CLOSED Villa Joy

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21orover CLOSED

The Villa Joy
30 Riverside Street
Winnemucca, NV 89445
Tel 775 623-9903
Web Site

Villa of Joy
Penny’s Cozy Corner
and 2 other Brothels

All seem to have NEW talent willing to work deals starting at $50. Actually some pretty good looking gals. One who used to work at MLBR and appeared in Hustler magazines article. Apparently she did not care to have her photo appear in a national magazine as her face is clearly visable.
They are also on the internet.

This place is truely a hit and miss as my last visit a week ago yielded no results. Not even one girl out of all the clubs was decent enough to do. The most action was at the club which doubles as a strip club where the girls take turns at the pole. You can tell they’re a bit more hard up for business as their is much more pressure from the women at all the clubs to go to the room. Appearance wise women were far below the average in the looks department. Victoria who I had an excellent time with a few months back was nowhere to be found.

Was the largest brothel in Winnemucca with a strip club called the Paradise Cafe

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