Sue’s Fantasy Club

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Elko Nevada Brothel Map

Sue’s Fantasy Club
173 South Third Street
Elko, NV 89801
Tel 775 738-9962

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Sue’s Fantasy Ranch is by far the nicest of the Elko brothels. The interior matches the exterior. It looks like it’s been recently remodeled, with new furnishings and a very well stocked bar. It looks like they were going for a gentlemans ‘club’ atmosphere. The bar seats around 10 people. They have a mirrored dance floor with a brass pole off to the right side. It has two café tables with two chairs each on the edge of the stage. The bartender told me that if the gentleman would like a lady to dance for him, it’d cost $ 25.00. There were a couple more small two seater café tables and chairs along the walls for the guys to have get acquainted chats with the ladies.

To the right of the bar was a small multicolored neon bulletin board. The ladies names and their schedules are written on it. When I asked about the available ladies, the bartender pulled out a little photo album to show me snapshots of the ladies. Each lady had at least a couple of pictures so you could get a good idea of what she looked like. The bartender said shifts were staggered to maximize their available resources.

I dunno why it struck me funny, when I saw them. Behind the bar were a row of electronic digital timers with a name placard for each working girl, instead of the usual mechanical wind-up kitchen egg timers that are universally used by the brothels to time the parties. The bartender explained to me, they were more accurate than the spring wind-up timers, so the gentleman didn’t get shorted on time. Nice touch. Tempus fugit, when you’re having fun.

Field Reporter, Dopey

Mo-Sa: 3 PM – 4 AM
Sunday: 6 PM – 2 AM

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