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San Diego
I finally tried an MP. There is a place on Friars Road, east of the Stadium and the I-15, across from Black Angus, next to Midas Muffler and just before Friars turns into Mission Gorge. I don’t remember the name of the place but it can be found in TBD in a string of posts from about January about SD activity.
$50 entrance fee.
A pleasant Korean woman named entered the room.
Face: 7
Body: 8 (large natural D-cup)
Attitude: 8
Service: 8
For $80 got hj and bbbj. She intimated that next time if I bring condoms, I would get F/S.

I recently checked out the massage parlor across the street from Jolars, on University Ave between College and 70th. Got a mediocre massage for 50 bucks. When she asked me to turn over she started by massaging my fingers. Towards the end of the massage she asked me to turn over. I still had the towel around me, so I figured this was going to be yet another disappointment — at the very most I thought she might jerk me off. While she was massaging my chest, though, she sat on the futon bed so that her crotch was within touching distance of my hand. I figured, the worst that could happen was she’d move away, so I tested the waters by caressing her inner thigh. She didn’t move, so I roamed upward to her tits and then back down to her crotch. She then asked if I wanted anything else, and made gestures for hand job, blow job, and fuck job. I nodded my head on the last one, and she indicated with her finger that it would cost me a hundred. I was drunk, and also surprised to find a parlor that actually offered full service that I agreed without further negotiation. I have no idea if I could have brought the price down…but I’m guessing I could. Anyway, she was pretty decent — not real warm and inviting, but not a cold fish money grabbing whore either. All in all, a pretty good lay for a hundred bucks

Went over to Minato Spa the other night based on recommendations from a few friends. Great time, nice girls and good attitudes and decor
FS is available but usually not on your first trip. located at 10433 Friars Road. hours 10-10.

I went to a place called Crystal Oriental Spa in PB.I also went to a Oriental “whatever” Massage “whatever” acupressure place off El Cajon blv (all San Diegons know this street is where paid pussy is) anyway a hand job and a little oral. She was in her 30s but nice body and smooth skin let me touch her anywhere I wanted. Jerked me off good. Said I could fuck for $120

The hot spot for finding Street Action in SD seems to be along El Cajon from 20th Street to 43rd.

Is El Cajon Blvd completely dead? 10 years ago there was all sorts of activity (all races and ages) but now it’s completely dried up. There was a VERY YOUNG short busty Latina girl (puerto rican, not mexican) named Sonia (ot Tania)who used to work there and on Market street in Golden Hill. Anyone seen her? She would be about 27-28 now.

I have been checking out the street action for the past couple of months. Being new to this I have been very paranoid about running into a sting. I picked up girls on two occasions off EC Blvd. The first was a black chick just east of the 805. $40 for a BJ…she wasn’t that great looking but took care of me…(used a condom). The second I picked up in front of a liquor store about two blocks west of 70th and EC in front of a B of A. She was a Native American girl…19yrs old…good looking…nice. Full Service $60.

I have seen most of the action between 805 and the 15 on EC blvd. I have noticed a decent young blond chick a bit curvy but worth a spin if the charge isn’t too much. Be careful out there…a lot of the girls are probably not to clean and I have heard if you get stung, you loose your car (impound) and you get a nasty mark on your record..fined too!
I have checked out the Escort website listed in the ad below (i think). It is the real thing. I have visited with several women from that site. The in calls are almost a sure thing. I have gotten FS from two of the out calls. The first experience was from a woman named Ashley. her pic was great…she arrived and her body had deteriorated since the original photo… I was horny so I gave her a go…for 150 down and 50 extra for full service she was a great fuck. Talked dirty to me and everything… Another great fuck was Nadia…19yrs old, nice tits, tall…great looking…I was surprised! 200 for an in call…she turned a porno on her big screen, made me take all my clothes before business was settled and then took my money went up stairs came down in some lacy wear, slipped a condom on me and went down for a short time. Then she asked me what I wanted to do next…we did doggie, mission, her on top and finished in the mission with her legs pinned behind my shoulders. Both girls looked healthy and clean. Also had an out call with a sexy black chick. Full service was 250.

Activity has finally started up again on El Cajon Blvd. It stretches from 20th street to about 43rd street. Most are black but there are occasional Hispanics and whites. Best time to be there is about 6 to 8 pm

There is a place called “The Trophy Lounge” in National City (South San Diego) which has a plethora of girls who used to work in Angeles and Manila (probably bar girls as they came to U.S. via marriage with military man). Many of the Filipinos go there when their husbands are away at sea and others come here after their divorce. They range in ages from 22-40 but many are very hot and will fuck. I guess they will always be bar girls in one way or another. 90% of the time I go there I end up taking a Pinoy girl home.


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