Inez’s Dancing and Diddling

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Elko Nevada Inezs DnD Adult Entertainment

Inez’s Dancing and Diddling
232 South Third Street
Elko, NV 89801
Tel 775 753-5398
Web Site

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This is an all-Asian establishment staffed with former massage parlor workers. One to three women are usually available.

Hours: 24/7
Payment: Credit cards ($10 fee), ATM on premises ($4.50 fee)
Drinks: Soda $1, Beer $3, Hard Liquor $5
Minimum Age: 21

Take care when calling or visiting this place. It’s not what they make it out to be. Almost all the women are X massage workers out of San Francisco of Chinese decent. They often suggest the women are from several other Asian countries, such as Malay, Korea, Japan and Thailand but this has never been true. They also use the tactic of using the same names, for example Suki, Katie etc. While the names stay the same the women often change and your mileage will vary greatly. It’s also common practice for them to short change you by playing with the timers on the doors. Set your own stop watch or wristwatch at this place as 40 minutes will most always be 20-30. The women also split the money they make with the house 50%, this is also done with their tips. All the rooms have microphones which are monitored behind the bar. The reason for this is the great distrust between the owner/manager and the girls. They don’t want the women to negotiate a price with the customer and then short change the club. Latest reviews is the place has gone downhill greatly to a rub and tug operation, poor service, higher prices and high pressure to tip. Take care, not worth the long drive.

Just got back from a recent trip via the i80 and stopped in at this place. Ill confirm the place has gone downhill, not what it was a year ago. Nearby clubs informed me that the club is having problems and rumor is they will shut down soon. Seems the gal who took over the place from the previous chinese owner is going downhill fast with her new tactics to make money by short changing customers. Dont take my word for it, call the place and the gal who answers the phone will downright lie to get you to visit. When i asked for a gal I had done a while back she told me she was there and when I arrived I found out it had been over 6 months that she had been gone. Ive read this same thing on several of the other big boards. Shame that yet another place in Elko is going downhill. Stick to Reno and Las Vegas guys.

Nevada does seem to be dying a quick death. Since the recent closing of Angel’s Ladies near Beatty, Cottintail along the 95 and then all the problems in Ely don’t help. I’ve given up on going to Wells and Elko, I’ve posted more of the problems at Inez’s on the other discussion boards so I won’t waste readers time here. It appears the X massage gal who took over Inez’s a while back is driving Inez’s into the ground like the other Elko houses.
They’re pushing a new website with nothing but fake photos, another thing they’re famous for. The old bate and switch tactic. I tried calling a while back to see who was working and Andrea answered the phone and gave me the common run around. Would not be up front with who was working just told me “come down yes she is her” even when I gave her a fake name. Last few visits I made and from friends we all came to the conclusion that the women were shorting guys on service, upping prices and reverting to games. I agree its a lost cause making the drive to Elko, better off avoiding the place. I’m done with the games and rip off tactics.

Stopped by to check if all the latest bad press was true. None of the good women I’ve tried like Katie, Suki or others are present, replaced by women who now want more money. Can’t say I’ll be going back anytime soon, stopped at the Dovetail and its also gone Asian. What seems to be happening is many X MP gals want to offer their skills in the Legal state. The girls the Dovetail had to offer were a bit more attractive them the Inez girls. The Inez staff is practically begging guys for business, the problem is they don’t deliver on the promises.
It could have been a goldmine had they stuck with the previous owners concept of flat rates and good service. Apparently the new Asian woman who took over the place is allowing the women to carry over the poor MP practice of buyer beware, get the guy to part with as much cash as possible and then do a quick rub and tug. Sadly the place has become a ghost town. I bumped into a guy at Sue’s who told me a customer came down with an STD after his visit to Inez’s. The new owner is also stooping as low as paying guys to post fake positive reports on the web so take care, if a poster is new its most likely bogus. I have to confime, Elko is off my list now. Don’t waste your fuel boys, stick to Reno, Donna’s is about as far as I’d drive now. Winnemucca has also changed it’s ways and no longer offers good looking women and fair pricing as it once did. If you’re coming from Utah then stick to Wells and the two places there were average. I managed a great half and half with a Latina at Donna’s. I’m sticking to traveling overseas for my dollar.

I see that no new posts have been made on this place, so I thought I’d share. I’ve been there twice now…first time OK, had a girl named Coco; while the photo was not accurate, she was a very nice girl. Overall that experience was that of a good asian massage parlor; a bit rushed, nice massage, she was a very nice girl. Second time…..GAWD what an awful experience. Think the worst an AMP has to offer; flabby girl with 2 c-section scars, mediocre massage, lousy handjob, rushed less than the time paid for. I’d been in contact via their message board and was told to say it was my birthday and it was m birthday and I’d have a lineup rather than just being ushered in and we could all have drinks….the first was ignored, second she acted as if she didn’t understand English. When I posted a very respectful report on their board in response to “Inez” saying they’d welcome constructive reports, even negative, they erased it and booted me out of the system. In short, the above posts are very accurate. this is nothing more than an overpriced asian massage parlor.

It’s been long known about the problems at Inez’s (since taken over by Chen) the spoiled brat Chinese immigrant who was known for abusing his Chinese workers who he smuggled in from Las Vegas and San Francisco massage parlors. Many of the star gals who helped him get positive reviews at first have long left. The tactic if keeping the same names is an old whore house scam where he would cash in on the good work of one worker for the poor work of another.

Chen sold the business for a over valued amount several years back to a Chinese immigrant who had married an American guy for legal status. She as you might expect was a San Francisco massage worker. Since then the business has gone downhill, men are scammed for time, service and the likes. Oh yes they have a few followers who they ask to post false reviews on other sites.

Problem is that Inez’e is in the boondocks, middle of nowhere and once they screw you good, you never come back. You tell your friends and they don’t go and in time Elko will become the ghost town it always was.


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