Daytona Beach

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Not a glitzy club by any means, but the cheapest strip club in Daytona Beach Holly Hill on US1. Admission: $3 after 7 PM, Beer: $3 bottle, Girls ask $10 / Lap Dance, but *never* refuse to give 2 Dances for $10. They have VIP rooms but a lap dance in a dark corner is just as good. Though some girls would have me sit on my hands, others enjoy a completely buried finger, if you get my drift

Street Scene
You can find them on A1A between Orange Ave and Seebreeze. You can also find some action over the causeway on Ridgewood Avenue. Ridgewood is the best pick up place, for around 15 miles from mason all the way down Ryan’s steak house there are a lot of girls, each one has its own spot so you cannot miss them.

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