CLOSED Love Ranch South (Madam Butterfly’s)

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21orover CLOSED

love ranch 3 south dennis hof brothel pahrump Nevada

It’s FOR SALE at $1.2 Million bucks

love ranch 4 south dennis hof brothel pahrump Nevada
Above is a typical quality looking lineup, but usually not as many

love ranch south dennis hof brothel pahrump Nevada

Below note the Cherry Patch and the real location (now a Saloon)
Cherry Patch Ranch near Love Ranch south dennis hof brothel pahrump Nevada
Below is the rather boring looking Love Ranch South

love ranch 2 south dennis hof brothel pahrump Nevada

Love Ranch South
Legal Brothel near Las Vegas
300 Appaloosa Ln, Pahrump, NV 89060

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Formerly the:

Madam Butterfly’s Bath and Massage Salon
Appaloosa Lane
NV 89020
Tel 775 372-5574
Tel 775 372-5699
Web Site
Always Open 365 Days a year
80 Miles north of the downtown Las Vegas, 1 hour 30 minutes drive
They accept all credit cards

There is an interesting method of operation behind Madam Butterfly’s. They often claim to be the closest to Las Vegas, but this is not true. Departing from the center of Las Vegas, we came up with the following figures:

75 mi. from Vegas to Madam Butterfly’s
63 mi. from Vegas to Chicken Ranch
86 mi. from Vegas to Cherry Patch

I guess Khloe Kardashian and the Kardashian’s are not that great in bed, because her husband dropped a load of cash at this brothel

CRYSTAL, Nev. — The brothel where Lamar Odom partied his way into oblivion and where his downward spiral hit rock bottom on Tuesday, is a pornographic pit-stop on the road to nowhere in particular.

The Love Ranch, the site where Odom allegedly filled his nostrils with cocaine and gorged on sexual enhancement pills before being rushed to hospital, has a cute name and, thanks to its owner Dennis Hof attempts to fashion for itself a glamorous reputation.

It portrays itself as a never-ending haven of fun and comfort for the discerning gentleman, boasting of a 24/7 policy where loneliness and frustration can be sated in an instant.

Lamar Odom used cocaine, up to 10 sexual performance supplements before hospitalization

It has a sparkly website, with a menu offering differing sexual services with catchy titles. It’s all light-hearted and kind of amusing, until you remember why you’re looking in the first place. Or until you see it first hand.

In reality it is a desolate place, flanked by a collection of trailers and a ramshackle junkyard, where women pawn their bodies for as long as they can keep their smiles fresh and their assets taut. About a mile away is the Moonlite BunnyRanch, another brothel owned by Hof and featured in the HBO reality series Cathouse.


Lamar Odom hospitalized after being found unresponsive in Nevada brothel
Lamar Odom has been taken to Sunrise hospital in Las Vegas after he was found unresponsive at the Love Ranch in Crystal, Nevada, according to a statement released by the Nye County Sheriff’s department.

The 35-year-old former NBA player was known to have dealt with drug problems in the past, though the specifics of this incident remain unclear. Below is the statement that was issued on the department’s Facebook page.

“At approximately 3:15 pm on October 13, 2015, a call came into the Nye County Dispatch Center from Richard Hunter, Media Director for Dennis Hof’s Bunny Ranch, requesting an ambulance for an unresponsive male experiencing a medical emergency at the Love Ranch in Crystal, Nevada, approximately twenty miles north of Pahrump, Nevada in Nye County.

“An ambulance from Pahrump Valley Fire and Rescue Service arrived at 3:34 pm and the patient, identified as Lamar Odom was stabilized and transported to Desert View Hospital arriving at 4:16 pm. Nye County Sheriff’s Office Detectives Cory Fowles and Michael Eisenloffel arrived and conducted an investigation on scene.


Inside brothel where Lamar Odom collapsed after ‘drug-fuelled binge’ and the two prostitutes who found him

Lamar Odom collapsed at a Las Vegas brothel this week, amid claims he had taken cocaine.

The NBA star was rushed to hospital in the early hours of yesterday morning after being found unconscious at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch in Nevada.

The 35-year-old sportsman was taken to Desert View Hospital in Nevada before being moved to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center where he is battling for his life.

Khloe Kardashian’s ex husband was eventually discovered by two prostitutes working there at the time, owner Hof has confirmed.


Brothel workers who found Lamar Odom return to their jobs at Love Ranch, Dennis Hof says
Deep in desert sits brothel where Lamar Odom collapsed

The figures show that the Pahrump ranches are closer. You may also notice an operation called Venus Massage and Salon at the corner of US 160 and Homestead Road in Pahrump, strangely located right where you turn off the US 160 down Homestead to get to the Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s. Note the large billboards that advertise a Brothel Museum or Massage and Sex Toy Shop.

It’s not hard to conclude that the owner of Madam Butterfly’s is also the owner of Venus. The concept is simple: steer customers in transit to the Chicken Ranch or Sheri’s to Madam Butterfly’s or the Cherry Patch 2 instead.

During a recent visit, we saw that this slick campaign does work. Two gentlemen joined us for a lineup. One decided to party, we and the other gentleman decided to walk. The three of us swapped stories in the parking lot. It turns out that the other two gentlemen were on their way to the Chicken Ranch when they stopped in at the Venus Salon and were told that the Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s were closed.

They were then given a flyer and map which directed them to Madam Butterfly’s. (You can also find people handing out the same flyers in Las Vegas along with the line “the closest brothel to Vegas.”)

In all fairness, the gentleman who decided to party was able to book a basic session for his $150 budget.

From Las Vegas take the US 95 north towards Beatty for approx 68 miles. Look for highway 16 (left side of the street after Nellis AFB or the Mercury turn off). Turn left on US 16, head west for approx. 5 miles and look for the signs on the right that say “Crystal.” Make a right turn, go north for 2.3 miles, or until you get to the flashing lights or Cherry Patch (Closed). At the intersection, make a left turn and drive about .5 miles to the end of the road. You’ll see Madame Butterfly’s on the right.

From Pahrump take the SR 160 North, at about 9 miles the 160 becomes the 16. After approx. 23 miles look for the sign that says “Crystal.” Make a left and follow the directions from this point via the instructions above from Vegas.

Flashing Lights
From the US 95, if you look west once you pass the SR 373 (Amargosa Valley intersection), you can see the flashing lights that sit atop the closed Cherry Patch. These same lights can also be seen off the 16 when coming from Pahrump. Note that during the day these lights can’t be seen, so don’t count on them for finding the place untill after dusk.

Museums and Multiple Names
Over the years, the owner of Madame Butterfly’s has hosted numerous concepts to draw customers. Once there was an open Cherry Patch Ranch, not to be confused with Cherry Patch 2 on US 95. You can still see the string of mobile home trailers attached to the front of the old Cherry Patch. In my over 20 years of visiting Nevada, I’ve never seen it open, so this must have been before my time. Why all the extra names?

Mabel’s Whorehouse
Madam Butterfly’s
Cherry Patch I
Cherry Patch II

Well, we can only assume that it gives potential visitors the illusion of choice, that there are four ranches in the area, as compared with two in Pahrump. In fact, we’ve seen flyers that make it appear all four ranches are still open, which makes us think that the concept of multiple ranches is only a selling tactic.

The Brothel Museum is just another way to promote Madam Butterfly’s to the public. Brothels in Nevada are not permitted to advertise or use billboards. So, it makes sense to open a Massage Salon or Brothel Museum to direct traffic to the brothel. We’ve never seen the museum actually open, but the museum does have signs directing you to a brothel that is open. Something similar to this tactic is used in Moundhouse at the Sagebrush Ranch. Squeeze Play, a titty bar, has taken taken over for Sagebrush 2. I’m sure they still take advantage of the rooms but the main ploy was to be able to attract business with a titty bar that can legally be advertised.

While I’m sure the women of Madame Butterfly’s can compete with other ranches and offer some decent services, we don’t agree with the odd sales tactics. Add this to the car salesperson tactics which lead the women to ask for menu pricing in the thousands of dollars and you have a newbie’s death trap.

From the dirt parking lot, the bar entrance is on the left and the brothel entrance is via the black iron gates to the right. Once buzzed in past the gates, you’ll then be permitted to enter the lounge from the main door.

It does not matter where you sit for the lineup, as the poor lighting allows you to see only a silhouette. From the lounge, the doorway to the left goes to the bar and the doorway to the far right is where the ladies enter from. Once you choose a lady she’ll either take you by the hand or lead you back through the maze of hallways to her room. It’s more like being in a submarine during wartime in almost total darkness lit only with dim red lights.

Once in the room, my selection, covered with tattoos, started her price routine. Her room was even darker then the hallway. She seemed nice enough, but due to the darkness it was apparent she was hiding something.

I used my “start from the bottom and work up” pricing strategy. She quickly agreed to my terms; however, I was only shopping her. I told her that I had promised my friend that we would check out the lineup at the Cherry Patch 2 before making our final decision.

I don’t think she understood me and went into her Stage 2 plan, commonly known as “bait and switch.” This is also used at the Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s. When a customer is not interested in doing a high-dollar party, he’s sent to a lower-tier lady who’ll do lower-dollar parties.

So what she tells you is, there is a rule that another lady must escort you out. You have to wait in the room until the other lady comes to get you.

She left to get the other lady. Five minutes later, the replacement arrives and asks me to follow her. We don’t go to the exits. We go to her room. The lighting is better and the new lady is not unattractive, but her prices are not any better. I had to tell her that there was a misunderstanding, that I was happy with the other gal but wanted to first check out the Cherry Patch 2. She agreed and led me to the exit.

This all reminds me of buying a car. If the salesperson gets stuck talking price, s/he brings in another higher-level salesperson to give you another pitch to try to squeeze out more profit somewhere. It’s all a front to attempt to get the maximum buck from each customer. It is a sign that many guys walk on the women and the result is to try and get the guys to walk to other women who are willing to provide service for less. Less is better then nothing.

The Madame
Out of all the ranches and brothels, Madam Butterfly’s and Cherry Patch 2 almost always have the least friendly. In fact, they appear rude at times. While at the Chicken Ranch and Sheri’s you’ll be invited to the bar if you don’t make a selection, here they prefer to have you leave.

One hundred bucks can you something here. If the first lady won’t meet your price, then she will steer you to one who will. Whatever you pay, remember that the goal is to give you the least for your money. Check out the posts on price tips at the bottom of the page under “Things to consider“. If she drops the price, make sure she is not also dropping the time to 10 minutes.

The line up had about nine women, with two being acceptable. With the poor lighting, you have to choose based on body shape as you can’t see a face clearly. Don’t expect the line up at Cherry Patch II to be better; in fact, it’s often worse with only one to three ladies.

I still visit here, although it’s the first place I’ll miss if I’m short of time. I have partied for as little as $100 for 30 minutes. This place does not like to turn away any business. I’ve run across a hard-core working girl from France and some beginners from the East Coast here.

Remember to confirm time and activities with total price. Stay away from the really dark rooms if you can, as there is a reason for this.

Heidi Fleiss Gives a Tour of the Love Ranch | Where Are They Now | Oprah Winfrey Network

Heidi Fleiss, aka the “Hollywood Madam”, says that when she and brothel owner Dennis Hof first decided to renovate the Love Ranch, a brothel in Crystal, Nevada, it looked more like a penitentiary than a place anyone would enter voluntarily. Watch as she gives a rare tour inside the space, showcasing recent updates—like a $6,000 showerhead—and explains the additional renovations planned to make the Love Ranch a place people are proud to visit.


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