Wild Horse Adult Resort and Spa

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Wild Horse Adult Resort and Spa
1000 Wild Horse Canyon Drive
Off Waltham Way, Patrick, NV
Tel 775 343-1224
44 rooms, sports bar, swimming pool, jacuzzi and saunas, 6 bungalows.
Opened on June 7th 2002
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Take I80 East out of Reno past the Old Bridge Ranch which is on exit 23 to the Patrick Exit 28 (about 13 Miles from Reno). Go right at the stop sign (NV655) south, go straight, don’t turn, go past the cattle guard and dirt road. Cross the bridge over the Truckee River. Continue to the intersection, Turn right go to the railroad tracks, after the tracks bear right onto the freshly paved road (Wild Horse Canyon Road)continue past the (no Outlet sign) up Box Canyon to the Ranch.

House Minimums
Was checking out the Wild Horse Chat room the other day and noticed some postings that appear to be typical of many higher priced Nevada brothels. The subject of talking prices, or house minimums. One gal stated that each gal has her own. Well the truth is a “House Minimum” is the price the “House” sets not the gal. Many houses state this if you ask the madame or person working the bar. They range from $150 at places like Carson City to Pahrump to as low as $100 at the Shady Lady along the I-95. The fact is “prices” can be discussed, they are in fact online at this moment at the Shady Lady Web Site. Which clearly NOT at the house nor in the room are publicly posted.

Menu Prices
Basic Service Menu Prices
20 minutes $100.00

More Then Basic Service Prices
One hour $300.00
Two hours $500.00

*Basic Service is a half and half.

This proves that fact that many women will LIE to try and deceive the customer. The scam is to get you into the room, try to get you excited, pressure you etc. kinda like a car salesman pitching a high priced car. Thus most of the women at the Wild Horse are out to overcharge you for what can be found at a fair rate at other clubs.

This practice is common at Carson City, Sparks, Pahrump and Crystal Springs Brothels. In fact they all have “House Minimums” that are usually about $150 but most of these houses don’t hold the ladie to it and allow the ladie to refuse for other reasons. It’s all a scam to raise prices.

There IS NOT LAW stating “Prices” can only be discussed in the room, any woman that tells you that is a bullshit artist and should be avoided.

This sort of stuff is why LEGAL prostitution in the US is not the No. 1 stop for men. Mexico, Canada, Europe, Asia and South America make more sense. For some of the rates these over priced ladies charge you can fly round trip, business class to other countries and still have money left
over to party and pay room and board.

Sheri’s Ranch
Typical car salesman scheme Brothel posted this to their site:

Ladies at Sheri’s Ranch are Independent Contractors who set and negotiate their own prices and activities. All prices are agreed upon through negotiation on the property with one of the ladies. They cannot give exact prices over the phone or the internet. Via email or telephone with the a ladie, give them an idea of what you would like to spend and which activities you might be interested in and they can tell you if you are in the ballpark.

Posted on Sunday, June 19, 2005 – 10:42 pm:

The most expensive price quote I had was from this girl named Carrera! She was hot but not for $5000 an hour or $1500 for 20 minutes! Blonde hair, a real looker, real boobs, nice butt but was too expensive for my budget!

The next day, I was approached but a chubby Monica Lewinsky look-alike called Debbie from South Dakota. She kept saying how she likes New York and she hopes to visit some of the sites. She layed on so much B.S. that you could smell it a mile away! When asked pricing, she was willing to give me half and half for $200 a half hour (which I tried to walk away). She even ordered a Long Island Ice Tea and tried to tab it on me! When I refused to pay for the drink, she got real angry and said she hates New Yorkers and that she would have taken me for $200 but is glad she didn’t because she didn’t want to get dirty with my dick! The only thing I have good to say about that day in the Wild Horse(June 15th) was that the bartender was cool enough to let the whole drink thing go.

Instead, the brothel’s public restaurant, called the Mustang Ranch Lounge, offers a menu (breakfast, lunch, dinner) that runs to more than 60 dishes, from biscuits and gravy to burgers with ghost chili accents to horseradish-spiked halibut with spring asparagus.

If you didn’t know otherwise, the Mustang Ranch menu could be from any American restaurant geared toward a mainstream audience, a place trying to mix comfort food, a few culinary trends and moments of fine dining.

Mustang Ranch, the state’s largest brothel, lies in the arid hills of Storey County, one of 11 Nevada counties to allow legal brothels. According to the Nevada Brothel Association, 19 such brothels currently operate in the state.

Lance Gilman, who also is a Storey County commissioner, bought Mustang Ranch in 1999 after founder Joe Conforte forfeited the property to the U.S. government following his conviction on racketeering, tax evasion and other charges.

In keeping with this approach, a matter-of-fact ethos informs the the ranch, from the public menu, which eschews easy double-entendres, to the brothel, whose working women straightorwardly describe features like the negotiation room, where fees are settled upon (elsewhere, that would be soliciting), or the examination room, where customers are inspected for disqualifying medical conditions.

Wildhorse Ranch and Spa Reno Nevada

Famed Mustang Ranch brothel east of Reno wants you to drop by — for a meal


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