Moonlight Bunny Ranch

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Moonlight Bunny Ranch
69 Moonlite Road
Carson City, NV 89706
Fax 775 246-9240
Web Site

Nevada brothel offers free sex to returning troops
LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters)
Talk about what you can do for your country!
In an unusual act of patriotism, a Nevada brothel is offering free sex to troops returning from the U.S.-Iraq war.

The Moonlite BunnyRanch in Nevada, a legal brothel, also plans to extend 50 percent discounts to the military for the next few weeks, proprietor Dennis Hof told Reuters in a telephone interview on Tuesday. Hof hit on his unique gesture for honoring U.S. troops when BunnyRanch star and former Playboy magazine centerfold Sunset Thomas was flooded with letters from the front lines.

“We were receiving about 20 letters a day,” Hof said. “We thought, when these guys are done we’ll do something special for them.”

Thirteen men and three women in uniform have shown up so far to claim their gifts. All told, the free and discounted sex will cost Hof about $50,000 — a worthy sacrifice, he said. “We want to feel patriotic and feel we are doing something for our servicemen,” he said. “If we owned a Dairy Queen we would be giving away free ice cream, but … we own the sex capital of the world. What better way is there to give back?”

What does this mean? Ask for a discount and they’ll most likely double the charge and take half off. I doubt Mr. Hof has ever given anyone anything without a catch…

The porn stars may have left the premises, but the porn-star prices have remained. During a recent visit, my friend and I received seperate hourly quotes of $2,000 and $1,800 (which was supposed to be a discount!).

Appearance-wise, neither lady was porn star caliber; they were above average at best. It’s clear that management has chosen to cater to the uninformed one-shot tourists and the money-is-no-object crowd.

Moonlite ranch attention purely coincidental
Robb Hicken, Bonanza News Service
MOUND HOUSE – The camera rolled as the questions from Court TV personalities were answered by Moonlite Bunnyranch owner Dennis Hof.

The interview was just part of a busy schedule he was involved in Friday. Immediately following the interview, he was scheduled to tape for the Howard Stern Show on the E! Channel. Earlier in the week, Hof had fielded questions from bigger networks and newspapers questioning the prostitution industry and brothels in Nevada. In between, he is coordinating the filming of two XXX-rated films, with major industry stars, and watching out for a documentary being done on that industry by a recognized Hollywood producer.

“They like me because they know I won’t lie to them,” Hof said. “I’m the new age brothel owner; media looks to me as the new brothel owner.”

Hof, who said the closing of the Mustang Ranch (Probably the most famous brothel in the world, Hof said), has turned a lot of attention to Nevada and its legalized prostitution laws. He compared today’s prostitution institution with what was occurring during the transition in the gaming industry nearly 20 years ago. Bad influential people were in control of the industry. The state was rousting it. The Legislature was setting up laws.

“And, today’s gaming industry is nothing like it was,” Hof said. “It’s looked on as a clean cut industry.

“I didn’t come from being a pimp, out of a taxi cab. I’ve worked with officials, we’re licensed and regulated and we pay our taxes,” he said.
In addition, he said that the brothel is a good business in the community.
But, with the recent seizure by the federal government of the Mustang Ranch and its closure in September, attention is focusing on the brothel industry, he said.
Interviews about prostitution only help shape the image. Having the Howard Stern crew at the brothel gives not only his business exposure, but allows the rest of the nation to learn that this business is well regulated. Porn star Ron Jeremy, who lives in Hollywood, said, “He’s got a wonderful set up here. I feel safer doing movies here than I do with some of the porn stars.” Other stars present included Kendra Jade, who is best known for her work with Jerry Springer. She said she feels like Hof is a father figure, and that she’s part of the family.

Teri Weigal, considered one of the most photographed playmates ever, was also on site.
The Howard Stern Show, a radio/television talk show that features shock-jock Howard Stern, was doing interview with Hof and in particular Jade.

“We’re going to get all the attention now,” Hof said. “We’re merely working with all the changes.” In all fairness, if the strictly enforced $300 house minimum is true then why did the friend I visited with party for $200? Nothing was ever said about a minimum. You know these tactics work well on desperate uninformed men when they don’t know any better.

Trouble is when things get slow and guys start to walk they bend the rules. When you start raising prices to unaffordable levels people look elsewhere, I know that’s what I did. When prices began to creep up years ago I went out of my way to visit the other ranches. What I found was better prices and often better looking women. Had prices stayed reasonable (as they once were) I would have never thought of looking elsewhere. The ranches lose in the long run as men who normally would be happy sticking to one ranch or city now go elsewhere to party. Lets face it with almost 30 ranches to choose from prices will vary. It doesn’t take too much brains to see that making SOME money even if its less then you want is better then NO or little money. Ten guys a day at $150 is more then one guy if that at $300.

The real proof is that almost all of Nevada’s customer base is finding out about TJ and other places. TJ’s the hot ticket right now, its hard for a guy to go back to Nevada and pay $300 for what he can have for $60. Supply and demand is always the key.

Voted the BEST whore house in Nevada by a popular porn magazine MLBR usually has the best selection of beautiful women to choose from. Although the interior is not as slick as the Sagebrush, its adequate, clean and well kept. Then again, what’s more important, the women or the walls? Faces seem to change on a regular basis. The owner is certainly creative when it comes to attracting girls and business. From having Mr. Bobbit as a bar tender to now offering REAL porn stars.
Inside you’ll find a working fireplace, fully equipped bar, sex toys and selection of videos.

If I had to rate Reno and Carson for Ranches it would go this way.
1. Old Bridge Ranch
2. Sagebrush
3. Kit Kat (lowest cover all)
4. Kitty’s
5. Mustang Ranch now Wild Horse
6. Moonlight Bunny Ranch

A Former Moonlite Bunny Ranch Lady Tells Her Story
Apparently, things aren’t always glitz and glamor at the MLBR. Here’s a look at one lady’s reality, that you won’t see on Cathouse: It’s not by any means happy lala…there is major paranoia, concpiracy theory, stealing, lying, deceite and big time back stabbing fake shit… BUT the right group of girls can make a difference, MAX is a real bitch, in all ways RESPECTABLE, she doesn’t lie or pretend to like a person, she is honest and direct even when it sounds like an asshole, you get the raw truth. A real person…a few others are stand up bitches but the rest are nuts! I have had sooo much fun watching the scooby doo mysteries unfold.

By The Way Suzette, did you get all the “problem” girls that make no money…You see, APPARENTLY I did not make enough money to get the discretion and privacy that other “high bookers” get. I’m the problem huh, I do less shit than your bogus blondes…AFA and BB, washed up smacked out tweaked CAN’T GO anywhere else…FYI, Before I bounced…I pulled a broke lazy girl in a party…I thought she was real, she decides to rip the guy off…details FUCK EM…she rips the guy off pays off the cashier and tips me back 300 bucks…I DID NOT FUCKING KNOW she ripped him off til he was long gone and then the deed was done…I never broke and snitched that cunt out even though she was WRONG AND I NEVER would have done it or encouraged it BUT once its done my loyalty was with my girl…bitch gets caught up and tells we all did it, gets Michelle fired…the best manager that house had…and the heat gets on Melissa. I did not ever break and I fucking regret it!!! I should have told on that bitch when Suzette asked me but, MY BAD I was raised with the idea who I eat with and live with I am with…like a sister that can get in big trouble and I know she’s just fucked but I don’t want to see her fucked like that, the law is real… and she’s a poor poor story… I mean the money was taken by her gone done…I was never so square to go snitch the minute I hear something. I knew I was through with her ass. I don’t give a damn everyone is gonna know the TRUTH and public is best cause motha fuckers can’t lie… I am a STAND up BITCH! Damn proud…I can be an asshole too but I’m gonna tell the truth all the time EXCEPT TO MY PARENTS, MY BOSS and MY KID there is SOME people YOU MUST CHOOSE to NOT reveal intimate (for lack of better words) facts in one’s life. BUT FUCK that you chicken head cluckers AFA and BB can keep getting fucked by daddi and degraded so you can stay without providing good repeat clientele and consistency like I did!!! I am taking my credit I made good money but not six figures by far…but I provide EXCELLENT Companionship and PARTIES… I gave that wretched house great publicity and repeat clientele and great reviews!!! Where are those chics reviews…last I know I made bb her last few grand…and I got DISSED and shit on. I stuck up for you jack asses. Oh have I learned to think of MY BEST INTEREST ALL THE TIME !

BTW Dennis, Taylor whispered in my ear in line up bitch ass YEAH you7 Dennis BITCH ass! I responded like a thug bitch and said I will fuck you up…YEP I responded to her punk ass whisper in line up so smack me asshole like you said in the office!!! I’m not your hoe! I have no PIMP so this fuck face knows he can threaten me and THINKS I haven’t got people! Please I am from a large urban population, I know many many people if you had touched me I would have taken it that night and in my room make calls to get up out and press charges without the threat of being unjustly treated by the very friendly officers of that county!! REAL TALK computer junkies!!! That is the juice. Oh and Suz the reason there is no money there is not because we hookers are lazy and not working bitch I was up for hours every night no fucking bodies were coming through the door!!! WHY WORK in the day when ALANA AND BABY are doing line ups with their pussies hanging out!! I can’t and won’t COMPETE with that. So I switched to nights but you jack asses want to wake me up at 9am when I just went to bed!!! Saying girls on the floor!! Guys talk about over priced parties well it is the pressure that fucked up owners put on us to get the money…DENNIS told US if you don’t get tips we don’t want you…talk about pressure to do this legal we got to abide by some fucked up shit! But hey…IT was FUN. You can get a great party from beautiful women…I recommend Max for game woman, Donna a beautiful my first choice exotic brown bronze perfect everything…NOT cheap but worth every damn dime, the girl and her sis OH MY GOD Brunette Natural Bilingual KNOCK OUTS!!! Nicole gives genuine parties…she cares and APRIL my love Man You are my girl always You know me and FYI Gypsy and Ape…bb is NOT cool…April gives genuine parties…um Shyla a young lil freak hella sexy cool girl… quite a few other that are not on the computer or web site>

I don’t care what anyone thinks of my decision to make this drama public I am so fuck it! You wanted to blow up a quiet vacancy make a idiot out of me and Amiss no, that was not by any means a bottom for me. I can do anything I want and go to many other houses the bunny 1 has no more money anyways.

Haden Brook found Shot, stabbed and dead Nov 24th
This gal HERE
Coroner: HBO Reality Star Shot, Stabbed Multiple Times

OKLAHOMA CITY – A preliminary autopsy report for a cast member of the HBO show “Cathouse” states the woman received multiple gunshot, stabbing and slashing wounds, the state medical examiner’s office said.

A gunshot wound to the right temple was the probable cause of death for Brooke Phillips, 22, of Moore, the office said.
The report shows Phillips suffered a slit throat, a stab wound to her abdomen and gunshots to her left arm, left index finger and right leg and cuts to her hands and wrist.
The medical examiner’s report on Phillips’ body also described a petroleum odor, indicating some type of accelerant may have been poured on or around the woman’s body.
Another woman whose body was found in a burning Oklahoma City house on Nov. 9 received three gunshot wounds, the medical examiner said.
The probable cause of death for Millie Barrera, 22, of Mustang were gunshot wounds to the back and head, the office said.
Both women were pregnant.

Autopsy reports have not been made available for the other two victims, Casey Barrientos, 32, and his girlfriend, Jennifer Ermey, 25.
A former Marine has been charged with six counts of first-degree murder.
Prosecutors in Oklahoma charged David Allen Tyner on Friday with shooting, stabbing and then burning the bodies of Phillips and three others on Nov. 9.
Because 2 of the women were pregnant, two more murder counts were filed.
A police affidavit says a witness told police someone known as “Hooligan” argued with one of the victims before the shootings.

Investigators say “Hooligan” was later identified as Tyner.
An attorney for Tyner couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.
Tyner, 28, surrendered last week to the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office on a warrant that included six murder complaints.
Phillips had worked at the Moonlite BunnyRanch, a legal brothel near Carson City, Nev. that is featured in the HBO series.
Firefighters discovered the four bodies Nov. 9 in a burning home on the city’s southwest side.
Tyner was a two-time state champion wrestler from Salina who finished his high school career at Locust Grove, where he was a state runner-up his senior year in 2000, said Johnny Cook, Tyner’s wrestling coach at Locust Grove.
“This is just unbelievable,” Cook said. “He was as good a kid as you could find – a hardworking, passionate kid who’d give you the shirt off his back.”
After high school, Tyner wrestled at the University of Tennessee-Chatanooga and later joined the U.S. Marine Corps, Cook said.
After a stint in the military, Tyner became a cage fighter and compiled a 6-1 record as a mixed martial artist.
Jason Nicholson, a former fight promoter who described Tyner as “like a brother,” said Tyner was planning to fight in Kansas City next month.
“Knowing what he’s charged with shocks me the most,” Nicholson said.

Denis Hof is probably the biggest reason why Nevada paid sex is dying. He’s trying to squeeze the last customer from cable TV with his really sad and poorly done Cathouse. What a joke and most women in the business as well as customers know the show is nothing like reality. Neither are the prices they quote. Its obvious Denis is one sick puppy that thinks he’s some sort of pimp daddy that’s popular with the girls. When in reality he’s a fat, ugly bald headed guy who was in the right place at the wrong time. He’s like any other loser with money. He’ll never find a gal who really wants him for who he really is. One of these days Karma will come looking for Denis the loser.

Hey gents, have you ever found yourself jealous of Captain James T. Kirk and his, …er intergalactic conquests? Do you longingly watch Jabba the Hutt’s dancing slave (her name is Oola, if you’re interested) and wonder, what if? Do you long to go where no man has gone before? Well, once a new sci-fi brothel opens in Nevada, you can.

Nevada is the only state that allows legal prostitution, and there are two dozen licensed brothels in the state, but none are sci fi-themed, yet. Nevada businessman and documentary star Dennis Hof just bought a run-down brothel 90 miles from Las Vegas and is planning on turning it into his newest business venture: Alien Cathouse. The brothel will feature girls from around the galaxy for men willing to pay. Hof’s interplanetary vision doesn’t end at the cathouse door, though. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, he is looking to transform not only the brothel, but the entire plot of land into an Area 51-themed tourist destination. Fun for the whole family — though perhaps not.

Hof is an expert in building buzzworthy brothels – his Moonlite Bunny Ranch is the setting for the HBO reality show called Cathouse — but when it comes to dreaming up sexy alien girls, he needs a little assistance. The Las Vegas Review-Journal explains that as Hof crafts his out-of-this-world bordello filled with girls from other planets, he is getting some help from one one of earth’s experts, the infamous madam Heidi Fleiss. “She’s the chief alien design queen,” Hof told the paper. The old friends are working together to plan the costumes and decor for the sci fi-themed brothel and are hoping to open their doors in a month. Start planning your intergalactic travel plans now, guys.
Read more:

Denis Hof


Inside Nevada’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

The women of Nevada’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel are both sex workers and master negotiators.

Come for the sex, stay for the negotiating skills: At Nevada’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch, success depends less on beauty and more on a woman’s skill at asking for what she deserves.

Unlike most industries, many legal sex workers in legal prostitution are paid more than their illegal counterparts. The price difference is in part due to the negotiation, which creates an opportunity for price discrimination (charging more to customers willing to pay). The brothels are legal, but listing prices are not. Negotiation skills are mandatory for these women.

The brothel has something of an employee manual that contains tips and instructions on how to negotiate. The Bunny Bible was written by Dennis Hof and his COO, Suzette Cole.


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