Dovetail Ranch

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Dovetail Ranch
402 State Highway 278
Carlin, NV 89822
Tel 775 754-6436
Tel 775 754-6232

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Truckers seem to love this place as it was loaded with drivers, About 6 trucks were parked in the huge lot out front. The Dovetail is about 100 meters farther down the road on the right side of the same highway where Sharon’s Ranch is.

Hooker-wise, there was only one girl working that was too low on the looks scale to even comment about. They need to work on the talent here. They did serve FREE soft drinks, tell some funny jokes and make us feel welcome. Hey, I’m all game to party at this place if they had some decent women.

The Dovetail has gone through a Renaissance & has been reopened for over a year now. 2011 – It was nominated for small brothel of the year & 2 Dovetail courtesans were Courtesan of the year finalists. Check out the website – the girls section is accurate, up to date & if there’s a golden dot next to her icon – she’s in the house right now. You can also follow The Dovetail Ranch on Facebook.

Jade Preston
5 years ago
I rarely go to brothels and have only sued two businesses in my 52 years. Just got out of court with The Dovetail Ranch in Carlin. They charged me $5,000 for one visit in August, 2016. Yes, alcohol was involved. I offered $2,100 once I sobered up – $400 per gal, plus $100 for rum drinks. They claim I rented the brothel for the night. J.R. Carrington, a former adult film star kept announcing $1,000/girl. I was the only customer in the bar all night – about four hours, one hour in their bedroom. I was too intoxicated to perform. In court, I asked for $2,900 back, $5,000 less my offer of $2,100. I am pro-business, but come on! Now, their attorney, Katie Howe McConnell from Copenhaver & McConnell Law Office is suing me for $10,000+ for defamation and loss of profit, plus punitive damages and her attorney fees. In court, she said it will likely go to $15,000 in 30 days. According to these reviews, they had a $200 minimum about 11 months ago. Elko brothels charge about $200 per 1/2 hour and $300 to $400 per hour – I asked at Mona’s and Sue’s. Michael Tangren is the owner and Monica is the Manager at The Dovetail Ranch. Ms. McConnell asked the Carlin judge to transfer the case to Elko District Court, Judge Teri Feasel agreed. Defamation is defined as slander (verbal) or libel (written) using false statements. My statements are not false, they are fact. Word of mouth is far more powerful than print, radio or TV ads. Sue your customers when they write bad reviews, great business model.

My credit card company agreed that I was overcharged, and removed $1,900 from the balance. I don’t mind paying for the sex I didn’t have, but I do mind overpaying. The good residents of Carlin, and anyone visiting, shouldn’t have to take out a bank loan, just to support the local community. I’ll never step foot in a brothel again. Jade

We’ve heard of these sorts of things taking place. Above all it’s not good business to be billing intoxicated customers and this guy was nice enough to not want all his money back. But he makes a good point as our testers and reporters claim. Always start at the house minimum and work your way up never down.

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