazard, but they are all black!


Kashmire is the best if you like a beautiful, tall Caribbean lady to share some wine and have a relaxing afternoon of pleasure and enjoyment. She has moved from the Westside and is now in a quiet apartment South of Melrose and near LaCienega but she still has the same number. She is easy to contact. Her massage is great and sensuous. She has a great body and a lovely skin color. She is gorgeous and flirtatious. Her voice is fine. She can talk and is warm and friendly. She is intelligent and is a very self-sufficient lady. Her music is good. I suggest you visit her more than just once as she improves as you get to know her better; however, she was great on the first visit. Showers are available before and after. On my list of recommendations, she is tops. I met her through This was my third visit to Kashmire and my first review of her. She greeted me dressed in a long, sheer robe with only matching panties beneath. She was an awesome sight. We talked about the holidays and shared some wine that I brought. After thirty minutes of conversation, we adjourned to her bedroom where she undressed me and I, her. I proceeded to give her a very good massage and did some dining at the Y. However, that is not her favorite pleasure. She is into touching, kissing and fucking. We played and touched and kissed. Her kisses are fantastic. She likes to be touched and kissed and she is extraordinarily passionate. Kashmire then used some wine on my member and slowly licked and enjoyed the grape. She dropped further down to rim me and played with my balls. After some time, Kashmire mounted me and proceeded to use several variations of the cowboy to ride me to a wonderful completion. This session, booked for an hour, ran for nearly four. I have made love with her with mish, doggie and cowboy and found that she likes to be in control. With Kashmire, that is a good thing! I love to fell her body on mine with her tips and lips arousing my body. Kashmire is my definition of a GFE. My normal time is 1 1/2 hours and a donation of $300.


When driving between Los Angeles and San Diego on I-5, it’s difficult not to notice the twin reactors of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, pointing skyward like a pair of surgically-enhanced breasts with ever-erect nipples. Baring your buns in the shadow of high-technology has definite symbolic overtones: humans in their natural state, contrasted by the eerie starkness of towering concrete and humming transformers. But one suspects nude beachers frolic here simply because this spectacular setting is close to home.

Unfortunately, enjoying San Onofre sans swimsuit hasn’t always been hassle-free. During the summer of l98l and again in l985, police made frequent sweeps, resulting in citations that cost “offenders” between $25-$50. During the 90’s however, officials adopted more tolerant attitudes and no arrests have been made of late. In fact, there’s a growing sense of community thanks to regulars who help keep the beach clean, welcome newcomers and discourage voyeurs. San Onofre was a showcase nude beach/day trip for attendees of the 1991 Naturist Gathering held at nearby McConville, the oldest nude resort west of the Rockies.

The only current problem: Your bare bod may be scrutinized by Marines using binoculars from adjacent Camp Pendelton to the south. On the plus side, the scenery is magnificent. The wide, sandy beach is ideal for beachcoming and quite popular with local surfers. In spite of the rugged cliffs which tower above the coast, access is easy, even if you’re not a great climber. Playful dolphins are often spotted less than 100 yards off-shore. Facilities include picnic areas with firepits, showers and restrooms. Day use fee, $5; campers, $9.

How To Get There: The nude area of San Onofre State Beach is situated south of San Clemente, west of Interstate 5 (San Diego Freeway) and just north of Camp Pendleton. Take the Basilone Road exit, go past the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and continue on to the state park entrance. Travel south for another two miles and you’ll see a sign for “Beach Path #6.” Park your car nearby, and continue on foot, making sure you stay on the marked trail. After reaching the water, turn left; the most popular sector for bare-bottomed use is 10-minutes further south.

Birch Acupressure
20101 Birch St.#110 Birch/So Bristol Newport Beach Phone 949 724-9900
Opened 2/00
Korean run Massage Parlour

Yola Tanning
17371 17th, Tustin (17th between Yorba and 55 frwy) 714 669-0289
Hours are 11am-8pm Mon-Sat, Sun 11am-5pm
They seem to be flexible on the hours by both closing early or staying late.
This is a tanning parlour that is a small shop. It appears to only have two rooms however I have seen as many as 5 girls their at one time. Mamasan is a bit of a bitch if she doesn’t know you. There are better but this one is an interesting place as well as being only 2 miles away from me.
1324 W. Commonwealth (2 bl west of Euclid), Fullerton. (714) 449-0969. Open 10a-9m, closed Su. From 91 Fwy, exit Euclid, head north about 3mi, turn right at Commonwealth. About 10-12 girls on staff, Korean or Latina, choice of 2-3, as well as Mink(u) the owner. Small staff but fairly wild place. Many girls offer BB FS, a couple of the Latinas offer greek. Generally large rooms.

Creek acupressure

Located at 2900 Bristol, STE 103G, city of Costa Mesa. I will post a mini one on Tuesday. They are competing really hard with A-1 now these days.
After much anticipation, I paid a visit to Euclid Accupressure. Although Anna is no longer working, my friends here have written too many positive reviews on others that roam the halls of bliss there. As u are aware, I am a frequent visitor of A-1 in CM and I was a little anxious to visit a new establishment and test who could out- do the excellent service I receive there from Lisa. I was also a little anxious regarding the recent City activity to clean up these legitimate service providers. All in all,

714. 449.0969
Euclid has been in operation for at least 3-4 years possibly longer. Established clientle, mix of Hispanic and Korean ladies. Very high mileage here. Starfish worship, BBBJ, some would even say BB F/S if you so desired it. Very attractive ladies, Sarah and Anna being two of which I have experienced recently ( I will review soon, no time).
Very well run, and the surroundings are always clean well kept. Only downside-they smoke a bit on premise so if that is a big concern be aware, but the benefits more than make up for this small offense. Manager is Mink, whom some of you may know from other places. She still takes the occasional customer also, for those with long memories.
Mink I think is also the owner. Longtime professional woman, used to work for Choon (Spa/Hou) at Palm Tree in Culver City, among other places, many years ago. Nice lady.
Some people may also remember this establishment as “Commonwealth Accupressure”
This past Sat. myself and another hobbyist set up a 2 on 1 at Euclid MP. I have seen Anna about 6 times over the past few months. I called ahead and set up the one hour party. $80 to the house, and $100 each to Anna. Needless to say a good time was had by all, this girl will do it all (except Greek but I think if you really wanted it you could). She has the best personality and her service goes above and beyond the call of duty. Several on this board have seen her, I didnt see a review here but sorry if I missed it. Note a few pics attached for those who have not seen her yet. We performed several acts in several positions and she was totally comfortable w/our mini gang bang. I guess a picture is worth a thousand words so I’ll shut up and let you see some action.

Vern sent me a blurb about a new girl, Patricia at Kings in Costa Mesa and so, I decided to go check her out. So, since I struck out yesterday and decided to go to Kings in Costa Mesa to check out Patricia. This place is in a two story brown office building. I went by it twice, looking for it. You enter from the back parking lot. It has the standard medical receptionist window.

They are King’s Accupuncture and have alot of accupuncture diagrams on the walls. I walk in and see a “technician” in a white lab coat. She is kind of tall, and has glasses on, looking like a college co-ed, med student. I see the manager.

There’s something about her that reminds me of Ruby of SPA, I don’t know what, not the orange tinted hair, maybe the eyes, but it’s just one feature that strikes me. Oh she does have the usual Korean odor about her, I don’t think it was the breath, but through the pores, the garlic that is in the

A-1 Accupressure
2845 Mesa Verde Dr. #2A
Costa Mesa, CA
Now becoming famous in OC as a premiere MP establishment(kind of worries me when this happens) All Asian staff of 7-10 different therapists. 3 to 4 working at any given point. All are 7 to 9’s in my book. Diane is the best there. Also try Coco. Never been disappointed. Well run, and they will treat you well once you become an established client. Ages range from late teens to early 30’s. Getting very busy lately. $130 total.

Mega Health
3033 Bristol #F
Costa Mesa 714 754-9440

Street Scene
Street Walkers
At one time one of the best known places to find SW was on Lincoln between Brookhurst and Beach.

Check out Harbor, Beach also as sometimes you find them there. Don’t just drive these roads south of the 22, try going north as far as Stanton. Look for the typical signs like inexpensive hotels. Keep in mind that Anaheim LE cracks down quickly on SW activity.
Stanton seems to be a better place to look. Try north of Cerritos Ave. Prices are over $100.
Good spots are between the Post Office and the Taco Bell. Try the afternoons after 3pm. Also try the area by Magnolia and Lincoln. Beach around Ball has seen some action. On Lincoln east of Target check by the motels. Another spot is the S.E. corner of Orangethorpe & Beach blvd. Chapman and Lincoln are good corners to check.
Try turning east onto Lincoln from Beach, from Magnolia up past Brookhurst after 5pm.
Evenings after 6pm Lincoln blvd east of Beach. Close to the Baskin Robbins parlor. Drive by Harbor near Santa Ana as well as down Beach past Lincoln.
South on Harbor by Disneyland past Garden Grove and the Santa Ana area. Starting at McFadden to Lampson. SW action also on Harbor Blvd. between 17th and McFadden

STAY AWAY FROM NEWPORT BLVD IN COSTA MESA, especially any place with the Mind over Muscle theme! All run by a conniving switch and bait, greedy woman named Lynne who learned the ropes working at the old Newport Beach places. She runs several ads in the OC weekly promising beautiful young playmates, etc. Don’t believe it.
Street Walker Locations
Take a look at the map below if you are cruising the area for Street Action. Women don’t always look like Street Walkers so look for eye contact.

L.A. Ladies has an ad for Summer in. I’ve been here once before, and got a nice hand job for $150. Well, let me tell you something. I made an appointment for this afternoon, and when I arrived, was met by a different girl. She explained that 3 different girls worked out of the same appt. I didn’t really care. Anyway, I asked to take a shower first. She said she’d join me, after she got the room ready. After about 10 min. she never joined me. I dried myself off, opened the bathroom door, and BAM ORANGE COUNTY SHERRIF. It turns out the place was busted a few weeks ago, and now the cops keep up the web ads and use the same apt. for busts. Now I’m faced with a court appearance and a big fine. So be careful, and don’t answer this add. ! Irvine has been dry lately. There use to be a place in Baker that gives great massage but is gone now. There are street walkers but are not really good looking. If you see one maybe its a bait.

Picked up a copy of OC Weekly the other night to see what was being advertised locally. A few things looked interesting so I gave a massage place a try. ASIAN MASSAGE, (714) 558-7855, a Chinese lady by the name of Lucy answered and gave me all the information I had requested. $60 for 1/2, $80 for full hour. Location was an upscale apartment complex on the third floor, I was greeted at the door by a young Chinese girl named Rita. I know, it’s a Mexican name, but we did try to find a good American name for her. Nothing struck either of us, but it was fun getting to know this very intelligent and witty young lady! She started off with a gentle back rub, I was completely naked (at her request), while she remained clothed in blue jeans and a pink sweater. After a few minutes of her rubbing my back and legs, she began exploring other areas while going back to my legs and back, then more of my other areas. Her touch was incredible, so gentle and smooth, ever so slowly with both hands she caressed me with tender loving care. I raised up enough for her to reach under farther to gently massage my already tightened member! She was more than happy to grab for the bottle of lotion, then she went back to her two handed technique of stroking and caressing with slow and passionate motion. After some time I reached around and placed my hand on her tight little ass, then I maneuvered my hand in between her legs which parted with the greatest of ease! She asked if I wanted to touch her and of course I said yes! She removed her pants in a split second, but I assisted with her sweater. I could slowly remove it while kissing her stomach up to her shoulders, neck and face. She really enjoyed this action, it was evident, as she was continually two fisting my hard cock with gobs of lotion! I leaned back a little as I was sitting on the edge of the massage table, and pulled her on top of me. I removed her bra then sucked her nipples, gently nibbling them while flicking my tongue across the tips! She freaked out over this, I swear she came at least once while I continued this action since she got off on it so much! She kept stroking my cock using both hands, while I had both my hands buried deep in her pussy while pulling her cheeks wide apart so I could feel more of her soaking wet cunt! Slosh, slosh, slosh, slurp, slurp, slurp, damn her pussy was so fucking wet it was making sucking noises when I pulled her cheeks apart! This really turned us both on! She was moaning and whining no, no, no, but she kept fucking my cock with her fists like they were her tight and so very wet pussy. I begged her to stop after some time with the addition of the baby oil, it was too much like the real thing and I was going to come if she continued! Then I tried to work my cock into her, but she told me she doesn’t have sex with the clients, so I offered to take her home with me after our session! She laughed, it was sweet in her opinion, but she kindly declined my offer. Oh well, I think I have a better chance next time if I ever decide to go back. After my initial disappointment, I went back to my position of holding her by the cheeks and pulling her as close as I could to being inside of her, but still with both hands she continued to stroke me as if she were fucking me with her soaking wet pussy! Her hands were so very slick from the lotion-baby oil combination, as well as my own lube, which was pouring out like no tomorrow! She liked that, she loved that I was so turned on by her, but still she had her rules, so no sex (using her pussy that is). I was beginning to get a little frustrated by being so close to her horny hot honey hole, and not being able to slide it deeply all the way inside, but being the gentlemen that I am, I only teased that I was going to just do it anyway! She got really hot by my attempts, I thought for a moment that she was going to give in to my charms, but she kept telling me that she would love to, but she couldn’t! I respected her of course, so no, I didn’t try any harder. I went along for the ride from then on out. I enjoyed sucking and nibbling her nipples and sliding my hands and fingers all over her juiced up pussy, and making as if I was fucking her while she stroked my hot cock with a technique that was so very wonderful! I loved it, but the hour was nearing and she reminded me that we had to stop soon. Then she proceeded to give me the finest lube job I’ve ever experienced, cock, balls, asshole, all three at once she was going at it, all while I was hanging on to her like if we were banging the shit of each other! It was really great, and finally I emptied my entire load all over her stomach and pubes, and when I asked her to keep on, she happily continued for a few more minutes! I can come forever it seems after a good session, and I must say that for a HJ, this was probably one of the best sexual experiences that I can remember. I tipped her $40, so my total expense was $120 for the evening. A bit expensive for a quick back rub and a hand job, but it was as close to being real sex to me as it could, of course although I wished it had been the real deal! I begged her, pleaded with her, offered to marry her, I explained that I could make her come so deeply that she’d fall in love for sure, but as much as she enjoyed my futile attempts to screw the crap out of her, she would not give it up! Strong woman, very smart woman! We laid on the table together while she cleaned me up with a hot towel, then she helped me to get dressed and she walked me to the door. We had a fun time together, we clicked well together, but I think we’d be even better lovers. I will see her again, but I will try to get her to go out with me for dinner, just dinner and more fun talk, who knows where a friendship could lead to?

This apartment complex is heavily secured, you need the code to access the third floor room, then the girl will answer the intercom and open the security gate for you to drive up to the third level of the parking structure. I found her apartment as if I knew where I was going, it seemed strange that my intuition was right, but I did notice a Chinese girl standing looking out the window to me as I approached her place. That helped in the end for sure! I noticed a pair of shoes on the floor near the front door, and when I was greeted I was asked to please remove my shoes! I also noticed two other women sitting on a couch watching Chinese TV, and before I was led to the room, I saw another guy poking his head out from another room. Must be a three-bedroom place I think. In all I think my experience was overpriced, but for the wonderful company and for the almost really great sex, it was close to being worth it. I’ll have to think about it seriously if I will go back for more though.

Well, I did go back a couple of weeks later and I asked for Rita again! I was weak and I was missing her soft touch and I was really curious to see if I could get more service as a repeat and familiar customer. No such luck, although I had another outstanding time with “my friend,” still no full service. She gave me another fantastic hand job using both hands which were very well lubed, and after about 30 minutes or so I blew my load all over her stomach! Damn, I really want this girl so very bad, but she won’t give it up! She did tell me that next time, she would let me do more to her, so again, I am really curious about how far she will go with me!

Bummer, I called the number on New Year’s Eve, but the number has been disconnected. I took a drive over to the place but it was vacant as I had suspected it would be. Shit, no more Rita, so if anyone knows of her whereabouts, please let me know! I forgot to give her my number and I never got hers either! That’s too bad, again, Rita and I seemed to get along great together and I had the feeling that my charms were working on her! Oh well.


Street Action
I saw about 20 girls walking the streets on Harbor last night … most beginning at McFadden and then spread out for about 4 or 5 blocks as you drive towards the 22 Freeway. There were many tall, leggy types. It looked like about a quarter of them were black, with some whites and Asians thrown in. I did not stop, so I did not get a good look at their faces in the dark, but there were many with nice legs.

Just took another drive by, did not see a darn thing! Anon, you have seen Asians? I’ve been up and down Harbor Blvd. so many times before, but have never seen an Asian, wish I had! I’ll try again tomorrow night! Thanks for the tip, I’ll go farther south this time, I usually turn around at 1st and head back towards the 22 Fwy. Wished I knew where to find a Vietnamese girl, I’d like to try this flavor!

I take the drive up and down Harbor Blvd. each time I go to Spanky’s, which is two, three, four times a week! A few night’s ago I saw a girl, she looked Asian from across the street but she turned out to be a skanky white chick instead! She flashed her titties to me as I swung around to check her out, but I wasn’t interested! Sometimes I see another white chick standing at the bus stop near the 22 fwy, if you are heading north, look to the right where there is a strip mall which is filled mostly with Vietnamese businesses. She is skanky too, not worth a second look. I checked out the Vietnamese pool parlor one night, thought I could hook up with a Vietnamese girl, but it was obvious I wasn’t welcomed there so I left! I think there are some bars around too, but I think it would be better if I had a Viet friend along or else the same treatment would be offered.

I see that the El Monterey is closed now, I had always wondered if this place wasn’t a miniature Adelitas in disguise, as I always saw beautiful young Mexican Chicas hanging around! Since I never saw an American near this place I figured it to be a dive beer joint for the locals. Now it’s closed, so I wonder…

I had a Korean friend some years ago that used to tell me to go to the Korean bars with him, he guaranteed that I’d have no trouble picking up the Korean girls, but I always passed as back then I still liked white chicks! Stupid me, if I only knew then what I know now, I could have been on the fast track to heaven! I wished I knew what ever happened to this guy! He used to work at the corner liquor store, but he quit some years ago! Damn!

Guys, I saw something tonight that blew my mind! After checking out a tanning place on Westminster Ave., I headed up to Spanky’s to drop off a video, then I headed north to the 22 fwy. I pulled into the strip mall just before the fwy, as I saw two hotties sitting at the bus stop! I pulled into and drove around the back way to catch my breath, but as I was headed towards them, I noticed they were fast approaching me! Both of them were extremely young (18, 19?), hot little Vietnamese girls boasting that look that we all know! That little nod and raised brow along with a slight smirky look to their faces, telling me, “hi baby, you need a date?” Oh yes baby, I need a date alright, with both of you fine looking tight young thangs with those sweet and tasty little poontangs! Unfortunately, all I could do was to look as I had no cash nor do I have available funding for my hobby at the moment! Damn, I’m weak right now but I can’t do anything about it! Some sudden unexpected expenses have come up recently that has put me in a hole again, pardon the pun.

Try Tanning located at the corner of Westminster & Euclid. FS can be had there. Tanning place at the corner of Westminster and Euclid for sure! Can’t afford to go now, but at least I can take a drive by and check it out from the outside! Going to Spanky’s to return a video tonight, think I’ll swing out of the way to locate this place!

I did drive by earlier tonight to locate Tanning, but I couldn’t resist such strong temptation as I went inside to check it out more closely! Once inside I looked through the window into the office area and I saw 4 hot looking Vietnamese girls sitting on a couch and all were smiling at me! Papasan was sitting on the couch watching TV with three of the girls as one had come out to greet me. She was really so cute, maybe on the 35ish side, but she had a nice tight body with firm b-cup breasts. She had long wavy black hair with smooth light colored skin. Her face was about a 5 or 6, but she was very sexy in the way she carried herself! She was wearing a loose fitting dress, short about mid-thigh high, her legs were simply awesome! I had an instant hard-on, but I came unprepared, so all I could do was to ask for the rate for a session with her. She giggled and pointed to the small sign by the door to paradise, $40 for 1/2 hour. She asked if I wanted to come with her, but I couldn’t because I had no cash! I asked if I could come back another day, although she was disappointed, she smiled and told me to please come back! Yup, I will indeed! While I was checking her out, I also poked my head in the window to talk to the other girls, said “hey, what’s up” and smiled to the three of them. They all looked so yummy and sweet, it was really so very difficult to pass up this place tonight! Another time when I have the available funds, and as soon as I do, for sure I’m going back! Damn, I cannot wait! Just 4.3 miles from my home, imagine that! Hours are 11:00am – 11:00pm open 7 days

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