CLOSED Wild West Saloon (formerly Cozy Corner)

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21orover CLOSED

Wild West Saloon (formerly Cozy Corner)
50 Riverside Street
NV 89445-3054
Tel.: (775) 623-4999
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54 Miles WEST of Battle Mountain
125 Miles WEST of Elko
166 Miles EAST of Reno
75 Miles SOUTH of McDermitt (Border Oregon)
304 Miles NORTH of Tonopah

Once named “Penny’s Cozy Corner” this two story complex appears to be the largest of the group. Talent ranges from ultra hot “Victora” of Moon Light Bunny Ranch fame. Who asks for a minimum of $200 for 30 minutes to some very odd looking gals with $60+ prices.

Up the small stairway to the glass paneled front door no buzzer or bell is required here. Once inside straight ahead of you are some couches where the women lounge. To the right is the bar, past the bar is one entry to the rear area. To the far right of the bar is the men’s room. In between the bar and the men’s room and the bar is a hallway that leads back to the rooms. There is a stairwell on the left side down the hallway which leads to the upstairs level rooms. The right hallway (on the left side of the bar) leads back to the larger VIP room complete with jacuzzi. There is also a stairway to the stars next to the couches as you enter.

Both sides of the Winnemucca complex have ample parking for trucks, there’s a strip of parking spaces for autos down the center of the “line”.
This place tends to be a gamble with the occasional gem to the hard core scary types. Owned by the the “Pussy Cat Family” of brothels.
Pussy Cat Ranch, Simone De Paris and Villa Joy.

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