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21orover CLOSED

Also known as Pussycat Saloon or Pussycat Brothel built in 1839 as a saloon now closed and demolished.

Pussycat Ranch
35 Riverside Street
Winnemucca, NV 89445
(775) 623-4999
Web Site

The Pussy Cat Ranch is now open 24/7. There’s now a separate room off of the bar for negotiations and a remodeled VIP room.

The PussyCat Ranch dates back to the 1800’s. It’s said to the oldest brothel in Nevada. We try to keep that old west theme here, From the rustic bar to our wooden floors. Don’t let that fool you, We have some of the hottest and sexiest cowgirls here at the PussyCat Ranch just waiting to help you with your needs. Pussycat Ranch is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Since 1986, when mandatory testing began, not a single brothel prostitute has ever tested positive for HIV. The mandatory condom law was passed in 1988.

A study conducted 1995 in two brothels found that condom use in the brothels is consistent and sexually transmitted diseases are accordingly absent. The study also found that few of the prostitutes use condoms in their private lives.

Come in let the lady of your choice tell you about her prices and services it’s free. She will explain her different parties and the prices for each

Different ladies have different parties, prices and personalities. Feel free to take a tour with more than one lady, whether it’s in the same house or other house one the line. You’re sure to find something that will work for you

We have plenty of truck parking in our huge parking lot, just behind the PussyCat. Yes even overnight for the truckers, We even give wake up calls. A lot of room for those big rigs to turn around in. Free coffee and showers to all truckers. Channel 19 on the C. B. radio call us on your way in.


pussy cat saloon Winnemucca Nevada Ranch tamara

Summer 2001 Update:
The Cozy Corner completed its remodeling and reopened in October 2000. Simone de Paris reopened in July 2001. The Winnemucca houses offer free showers and coffe to truckers. The parking area has space for about 80 trucks.

Summer 2000 Information:

Winnemucca’s brothel district is know as, ‘The Line’. The Line is located in what was downtown Winnemucca, a block from the True Value Hardware store and behind the Value-Inn Motel, unlike the Carson City and Reno area brothels which are located away from populated areas next to automobile junk yards. There are no gates to be buzzed through, but the Line is in a fenced in, cul-de-sac area with only one entrance. Each of the individual brothels looks like a smallish ‘house’ from the 20’s or 30’s. With the exception of the Pussycat Saloon, which looks like it’s namesake, a saloon, it was the largest brothel until the Villa Joy added on the Paradise Cafe, the other four ‘houses’ are pretty small. Most of the bar-parlors are the size of a small living room, with a capacity for about a dozen people.

In the common ‘courtyard-parking lot’, each of the houses has picture windows that the ladies can look out of and prospective customers can look into. The Pussycat Saloon is on one side of the courtyard. Three of the houses are on the other side, with the fourth house, Penny’s Corner Bar, anchoring the end. A quick scan from the courtyard area into the parlor windows, will let the customer see which ladies interests him, before entering. The exception is the Villa Joy, which was remodeled and only has a small window. The customer has to actually go in to check out the action within. The Paradise Cafe, a strip club, which is attached to the Villa Joy has it’s own entrance, but unless it’s really busy, the door is locked and entry must be made through the Villa Joy.

Currently, Penny’s Corner Bar is being remodeled and I was told new wiring and other safety code improvements were being made. It has the ‘communal’ hot tub room, which is surprisingly nice, when it is available for use. I don’t know if it’s true, but I was told that all the houses are owned by a single entity, but each house has a co-owner who actually manages or runs their house. That’s why the ladies can take their customers to the other house’s communal hot tub or Jacuzzi.

The first house I go into is the Pussycat Saloon. It’s laid out like an olde tyme cowboy bar you’d see in a western movie. The long wood bar is aged and weathered from what looks like a century of use. According to the photocopied house menus they have scattered on the bar top, the Pussycat Saloon has been around since 1869, looking around, I can believe it.

There’s a recently installed ‘stage’ of sorts, it’s a small raised area by the front window with what looks like a one inch galvanized water pipe crudely attached to the stage floor and the ceiling. I’ve seen the ladies spinning on it and watched the lateral deflection when they put their full weight on this jerry-rigged pole. I’m convinced that it’s going to shear from the mounts some day and the centrifugal force, will send the gal hanging onto it, into the parlor or out the window. There are two round poker tables with chairs around them. A low partition separates the bar from the back, non-customer area, which leads to the kitchen. When the girls are there, they can sit and relax and eat, that means they’re not available. But they still can watch the parlor and come back on duty if they see a potential customer they’d like to hook up with.

When I walked in, the bartender (all the bartenders in the houses are women), announces, “OK ladies let’s lineup”. I sputter that it’s not necessary; I can see the four available ladies without a line-up. She tells me that it’s customary to introduce the ladies. The four ladies dutifully line up. There are two blondes, a cheerful attractive, black woman and a Hispanic looking woman. The lineups in my limited experience over the last two years (total of four visits) have been hit or miss. Just as a general rule the ladies that I’ve found working in the Winnemucca houses have been more ‘mature’ than the ladies in the Reno-Carson City Houses. I decide to leave the Pussycat Saloon and wander across to the Simone De Paris.

Simone’s De Paris is pretty representative of the other houses. Its main claim to fame is that it has the only available Jacuzzi room in the Line. Their parlor is kinda _] shaped, with room for about a dozen people. Last week, they had four ladies available. A pretty young twenty something, rubenesque, ‘redhead’ named Angel. There was also a petite black lady named Coco and another more ‘mature’ lady who said she was a redhead over the CB Radio (I would have just called it brownish colored…) and another ‘mature’ lady who said she was part Amerasian. She had some exotic name that is hard to remember…so I didn’t. But she was hella’ kewl to talk to…all these ladies were. This lady told me she has a low paying, ‘straight’ job and supplemented her income as a working girl by putting in 4 to 5 hour shifts a couple times a week. Angel the redhead was doing her best to entice truckers on the CB Radio, which is a fixture in all the houses. Some trucker was asking if there were any Asian ladies in any of the houses who did anal. He sounded like a butthead, so the girls sassed him. Over the CB another gal was casting her verbal lure to the truckers; she was funny and sassy. “Come on in to the Paradise Cafe boys. We got free hot showers. Free hot coffee. Some reaally H-O-W-T-T-T ladies, and COLD beer. We’ve got a parking lot to park your truck overnight and a place to put your big rig too…ohhhh!” (Then she gave the directions from the interstate on how to get there). Like a moth going to a flame, I got my ass up and went next door to meet this sassy lady. I asked who that was on the CB radio. Angel looked up and said, that’s Desiree next door.

When I finally visit and get the full Villa Joy- Club Paradise experience, I decide that it’s the Best L’il Whorehouse in Nevada. OK, OK…pretty strong opinion, huh? So you’re asking, why do you think it’s the Best Damn L’il Whorehouse in Nevada?

My normal stomping grounds are the Carson City houses, with the Sagebrush being my favorite house to ‘hang out’ in (nice ‘classy’ upscale, gentleman’s club furnishings, clean comfortable atmosphere, lots of room in the parlor for a quiet tete-a-tete with the lady of your choice to see if you want to tete-a-tits in her room). But to tell the truth, if I’ve found a lady you really connect with on a regular basis, then the house really doesn’t matter. Mustang II, and Kitty’s have been houses I’ve hung out at on a regular basis too, so to paraphrase a political cliché, “It’s the lady, stupid”. I’ve never been to any other houses in Nevada, other than the ones in Winnemucca and to tell the truth, don’t care if I do or not. From what I’ve heard, the southern Nevada houses, where one has to pick from a line-up, don’t hold any appeal to me. I’ve got my brothel groove going for me in Moundhouse, they’re the closest to home and you can talk to the lady before making your choice.

The Villa Joy, in comparison to places like, the OBR, Kitty’s or even the Moonlite, is itty-bitty. The “parlor-bar” (it’s more bar than parlor) area, might hold about a dozen people before you have to worry about your deodorant…or theirs. There are 8-9 barstools and a loveseat for seating in the ‘main’ area. From the bar to the front door is about 8-10 feet and the length of the room is about 15-18 feet. So we’re talking small here. But…they’ve added a looong rectangular addition to the house, to what used to be a vacant lot, that’s why the Villa Joy was closed for two years. They call this the Paradise Cafe. This is what makes the Villa Joy, the Best L’il Damn Whorehouse in Nevada.

The Paradise Cafe is about the same width as the Villa Joy’s bar area, but it’s three or four times as long, you gotta pay a $ 5.00 cover charge to get in, and they only open up for biz when there are at least three paying customers, otherwise you have to sit in the bar until two other guys want to see the show. The front portion has an adult ‘toy store’ with an assortment of dildos, vibrators, condoms, etc. for sale, a few feet away, there’s a small rack of XXX videos for sale. Nothing new so far right, most of the houses have the same?

Here’s the great part about the Paradise…it’s also a Strip Club complete with a DJ hosting the show. There are two available stages for the girls, a primary stage and a smaller stage, (remember it’s a small space to begin with, so you get to be up close and personal with the dancers on both stages). Up front, next to the toy store is a ‘private’ curtained booth is set up for personal lap dances and in the back of this long room, behind the main stage is a VIP booth area. That’s what makes this is the BEST Damn L’il Whorehouse in Nevada.

Close your eyes and picture this:

This beautiful, oh so hot, uninhibited babe with long, shapely, firm legs, luxurious, thick, hair down to her cute tight butt, is taking off her clothes, showing you ALL her goodies (yup…the more dead presidents you throw out there as an incentive, the more comes off, until they’re TOTALLY nude), everyone is going crazy in the place, they’re competing with each other, tossing and throwing out more bills so this beautiful naked babe will give them some really close up and personal TLC. The lady is teasing, tantalizing, undulating, for her, this isn’t dancing, this is foreplay, she’s got the moves and she knows how to use them. She’s seducing YOU, she’s looking into your eyes, giving YOU, personal smoldering looks, slowly licking and wetting her full lips with her flickering naughty tongue, and you’re seeing EVERYTHING she has to offer.


Unlike a regular strip club…all show and no go. You can signal that you want a personal mattress dance with the lady…and she’ll cum right off the stage and you two can go to her room. Oh yeah, you’ll have a bunch of pissed off horny guys, but hey, they snooze and they lose – money talks, bull shit walks in this place.

But not to worry, this place has got you covered if you’re a regular Joe Six Pack kinda guy and don’t get paid til next week and can only toss out Washingtons, you still get to play with all the other guys and see a good show that you can mammarize and jack off to later in your room.

If you have $ 30 or $50 to spend and want a lot more private TLC. You can ask the lady for a private lap dance in the curtained booth. The up-front asking fee is $ 30 for topless and $ 50 for a totally nude dance.

The lady that I heard on the CB radio, and meet in the Villa Joy, Desiree laughingly gave me the ‘rules’ when she gave me a tour…”You can touch my ass and legs, but you have to keep your tongue in your mouth and your pecker in your pants.”…the private lap dance booth has a comfortable chair with a sturdy table on both sides. When the girl stands on the table, her legs are parted and you’re looking directly into heaven on earth, and yes, Desiree, who’s shaved and very proud of her pouty, pink, pleasure petals (and rightly so)…parts them so you can see her moist, glistening distended clit, which is a mere tongue flick away.

Not all the girls who dance are working girls, they have girls who only have a dance card and no working girl card. After all, someone has to keep the rest of the guys entertained when someone snatches the prized snatch off the stage. The week I was there, the dancer was a sweet, petite little blonde hard body named Rain, and yes she could dance, and yes if she’d had a working girls card she’d have been a very popular number. Even though she wasn’t a working girl, Rain had quite a few adoring fans who didn’t care that she wasn’t available for other than a dance, and came just to see her. There was another dancer-cum-working girl there, a blonde named Jewell. Let’s just say, she obviously lacked the prerequisite ‘enthusiasm’ to seduce guys from the stage or parlor with her listless performance, who might have found her otherwise attractive. There weren’t many takers for a private lap dance for her, nor were there many takers for a private mattress dance with her.

OK, what else about the house made it the Best L’il Whorehouse in Nevada? Well, I think it was the attitude of the manager, Mike. Desiree told me that he’d planned on ‘expanding’ the menu for the Paradise Cafe. They were in the process of putting in a cafe for food and drinks. They planned to have ‘fun’ activities planned for different nights of the week. Examples being;

Whipped Cream Races- two lines of whipped cream are sprayed on a naked lady and the guys have to ‘race’ each other in tonguing and lapping their way to victory. The winner gets a private lap dance…the other got to lick and tongue whipped cream off of a naked women, so there are no losers, just hosers.

Latex Parties – A lady is painted with a type of latex paint and the guys find out how a-peeling she is when they use their fingers to strip off the paint.

Amateur Strip Night – They have one night where the stage of the Paradise Club is opened to any girls who want to try stripping. The gals get to keep any tips they are given.

I was told that Mike, the proprietor of Villa Joy is pickier than the other brothel owners as to who he hires to work in his house, they have to be relatively attractive…after all, they’re going to be, dancer-working girls. Unfortunately, he has a problem attracting Desiree class women to Winnemucca (Desiree has only been a working girl since last November…and this has been the only experience she’s ever had.)

So that’s my reason for stating that the Villa Joy is the Best Damn L’il Whorehouse in Nevada. If Mike gets even one or two more hardworking gals like Desiree…he’s going to do very well, and the other houses if they don’t now, get a clue and change the way they do biz.

Field Reporter Dopey

Today the Pussy Cat is just a vacant lot


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