Sheri’s Ranch

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Sheri’s Ranch
10551 Homestead Road
Pahrump, NV 89041
Tel 702 387-0500
Tel 775 751-5111
Tel 866 820-9100 Toll Free
Warren Limp Driver 702 524-5537
Web Site


Go to Interstate 15 heading south, take exit 33, Blue Diamond Road, Hwy. 160. Heading west you will stay on this road for about 35 minutes. Turn Left on Manse Road. Take to 2nd stop sign which will be Homestead Road. Turn left on Homestead Road. The Resort and Spa at Sheri’s Ranch is the last property on your left.

Located next door to the Chicken Ranch Sheri’s Ranch looks a bit more upscale and usually you would think you would have to spend more. I’ve partied for as little as $120 for full service. That was for 20 minutes to be fair. You may remember a photo of Lonnie I posted a while back. She’s still working but was on vacation during this visit. I did meet a very attractive Latino babe (Latino’s seem to be rare in Nevada), she wanted $300 for full service for the hour. I did not counter her offer, she claimed we could do several positions and take our time. I would have taken her up but I had already used up my resources (not funds). She was from the LA area and very attractive with a great attitude. Sheri’s looked pretty dead and according to the Madam not a single gal was working. It was the late afternoon around 6pm on a Thursday.

They’ve made some improvements which include opening the bar area to the lounge where the lineups take place. From my many visits Sheri’s seems to always be dead, the ole CR next door usually has the crowd.

Pahrump, Nevada, has more than just one brothel. It’s a village of brothels, and they are even legal, administrated from the local sheriff’s office. Active prostitutes are examined weekly for common venereal diseases and monthly for aids. Nevada hasn’t had even one case of a legal prostitute with aids since the state government started demanding blood tests in 1985. It is the safest and healthiest form of paid sex in the world. It is not expensive to rent a car in California but remember to fill up the gas tank before leaving Las Vegas or Los Angeles to drive into the desert. The Nevada desert is not a nice place to run out of gasoline. But the desert landscape is fantastic to look at. Pahrump is about 100 miles (circa 160 km) from Las Vegas. Many take the trip. – I chose Sheri’s Ranch because there was a piano and because I took a liking to Robert, the lean pimp who is 63 but looks like 50. Of the girls there I’d say: there were ten of them, eight of them came from the countryside. None of them very pretty, but they were all young and full-bodied. The bartender who is also the bouncer is a friendly guy who appreciates a good talk. Even if Pahrump is a small place in the middle of the Nevada desert you’ll find first hand gossip from all over the world here. The bartender at Sheri’s Ranch is a good listener, and he meets men from all of the United States and most of the globe when they drink their way to courage before and after meeting the girls. The booze was good, the piano in tune, and the girls were not just willing but also disease free and delicately perfumed. Sheri’s Ranch is really a convenient place to spend 1000 dollars. No lice in the linen, no dirt in the bubble bath, everything is ready for a sex-tourist like you or me. Sheri’s Ranch was not the first whorehouse I visited in Pahrump. The place is part of the more expensive class of brothels in this sun-bleached desert valley where the people pretend to live off agriculture. And, yes, there are some farms here with cattle and a few hogs but every second farm has been changed into a brothel. Robert the brothel owner is a bone thing, sinewy, strong man who has seen quite a lot of the world as a sailor and adventurer. He has accepted his fate as brothel proprietor in Pahrump. He says: “Prostitution is legal in all counties in Nevada, excepting towns with more than 250.000 inhabitants. So it is illegal in Reno, but legal in Las Vegas. There are 36 brothels in Nevada, and ours is closest to Vegas.” How come prostitution has always been legal in Nevada? “The politicians just never made any law against it. Why prohibit it when there’s prostitution all over USA anyways? That’s double moral standards.” Where do the girls come from? “From all parts of the USA. But they must be 21. They do not sign any contract. Still they get paid every day according to how much they have worked. On top of that they get a percentage of the turnover. And we have both white and black girls. I take whatever shows up. They usually stay one or two weeks, and then they pass on. But if they make good money here they usually come back.” How old is Sheri’s Ranch? “We have been here since 1987, but the place has functioned as a brothel for 43 years.” Are the girls checked by a medical doctor? “Yes, every 6th day, and the clients are requested to use a condom.” How about the prices? “They are pretty much the same everywhere. It depends on the girl and what you ask her to do for you. It also depends on the tip she gets. In the end she’s the one who decides the price since she is not on any contract. I don’t have a say concerning this, and I don’t want to get involved. The client negotiates directly with the girl.” Then, how do you know how much money you’re supposed to have, and what about the Mafia? “I trust the girls, hah hah…! And I must deny all rumours that the Mafia runs the brothels in Nevada. They are run by individual enterprising men.” “The health authorities say the girls can’t leave the state as long as they work here. Otherwise we don’t know what they are doing and where. Of course they can leave any time they want, but they will have to take another medical check-up and wait for the result.” “We have between eight and thirteen girls, depending in the season. In the summertime there are customers from seven in the evening till seven in the morning because the days are so hot. But the place open round the clock.”

Ex-Cop Has Big Plans for Nevada Brothel
Hopes to Expand, Remodel Bordello Into a Ritzy ‘Gentleman’s Club’

LAS VEGAS ( — A former homicide detective and one-time candidate for sheriff plans to transform a house of prostitution in the Nevada Desert into the “Bellagio of cathouses.”

Chuck Lee, a 30-year veteran with the Las Vegas and Chicago police departments, recently finalized the sale of Sheri’s Ranch, a legal Nye County brothel that sits on 310 acres and is furnished with a private airstrip for clients.

The 64-year-old former detective also ran for Clark County sheriff in 1998, but came in third.
Prostitution is legal in counties in Nevada with populations of less than 200,000.

Lee told that he planned to rebuild the brothel, which opened in 1982, but that he was “taking it a step at a time.”
“We have to get the license approved first,” he said.
Lee said he intended to remain working as general manager of the bordello, a position he has held for about 11 months.

He said the existing brothel would remain in operation while a new one is built behind it. The brothel sits on the outskirts of the town of Pahrump, about 65 miles southwest of Las Vegas, and has a 3,200-foot runway on the property for clientele using private planes.
The bordello started out as a small mobile home with two stick-frame wings added in 1989, an employee said.

Beauty salon, riding stables
Ray Slaughter, a former polygraph expert and current manager at Sheri’s Ranch, described the proposed brothel as “the Bellagio of cathouses,” referring to the five-star hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

“It’s going to have a beauty salon for the girls, and tennis courts, riding stables, a restaurant and overnight facilities for the men — more of a gentlemen’s club,” Slaughter said.

The brothel will also be renamed the Stallion Ranch, he said.
Sheri’s is one of seven brothels in southern Nevada and one of two in Nye County. It has a house capacity of 14 working prostitutes. The new brothel license will allow for “25 girls,” Slaughter said.

Cost undisclosed
Lee and partner Dave Franks purchased the brothel from owner James Miltenberger for an undisclosed price. While the sale has been finalized, it is still contingent upon license approval, Lee said.

He acknowledged that the cost was “in the millions,” but said: “I’d rather that information come from the former owner.”
Miltenberger was out of town and unavailable for comment. According to a Sheri’s employee who declined to be named, a February 1999 offer of $7 million by a real-estate agent was turned down in writing by Miltenberger.

According to a Nye County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman, Lee’s application for an owner’s license for Sheri’s was received a week ago.
Brothel licensees undergo extensive background checks, which a sheriff’s spokeswoman said was currently under way for Lee. But Lee said he did not foresee any problems and expected the matter to go before commissioners “before the end of the year.”

Former madam writes book
Lee worked as an investigator for the Clark County District Attorney’s Office after retiring from the Las Vegas Police Department in 1983 after 15 years. In 1991, he bought what has been reported as a “sizable chunk” of a car dealership. He sold his share in late 1998 and went to work at Sheri’s a few months later.

Sheri’s Ranch was featured in a 1998 book titled Madam: Chronicles of a Nevada Cathouse, penned by former madam Lora Shaner, who takes the reader behind the scenes and into the parlor and bedrooms of the brothel

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