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Short update on Lawton Oklahoma, Suzy’s in particular. This parlor has been very good, full service has always been available at standard parlor rates. However, the city of Lawton is closing this establishment down. They are in violation of new city codes. A lot of action has moved to the personals column of the local newspaper, look under out call stress relief massages. All have pagers. If you are known to the girls in Suzy’s place they will give you their pager number, for use at any time. Especially after the 29th. Lawton is cracking down on cruising and prostitution. Street action very slim, except for a few black crack ladies on Lawton Ave and 14th Street.

Was down on S. Robinson over the weekend. Street action is pretty quiet but if you hang around long enough you will find girls showing up. Had met a girl named Stacy. Long legs and pretty okay looking for a street walker. She was pretty careful about who she got into the car with. Led me to a motel on I-35. $80 for half and half but I think she would do it for less. According to her, girls usually hang out on S. Robinson at around 8 pm. between 44th street and 29th street.

Executive Massage
580-482-8383, approx 2 miles west of Altus on US Hwy 62 – look for the flashing sign. It’s barely 50 yards outside the city limits. Open Mon thru Sat from noon until 1 a.m. $30 for half hour and $60 for full hour. 6 ladies on staff (3 on each shift). The girls are ok (average at best) but this is a small town in the middle of nowhere. They are very blunt about what you’re getting. The girls will flat out tell you “this is adult entertainment” and “condoms are used for all entertainment.” There are standard tipping rates. $20 handjob, $40 blowjob, $80 for the full “world tour.”

Massage parlor on Ft. Sill Blvd called Suzy’s. Various quality females 3-9 range, # and quality depending on night of the week. TJ and the Asian girl are steady ones, always there. You get a descent massage $30/30 min $40/hr. Full service from $80-100, everything negotiable. No rush, good time. They won’t let you have the 1 hour massage unless you have been there before (and are in the know). Good luck

Tokyo Health Spa
911 North Flood Norman, OK 405/360-2316
Rates: $40 1/2hr, $60/an hr. Hours: M – Sa from 10a to la. One girl available.

China Blue

1524 SE 59th (Valley brook Area) Oklahoma City, OK 405/677-3734 Rates: $45 1/2hr; $65/an hr. Tips are accepted. Hour rate includes sauna and shower. 2-3 girls a shift and Caucasian ladies. First-time customers: must take the next girl available; second time and later visitors: customer’s choice. New clients fill out a form and show identification. Home address, employer, phone numbers, etc. are required. They also record driver’s license number and date of birth. There identifying on the place to locate: it is situated between Cover girls and the Million Dollar Club; both of which have large illuminated signs. It’s a waste to call for information as they are extremely paranoid on the phone and they will deny that anything other than legitimate massage is offered. Clients need be pushy. Halfway through the session the “therapist” asks if the massagee is interested in their “special services” for $5-$10 additional.

Hong Kong Oriental Health Spa
2201 South Air Depot Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 405/737-7767 Rates: $40 1/2hr, $60/an hr of full body massage. M-F, lOa-12a. No reports of oral or complete service here as of yet. Satisfying shower at the end of session, isn’t a great selection of girls.

OKC and cruising Robinson between 25Th and 44th. It was early Sunday morning and I didn’t expect to find too many ladies. It then started to rain lightly and I thought I might as well give up. But then right off Robinson on 24th I saw a young woman sitting on some steps in the rain. I decided to drive by and check it out. She smiled and waved and I knew she was looking to make some money. I stopped and she got in the car. She was tall blonde and about 19-20. She was not exceptionally good looking, but fair (maybe a 5 or 6). She said it was $20 for a BJ and $30 to fuck her. $40 for both. She told me we could go to her house nearby. here’s where it get weird. When we got there she knocked on the door and asked her mother to let her in to do a date. Her mother was about 35-40 and not bad looking. She was scantily dressed and didn’t care. I think she probably was a working girl too.

Anyway Suzie took me to her room locked the door and got naked. Her tits were small but firm and here pussy was shaved. I stripped and she began to suck my dick without a rubber. She did this very well, stopping to lick my balls and other sensitive areas too. She then put a condom on my dick laid back a put her legs in the air and was ready for me to fuck her. After a while she really got in to it and started working her ass. I came and she helped me clean up and dress and I left her there. I have looked for her since and not seen her.

Later that day I picked up Peaches at a convenience store on 44th between Robinson and Shields ( at Broadway I think). Peaches was slightly over weight ( that was okay with me) with large tits and a knock out face. She was wearing short tight shorts and a thin top with nothing under either. We went to a motel that cost $15 for 1/2 hour and I spent $40 for a blowjob (excellent) and a hard fuck with a condom. On the way back to the store Peaches let me play with her tits and she caressed my crotch

Most escort services are good full service from $100-130, no tip. I’ve used Baby dolls, they sent over two girls, both 7s, but they wanted 2x the price given over the phone. It was a con, so I sent them away highly disappointed. Nikitas brats has high quality women with no hassles.

At Ease Massage
On 15th & Sheridan
If you just want a HJ, say you want a “sensual” Be prepared to spend $40 at the least. $5 to $20 for anything

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