North Carolina

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Illusions exotic dancing (Hwy258N)!! Great place. I have been several times, seen a few ladies but Anita is incredible. Fist off this is not a place to get Full service but it is still fun. Anita is a drop dead gorgeous Hispanic lady, incredible body, ass and tits to die for. Her nipples, well when they get hard they could take an eye out. Some girls don’t let you touch, but once Anita gotto know me we had plenty of fun. Stopped by other places on the highway and you see mostly horrible looking girls,, 1-4’s at Illusions it is 6-8 with an occasional 9.

Also stopped by a place a little further down the road, Passions or playmates something like that. Selected a girl named Zoe. she was about a 6. but nice large tits. Could’ve done oral on her but decided against it. Instead got a scorching titwank and left it at that.

Rocky Mt. NC There are 3 places in Rocky Mt. NC right off hwy 301 S.I have been to all 3 at least once, but my favorite is ULC/ A Touch With Klass which is right behind a no-tell-motel called Carolina Inn and the best out of the 3. It is the cleanest, has the best looking ladies, ladies do not rush you or beg for tips, has the most to offer at the best price. So now on with my report.

ULC/ATWK Private 1 on 1 sessions which range from $25/10 minutes dressed to $100/hour nude with touching and extras offered for an extra donation. Relief offer FREE on every session with hand. They have 4 regular sessions that never change that start at $50 for 20 min. Topless to the nude hour for $100 with touching allowed. 4 specials from $25/10 min. dressed to nude for $35 for 10 minutes, a 10 minute shower for $55 with you and the lady in the shower and she washes you. The specials do change from time to time so checking the website will let you know what they are at the time you are going plus check out the ladies and the calendar to see who is there on what day and time.They have 5 session rooms, 4 are nice and big 1 is rather small it is the shower room right next to the shower. They offer FREE showers to truckers before or after the session or you can take 1 with the lady. Open 7 days a week Mon-Sat 10am – 1am, Sunday 12pm to 1am. Private parking. 2 to 4 ladies everyday, you get your choice of ladies. Ladies range in looks from 6 and up most of the time. A few of the ladies have been there for years. No FS but extras are offered on the bigger sessions for some extra cash, such as fetishes, spanking, daty, Russian, toy play, foot worship, and other things cant remember them all they have a list in the rooms. One of the reasons I like this place so much is the fact that the ladies DO NOT RUSH you or watch the clock. A nice friendly clean place to have some fun. When I go most of the time I see a very sexy lady named DENISE (38-D’s), get the hour for $100/touching and HJ ending. I do give her an extra $60 most times I get the titty fu*k or DATY always very nice and seems to enjoy our time together. Denise is great with her hands nice and slow and easy. A must see if you are in Rocky Mt… I am going to post some pics from here if I can.

Now on to the other places Debbie’s Erotic Dance only been here once and wont go back. Small building looks run down from the outside. Once inside it is very dark with black lights, I only remember a few of the sessions which was $40/20 dressed to $100/nude, the time I went I got the $100, the only lady there was Candy which was a BIG girl,(not really into big girls) but she said the other girl was busy, so I said ok. Took me to the room and told me to get undressed. Did, it took her about 10 minutes to get back to me. When she came in she started undressing and at the same time she told me “”The more you TIP the more FUN we can have” So I ask her how much tip for FS? she cussed me out, instead of just saying No. which I thought was very rude. I told her I was sorry, but I thought that was what she was talking about, she said HELL NO!!! So I was watching her dance and rub the hell out of her tits and pussy and licking her tongue at me. So I thought she was getting hot, so I ask her to come closer so I could rub and lick, and that’s when the more you tip came into play, if I wanted to touch it would be another $100 and if I wanted to lick it would be ANOTHER $100. that blew my mind, $200 just for an hour with me touching her nude body, an $100 for DATY or kissing her tits. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! so I tried to place her hand on my friend and was told that will be a $100 tip also, and I ask just what did I pay for at the door with the first $100? she said an hour of nude dancing that all… NO HJ or anything was told I could jerk myself off. This is why I will not go back, don’t know if it was just her or if they were all like that but I didn’t want to spend anymore $$$ to see.So at Debbie’s if you want an hour nude with touching and HJ ending it will cost you $300!!!!!!!! Not me.

Obessions II Looks just like a house sitting right out in the open right off hwy 301, they do have some fence but the girls park behind it so there is no room to hide your car. The day I went in the first room was very smokie. Some guy was just sitting there looking at me while the girl went over things. as far as I can remember was $25 to $100 was told at the door that you had to MATCH the session price for a tip, but you could tip more. So I went for the $25 gave her $50 and went to the room. 2 girls both were about 5 out of 10. Picked the blonde cant remember her name. We get to the room which has futons in it not to clean looking sit on a towel, I started to get undressed and she told me no, on this session you cant get undressed, no HJ, no touching even with the $25 tip I gave her she danced 3 songs with her clothes on. She was trying to talk me into raising the session to a bigger one telling me if you get a bigger session and match it I can give you a hj, but you would have to tip more to touch. When I said that’s OK I’ll just stick to this she wasn’t into it anymore was ready to get me out kept checking her watch so that is why I go to Touch With Klass, I know what I am going to get and I am not going to be rushed or ripped off. They really make you feel welcome.

University Massage
403 1/2 W. Franklin St. Exit 11:US58W to I85S Exit 105 Chapel Hill, NC919/967-5765. Rates: $70/20 minutes; $80 3/4 hr, $100/an hr. Cash only and the more cash you show, the more clothes come off. Hours: IOa-2a, M-Sa; closed Su.

Gentleman’s Choice
$80 for the hour.

To Your Health
E Woodlawn Rd / I 77 Exit 6. 704-522-1398. Call at approx 11-11:30 am.
Oriental Massage Parlor. It’s a shopping strip type location by the Holiday Inn. They also have a strip club right next to it. It ‘s a typical setup. You get whoever greets you. They charge $60.00 for an hour. They are serious about their massages. Towards the end of the paid for time period, they do get “more intimate” in their touching until they ask you if you want more, or something to that effect. At that time you can negotiate your price. On both occasions it didn ‘t cost me more that $50.00 per girl for extra services. It’s amazingly cheap. Overall impression. Great, professional service for relatively little money. Pro: Great massages. Very professional. Cheap price. Con: Some of the girls are very ugly so if you mind wait until a good looking one is available.

Quality Bath House
Nn highway 98
Two American ladies… Both fairly attractive. One was bigger, with larger tits. $70.00 for a half hour session which u basically jackoff while they talk dirty to you… Or, for $40 you can have them do it.. Or for the cost of the session you can titty fuck.

Quality Movie Mates
2821 Holloway Street [Exit 11:US58W to I85S Exit 180] Durham, NC. 919/596-5711 Rates: $70 1/2 hr, $100/an hr for nude Hours: IOa-2a, M-Sa. Closed Su. Despite the name, there are no movies (prohibited by local ordinances) There is a bathhouse with whirlpool. Session begins in the tub; however, the girl is not allowed to touch you during this part of the session. The action then moves to a makeshift bed on the floor. No full service, 2 girls always available.

I went to Sun’s recently. Not a bad experience. . .the one who first came down was alright, but I asked to see who else was working. The second young lady who came down was very attractive and young. She walked me into the room and asked if I’d been before. Of course, I said ‘yes’ and handed her $120. She took it, no questions asked. When she came back, I was already undressed and on the bed. She stripped and joined me and gave me a pretty standard half/half. When we were done, she asked me how long it had been since I’d been there, I told her truthfully that it had been over 6 months. She then told me that the prices had gone up to the ‘room’ cost plus $100. I guess that’s why she was less than enthusiastic. It’s a shame. . .she was very attractive. Would’ve been nice to see her ‘go the distance.

Audria’s Sun’s Massage
1709 Spring Garden St. Greensboro, NC 336-272-6253
$30 1/2 hr; $50/an hr. Large Sauna. About 3-6 girls on duty. Tipping for the extra services starts in the $25 range and there is plenty of parking in the back of me building and they are open M-Sa from IOa-12a.

Bangkok Spa
4310 High Point Road Greensboro, NC 336-299-9821
$40 1/2 hr, $60/an hr topless full-body massage. lOa-12a,7 days. Oriental. V/MC.

Dolls Of The Orient Massage/Movie Mate
348 W. Lee St. Greensboro, NC 336-273-3833
$60/an hr. Weird combo of Oriental massage and typical southern movie mate parlor really offers little in the way of sexual fulfillment other than a topless girl giving you a sauna bath, then sharing a part of an X rated video with you,. Some breast fondling is allowed here but that is it and the only release you will get is the one you provide yourself. Don’t bother tipping as the extra money will not bring any extra service but you can just leave a little something extra if you want to be a decent fellow. Don’t waste your time. Open 24 hours, 7 days. Discreet parking in the back of building.

Okinawa Spa
2908-A Liberty Rd. Greensboro, NC 336-273-5099
$40 1/2 hr, $60/an hr. Poor, one of the worst. Older Oriental women, in age from late 20’s to mid 40’s. Have a sauna and large bath. Clean Open 7 days, lOa-12a.

Oriental Health Spa
3530 Spring Garden Street
Greensboro, NC
$40 1/2hr, $60/an hr; topless full body massage. VISA/MC. Hours: lOa-12a, M-Sa;lp-12a, Su. Oriental staff. Between Merrit & Holden, across from Cottonmill Square.

Rose Health Spa
625 Fulton Street
Greensboro, NC
$40 1/2hr; $60/an hr; topless full-body massage.l0a-12a, M-Sa;lp-12a, Su. Located at the corner of Lee & Fulton Streets. Oriental staff. $125 nude table shower. Got action in my ass. Bj in the room and did some licking. There’s a blonde American girl. For $140 I got all the above plus BJ without condom

Tokyo Spa
1301 West Lee St.
Greensboro, NC
$40 1/2 hr, $60/an hr. For an extra $20 the girls do the massage topless instead of wearing their little white uniforms, says a writer in the area and who says that no full service, oral or even manual is available but the massages are good. Basic rate always gets a body shampoo, massage and sauna and topless steam baths are also available. You can play with the girl’s breasts and then masturbate but this is about all. All major credit cards accepted, no appointments are ever necessary. Limited private parking in the rear.

Just off of I85, exit 79 near Spencer is Teri’s Social Club. Odd name but it works for me. Anyway, after 5 pm they have dancing in a tacky large room with lots of overstuffed couches. You can “preview” the girls there. Cover is $5. Worth it depending on who is dancing that evening. Anyway, they do private “shows.” You are taken to a small room, your choice of either sitting or laying down. Girls are available for “shows” from I think 11am most days. But the pickins can be a little slim early.

For $50, the girl will get nude to just a g-string and give you a wonderful hand job. You can touch them and kiss/suck their tits as well. Less money gets you less contact and at $30, they dance while you jerk off.  I’d spend the extra money-these girls are all really good at what they do. Most are in the 2-5 looks range with an occasional 7-8 thrown in. I even had a little pregnant blonde once. I was a little taken aback at first but she was one of the best, most enthusiastic I’ve been with there. No alcohol, just soda, chips, snacks, and N/A “beer” like Odul’s. But they are only a buck! Cheaper than any topless place that usually charges $3.75 for something that won’t give you a buzz.

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