Riverside County

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This happened just over a year ago, so the details may not be on the bubble. It was my last night at the Marriott Desert Springs hotel. It was essentially the first time I had used an out call service, so I was playing it safe (?) by seeking a massage. There is (was?) only one ad in the Yellow Pages, as I recall, that specifically advertised out call massage. The person on the other end asked me what I wanted in a masseuse. I described what I wanted, and in about an hour she arrived. She was as I had asked, young, blond, slim, wearing heels…only she was black. When I saw her through the peephole I realized that I had covered every one of my preferences, but I had assumed white. I felt like a heel as I opened the door, preparing to tell this black girl that I didn’t want a black girl. But when i opened the door I found the sexiest black girl i had ever met! Unfortunately I had opened my mouth too soon, and she fully understood, and was gone. That girl oozed sensuality, and to this day I regret that I didn’t tell her to stay. So the agency sent a different girl. She arrived in a rush, and , a detriment to my time with her, laid out the rules. $150 agency fee. I asked her how far this could go, and she said massage only. If I wanted anything else, it was another $100. If I wanted full service, she could recommend other girls, but she was strictly massage. She accepted my credit card for the $150, but she wanted the other stuff in cash. I had to walk down to the ATM in the lobby, which was a pretty long walk away. So I returned to her in my room, and she was still there, and she hadn’t stolen anything. She was a brunette with a really nice face and body. She instructed me to strip and lay on the bed. She stripped to bra and panties without ceremony, and started applying lotion to my back and legs in a rushed fashion. After a while she told me to roll over, which I did. She was still in her undies, so i asked her if she would get naked. She seemed a little perturbed about it, but she stripped completely naked and started applying lotion to my chest and legs. Without much prep, she had her lotion ed hands on my dick. I asked her if I could touch, and she said that I could touch her anywhere, but I could not insert my fingers in her pussy. Shame, cause she had one hot looking shaved pussy with her inner lips hanging out like lettuce from a taco! She agreed to my suggestion that she straddle me and put her ass near my face, but she warned me not to touch her with anything other than my fingers. I spread her cheeks and looked at her pussy while she pumped me. When the urge to probe began to get too strong, I asked her to bring her tits up to my face. She had a couple of the nicest tits I have ever seen live and up close! I asked her if i could kiss them, and her answer was to stick them in my face. I sucked and licked them like I was a kid locked in a candy store after closing time! Of course, loss of control up top meant loss of control elsewhere. She was good. When she cleaned up, she had to clean off my chest and HER side, I shot so far! She was pleasant, if not a little rushed, and she knew how to give me what I wanted. Maybe a little reluctant to get naked, but she complied. All in all, worth doing at the time, since I really didn’t know better. If the Palm Desert, CA, YP hasn’t changed, it’s the only ad that specifically mentions massage.

Stayed in the area one night and decided to make a few calls in the name of research. I didn’t have a local paper, so I reached for the phone book. Somewhat prophetically, a business card for an escort service fell out from between the pages. I called and found that they only offered out call and quoted me $200 for the hour. I asked about additional services or fees and was told that they could send someone more “playful” for tips. The lady on the phone said that she would see me for a total of $400. I wasn’t that curious, so I thanked her and hung up. She was very friendly, though. Pretty expensive, probably due to supply and demand, plus the wealthy people who live or visit there.

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