CLOSED Cottontail Ranch 2005

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21orover CLOSED
Cottontail ranch lida junction Nevada and highway 95

For Sale Cottontail Ranch lida junction Nevada and highway 95

Cottontail Ranch
US 95 @ LIDA Junction
Goldfield, NV 89131
Tel 775 553-2669
800 867-5915

Mailing Address
Cottontail Ranch
HC 35 Box 15
NV 89013

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Legal Nevada Cottontail Ranch brothel Lida Junction and Highway 95



Established 1967
They accept most credit cards
Sister Club: Mona’s in Elko

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42 Miles SOUTH of Tonopah
15 Miles SOUTH of Goldfield
53 Miles NORTH of Beatty
83 Miles EAST of Big Pine CA
168 Miles NORTH of Las Vegas
180 Miles NORTH of Ridgecrest CA
283 Miles SOUTH of RENO

You can’t miss the Cottontail Ranch along the US95 where highway 266 intersects. Rumored to be Nevada’s first licensed brothel and founded by Madam Beverly Harrell Located on the west side of the US95 there is plenty of truck parking and easy access. From California take SR168 EAST out of Big Pine to SR266 East to the US95. Recently having changed hands and reopened the ranch typically had about 3-5 women at one time. Depending on the lady prices could range from $60 up. With its own airstrip (maintained by the Nevada Department of Transportation) you even have the option of flying there.

Once parked you make your way up the stairway past the screen door to the security door which is enclosed by a patio roof. The door will be manually opened by the madam once you ring the buzzer. As you enter the bar is the right, the restroom to your far left. To the left and back leads to the rooms. The line up will commence from this area. Probably the best place to view the line up is from the bar. The interior has been upgrade, cleaned and remodeled a bit. Complete with VIP rooms, theme rooms, a dungeon, and an incredible Jacuzzi room.

Price will depend on the lady, it appears from our tours that new or relatively younger women are demanding higher prices that can extend above $200. While the slightly older more experienced women have no problem with accepting $100 for a 30 minute half and half party. Some of the ladies present are former Angel’s Ladies Ranch gals. There is also some talk that a former manager of Angels’s took over the Cottontail as well as a ranch in Elko.

The Cottontail brothel opened in 1967 on Bureau of Land Management leased federal land by a madam Beverly Harrell, a Jewish woman from Brooklyn and was a former dancer.

One of the brothels first customers was billionaire aviator Howard Hughes who visited several times while he was living in Las Vegas just south on the 95. Hugh’s flew there using a small airstrip next to the brothel.

The Cottontail Ranch was a licensed for prostitution legal brothel in the state of Nevada. This did not stop the Bureau of Land Management from evicting her in the 1970’s when word got out which made the government look bad by leasing the land to her. In 1974 Harrell ran for a Nevada Assembly seat in 1974 gaining national attention.

She died in 1995 after which the Cottontail Ranch finally closed in 2004. It’s been for sale for decades but remains abandoned.

She published a book about the Ranch, An Orderly House, in 1975 (ISBN 0440058856).

Not the best of locations and remotely located the only way this ranch will survive is to provide some good quality women at fair rates. Shady Lady Ranch is going to give this place a run for the money with posted rates, proven providers and one of the friendliest madams in the business. Check out the line up via the web prior to making the trek and make sure you call to ensure she’s working. No hotels close by so plan on having to try north to Tonopah or south to Beatty for over nights. Death Valley National Park is just south west for those that enjoy hiking or scenic drives. There is access via the smaller mountain highways west to California.

They claim to be the only house in Nevada with worker’s compensation insurance, in house doctors, all bedrooms have private bathroom, and an open kitchen policy.

Girls wanting to work there must be 18 years of age, and willing to work at least for two weeks straight per stay.

I will give the place this, in the past few years the madams, working girls or men working the bar were not the friendliest, a most recent trip proved that this has changed. A relaxed no pressure and very friendly attitude by both the working girls and the madam were apparent.

I read this somewhere and found it interesting so here is is: I heard from a working girl in Winnemucca that used to work at the Cottontail. She told me that the nearby Nevada Test Site was leaking and had invaded the soil and ground water around the Cottontail. The owner of the Cottontail has had four dogs put to sleep that have had tumors. If anyone remembers Leigh or Ashley (she used both names) at the Cottontail, she died two years ago from Leukemia after having worked there for 15+ years. She was a tall Asian girl with no tits but really cute and friendly who happened to be the owner’s favorite. This is kind of un-nerving that I or anyone could have been bathing in nuclear waste. Don’t know whether to believe this, but I’d suggest skipping the free shower if you visit there. Otherwise, get your thyroid checked for cancer !

* The Cottontail Ranch
* Relinquishment of Brothel License
* 5.0 +/- acres
* All Intellectual rights to name, logos and photographs and all websites
* FAA Runway (County Airport)
* All contents of bar, lounge, kitchen, public areas, all bedrooms,
spa room, tool room, exercise/tanning room, etc…
* 10 person spa/Jacuzzi
* Lots of truck parking!!
* Much, much more…
* Turn Key Operation
Sold as is
Asking $1,000,000 US

The World Famous Cottontail Ranch, established in 1967 received one of the first brothels licenses ever issued in Nevada. The Cottontail first met with notoriety when it’s infamous Madam Beverly Harrell ran for a Nevada State Assembly. A media and politically savvy woman, Harrell found herself and the Cottontail Ranch the center of worldwide media attention. Although a guest on such shows as Donahue, NBC’s Today Show, and even The Tonight Show, the controversy that followed Harrell and her role as a Madam still lost her the election by eleven votes.

Today’s Cottontail Ranch continues to be a center of excitement. It’s full bar and warm hospitality create a relaxing atmosphere for both the courtesans that work here and the clientele that visit. From vast number of celebrities, to the average Joe, everyone walks away from a Cottontail experience with a broad smile on their face, and a warm feeling in their hearts. Complete with VIP rooms and an incredible Jacuzzi room, the Cottontail Ranch lives by the motto of:

“Making your fantasies a reality for over 35 years!”

With it’s own FAA approved airstrip and conveniently located just 165 miles from Las Vegas, a trip to the Cottontail Ranch by car or plane is easy and a must for any gentleman, couple or even ladies seeking a good time.

A frequent home and weekend stay to Howard Hughes, The Cottontail plays a central role in the story of Mr. Hughes being picked up from by a gentleman on Route 95 in front of the Cottontail Ranch and being driven to Las Vegas… the man who picked him up was allegedly promised a fortune in the Hughes Will. Recent news stories on the subject have put the Cottontail Ranch back into the lime light!!

Sights to see along I 95 between Las Vegas and So Lake Tahoe
Inside the abandoned Cottontail Ranch brothel of Nevada
Another brothel set ablaze




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