Love Ranch (Bunny Ranch 2)

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This is NOT the “Love Ranch” Dennis Hof bought in 2010 and ran it until his death in 2018, where he was found by porn star Ron Jeremy in the same bed in which Odom nearly died.
Hof had a habit of confusing the public with multiple names. That ranch is located in the desert town of Crystal (80 miles outside of Las Vegas) where Lamar Odom overdosed in 2015 and was found by two prostitutes.

Love Ranch (formerly Bunny Ranch 2)
95 Kit Kat Drive
Carson City
Tel 888 685-4889
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The Love Ranch

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Name history
Madame Kitty’s Fantasy Ranch (prior to 1998)
Miss Kitty’s Cat house (1998 – late 2002)
Kitty’s Pussycat Lounge (Late 2002 through February 2004
Bunny Ranch Two (February 2004 – August 2008)
The Love Ranch (August 2008 – Present)

At one time Kitty’s was my first stop and most visited ranch. Kulani, Kathy and numerous other great women have past thru Kitty’s doors. Prices were always way below the SB and the MLBR. Where did the days go when Kulani did a stripe tease dance, oral and all the positions you wanted for 30 minutes and only asked for $60?

Since the change in ownership (same owner as the Moonlight Bunny Ranch). Kitty’s has gotten a well needed facelift, new bar, paint job and interior work. I took a tour with a very attractive Hawaiian gal, $100 dollars seems to be the magic number.

What I did notice were pictures on the wall of a very attractive blond. The bar tender quickly let us know that she would be called to come to work for a minimum $1000. From the array of nudes she looks like a top ticket. The one thing I have to hand the MLBR and Kitty’s is they always have a good selection of young, attractive talent. Strangely enough many of them are from our neighbor to the north Oregon. From what I’m told the owner runs newspaper ads in Oregon for his new talent. If your going to spend $1000 then this gal in the photos looks worth a try.

Considering this brothel belongs to Dennis Hoff the owner of Bunny Ranch number 1, it’s far from what I would call the brothel with the hottest women. I’ve heard that Dennis bumps the less popular women down to this brothel. In essence this place is a lower tied club.

Inside the club has been upgraded from previous visits when it was not owned by Dennis. The bar has been improved, the furniture, carpeting and general interior design has been updated. At one time the walls were plastered with photos of porn stars and magazine models. Below the photos were signs stating these women were on call. Just ask the madame to call, however you’d have to commit to $1000 plus prices for them to even consider making a call. Perhaps when the Terri Weigel and Sunset Thomas Porn Star hype bubble burst the porn star thing went south.

Today the line up consists of average to less average looking women. Older and out of shape is the average here. I will admit one can often find a diamond in the rough here. Jade for example who is mentioned above in another post is a fine example. Jade understands the concept of profit and any percentage of it. While many of the other women (even the less attractive ones) stand firm at $200 plus for 30 minutes or even more, Jade committed to $150 for 30 minutes. She ended up getting the business of several men that evening.
Cost was not the only factor that made Jade appealing. Her authentic interest in sex, her no rush attitude and attractive nature is a winning combination.

While some women will take their time getting to the act and then do the basics and pretty much rush you to climax, Jade does the opposite. It’s a bad sign when 15 minutes into your 30 minute deal she’s already getting dressed. Jade on the other hand is still going strong with 100% passion when that knock comes on the door. To top it off usually when that knock comes the poor business woman says “time to renegotiate”. which pretty much kills what could have been. I don’t know how many times I was 10 seconds away from finishing and this happened. Big sign of a woman that knows nothing about men or sex. Now Jade on the other hand keeps on going and pays not attention to the knock or call on the intercom. Minutes later she hits pay dirt and makes the customer happy. The customer sees her commitment to service and sincere enjoyment and becomes her regular.

While $150 is not what most women want it’s more profit then what the guys who “WALK” them. If you don’t know the women split the money you offer with the house. Not a fair deal if you ask me as the house makes money off several women. Many houses also demand a daily fee for room and board. Lets not forget that your payment is also taxed. Thus that $150 turns to $75 when the house takes it’s greedy cut. Deduct for taxes and you end up with about $50. Which still is great money considering she worked for about 30 minutes. $50 an hour for any UNSKILLED labor is excellent money. Mechanics, Plumbers etc. make about $50 an hour, you heard me AN HOUR. Many of them live a good life and work harder then these women ever will work.

Now if you’re a woman and you read this and you think “well you suck on a man’s thing for less”, then you should not be working at a brothel. This is a sign that you hate your work and miss the point. If you’re in this business due to being down on your luck and broke you’re already a big negative. If you think SEX is this dirty word and this terrible thing, you’re not in the right business. The best mechanic or plumber is one that loves his work, success is about finding work that you love and getting paid for it. There are women who enjoy sex and they always make the best sex workers. I’ve met my share of women who really love sex and it’s these women that stand out which men love.

There was also another bright star in the line up at the Bunny Ranch 2, but she stood firm with her $200. Odd enough most often women get walked over a mere 5-10 minutes. What I mean is many price themselves with a 10 or 15 minute segment, which usually means 15 minutes for $100 and relates to $400 an hour. Less face it people, sex pretty much takes no more then 30 minutes and world wide the 30 minute rule applies. So why are we building in this complicated rule of 10 and 15 minutes? It’s all about rushing you.

Time is an odd thing and I’m willing to bet that the majority of Nevada working women spend their time sitting on their you know whats. Doing nothing more then waiting for a possible customer. Now I said possible as I see more guys walk women then party. If prices were posted BEFORE you saw a line up you would already know if you agreed on price. Then it was just checking the attitude of the woman you liked. Every man even at $100 should be considered as that is money in the bank regardless if it’s $50 or even $25. If you have 12 $25 profits (I’m taking out the house cut and some taxes) parties in a 12 hour day that equals $300. Not bad for a days work. Ah but I can make that off one customer she says, OK, I just hope that you can find one.

What the women don’t understand is Dennis Hof will make 50% off every party, so he really does not care nor is he affected by much change in the market. He’s basically a pimp making money off a bunch of women (50% to be exact, yes I know sometimes he offers deals too). The woman is on her own, making money ONLY on what she does. Her daily business can make or break her. Not Dennis.

Women also don’t understand that women come and go, each week new women arrive and those that tried their hand at it depart. This is also the day and age of the internet. Men talk and share information not only by word of mouth but my the internet. This web site for example. At one time there were only 1-2 sites like the world sex guide. org and today their are hundreds plus all the discussion forums. Men compare notes, prices and most important services. Nevada takes so much flack from bad business it’s slowly killing the industry. I’ve heard too many women over the years saying “its not what it used to be”.

Looking at my own friends who follow the hobby I can attest to this. Ten years ago we ALL went to Nevada and enjoyed it. Today we ALL opt for other places, whether over the border or over seas we spend out money elsewhere. Im about the only one of several dozen who still makes a trip every few months to see what has changed. My spending pattern has also changed. While I used to party at least 6 times a weekend a month now you’re lucky if I do 2 parties. More then often I do nothing as it’s far too costly to blow $200 on a bad party.

OK so this post has become more then what goes on at the Bunny Ranch 2, but this ranch is a perfect example of how the new owner has lost my business. When the place was called Kitty’s it used to be one of my favorite brothels. Kinda reminds me of the home market today. While prices are sky high the market can’t really bare the cost as 80% of the people can afford the homes. So what do they do, they venture farther away for lower costs. Which is what many of us do, we depart Mound House (Carson City) for other haunts. There is the Wild Kat ranch near Mina, plus other ranches along 95 and then the northern ranches along I80.

While the Bunny Ranch 2 has been updated interior wise it’s not your best bet in Mound house, Kit Kat seems like a better option for me. However the higher rates due to Dennis Hof has affect all the ranches in the area. The house minimum is probably $100 but as many women will tell you they have their own minimums. If women THINK you’ll walk some might come down in price, others will prefer to make 0% profit.

I think if any girl is gonna charge very little money, say $100 for 30 minutes might as well just have sex for free. Considering that she must not value herself to lower her standards. She might as well just screw a bunch a nasty old gizzars that no one pays any mind to, and have sex for free. These men are coming into the brothel and the women aren’t going to them so if they are going to be cheap thrills they might as well go to the truck stop. If any girls gonna be selling her body and paying taxes and not to mention, expenses on doctor bills and obtaining a work permit, which is highly expensive, then have some standards and set some standards. You control the situation when they come to your territory and that’s how it should be operated. Remember that these men prey on dumb naive broads that cant say no and that’s what they target. Always have power and never let your guard down. It’s all about business.

Most girls don’t realize that this is a sales job, its a numbers game and if they don’t take the bait then someone else that really wants you would have no problem paying for your time. You got to stick by what you do for what price and add a few amenities, that way the guys thinks their getting more for less, you get what I mean. for example if the guy wants sex and different positions for 300 for an hour, then tell him it’s 35 minutes but you’ll offer oral or you’ll do 400 for 45 minutes and include 69. always have the upper hand and make em feel like they have some control but never settle, the more you screw with their heads, they will eventually give in. Don’t just compromise.

Euro Guy,

No one has to settle just because you have cheap sex w/women. If I wanna charge $1000 for the hour because I have a really small tight vagina and a gorgeous face and body, then I can do that, and I do. You just worry about yourself but I grew up different and I’m a hustler and I don’t intend to change. And Ive worked in the real world and made good money so I don’t have to have sex for less because I’m smart and I got it like that, I can turn a small money to large sums.


I can understand your opinions from the working girls perspective and respect them. From the customers view point (having gone to all the Nevada brothels over the last 20 years) one must consider our view.

Back in the 90’s one could get full service for $100 @30 minutes at all the Reno or Moundhouse brothels, even as low as $40 in the $80’s. The internet has brought in new customers as well as taken away part of the customer base. What I mean is customers via the internet have found other places to go with better chances of good service and lower prices. In the last 10 years people like Denis Hof had destroyed much of the business with the inflated pricing. I stopped going to Nevada all together when the prices went above $200 for 30 minutes. Now bare in mind I understand the way it works, the women at most of the houses split the payment 50/50 with some clubs doing a 60/40. However that’s not the customers problem, we pay what we pay and its not our fault the house takes so much.

I agree its a sales game and rushing a customer out at 25 minutes is not a good tactic.

Women should consider that sex has an average cost, lets take for example another western country with a similar cost of living “Germany”. Did you know the price for 30 minutes is SET at about $65. Plus it includes french kissing, DATY, oral without condom and multiple positions. An hour can be had for as little as $100US. Now this has been going on for over 25 years and the prices have stayed the same. I’m talking about over 500 of these clubs where the women make lots of money.

My point is some women want to work for living and some don’t want to. They prefer to wait for the big rollers. Now that’s OK however from all my years of Nevada all the houses don’t do the business combined that the big clubs do in Germany. One needs to consider that.

OK so you say, but that’s in another country. Well Mexico is not far away and 1 hour of GFE with all you get in Germany is $150 standard.

What stopped me from going to Nevada is the service, it got worse and worse and the prices higher and higher. Which led me to go elsewhere.

The women in Germany also have doctors bill’s pay taxes (yes its legal). Its not about lowering your standards, the cost of living in Germany is actually higher. However women think in terms of how many guys at $65 for 30 minutes can I do? Not how much can I get from a guy for an hour. While you’re negotiating their working and making money. Now they don’t split their money with the house. They pay $65 for one day to work their. The house charges them this when they arrive, and yes the customers pay a one time fee of $85 to get into the club. They can then do as many women as they want, plus the club includes all the food and drink they want. The clubs are like resorts with pools, lounges, dance poles etc.

Finally I can understand what you’re saying and why, however out of the 20 or so people I knew who used to do Nevada they all went elsewhere for the same reasons. When Nevada gets real, makes it priced for real people who work for $20 an hour then things might change. Sex is not worth $300 an hour, I don’t care who it is. Especially with today’s economy

People who go to the clubs in Germany usually do several women when they visit to offset the entry fee.


More power to you, its a free market and the seller can charge what ever they want. Its not about who is right or wrong, its about opinion. My opinion was from a X customer who used to go to Nevada. Perhaps there are too many customers to choose from in Nevada now? I can buy the argument about Nevada being within the US, Legal and less travel for some. However I would disagree, respectfully about cost relating to tightness, looks and body. That’s relative to the buyer whose shopping. From my experience every woman claims to be the best, which is understandable.

You do make a good point “no one has to settle just because”. Like you if you don’t want to sell it, we don’t have to buy it. My point is if there are two gas stations selling the same thing, but one is half the price where will people go?

I think you should charge $5000 and claim its the best in world. Then again if gasoline was cheaper in the US then why do we import it?

Business is about being smart, not about how much you charge, its the total intake at the end of the year. Please don’t take offense to my opinion it was not meant to insult.

We should not put down something until we actually have experienced it. You think Nevada sex is price fairly, I think its not, you work there, I’ve been there and done it. Just two different opinions.

Maybe the question should be what is a fair price for sex? $1000 per hour? Plus what is considered GOOD and how to we measure “tight”?

By the way, “I’m not worried about myself” I’m a smart shopped and I know what I want. Please don’t change, never what I suggested. You go girl, make a million bucks, more power to you.

You heard her guys, “no one has to settle just because I have cheaper sex with women”. Not sure what you mean by that? Nothing is made in the USA anymore? Why cause we make it where it costs less. This is called economics, buyers got for price and quality. So what cars are better American or foreign? Now I suppose its American pussy is tighter than others?



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