Playmate Ranch

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Playmate Ranch
West side of Highway 95, south of Mina
(775) 573 2425
Free softdrinks, beer, and coffee. No hard liquor served.
ATM ($5 surcharge), credit cards (Visa and MasterCard, no surcharge)
Web Site


Contrary to what has been posted elsewhere on the Internet, “Jerry” does not own both the Playmate and the Wild Kat Ranches. Jerry only owns the Wild Kat Ranch. “Bill” owns the Playmate Ranch.

The Playmate Ranch is only house in Nevada that offers a 60-40 split to the ladies as a matter of course. Soft drinks, beer, and coffee are all free for customers.

The Playmate Ranch is still expanding. There are two climate-controlled VIP rooms, each 60 feet long, in the works, with separate entries and Greek-style bathing pools.

There were two ladies on staff during our visit, with three more expected to arrive following the New Years’ holidays. The house minimum looks to be $100, time and activities subject to negotiation.

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