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Memphis, Went to Babes on Brooks Rd. Got there early (around 6 p.m. or so). $5 cover, the cashier flashed me her tits (which were quite nice) and I tipped her a couple bucks.

Went to the bar for a beer. Good news — the drinks are 2-for-1 until 7 p.m. Bad news — the price is $4.75. The place was fairly empty; there were a few kinda rough-looking (but friendly enough) guys hanging around the bar and there were very few dancers.

I was immediately approached, however, by a dancer who introduced herself as Lacy. She was about a 5 or so. Not a great face, but a pretty good body and great legs. I had never been there before so she explained the private dance routine: $20 for a lap dance, $40 for a dance on one of the couches “in view,” and $60 for a dance on a couch in the VIP room.

She asked if I wanted a VIP dance and I said sure. The VIP dances are 2-for-1, and they are FULL CONTACT. Lacy let me suck her tits and even lick her pussy. She rubbed my cock (through my pants) and slid her cunt back and forth all over my body. She wasn’t supposed to remove her bottoms but did, anyway. It was a very fulfilling experience.

She then recommended Climaxx, a black girl who rated about a 5 as well. Climaxx’s dance was even better, and she freely let me play with her clit. The most incredible experience I’d ever had in a strip club. She also made it clear she’d come to my hotel room for a little extracurricular activity if I so desired.

Then came Brianna. Short, skinny, not great looking (maybe a 4), but this little honey got ON my jock and wouldn’t let go. I came all over myself as she rubbed her little body all over me. Damn she was fine. Like the others, full contact.

All in all, a nice little club. I’d definitely go back. Maybe a little pricey, but worth every penny

While in Nashville on business, I saw an ad in the Nashville paper for a place called Conversations. I called and got directions to the place on Donelson Pike. When I arrived I was met by 4 nice looking ladies (ranging from a 6-9 on a scalle of 1-10). I chose a girl named Angel. Angel was about 5’6″, had long black hair, had huge tits, and was well tanned. She took me back into the room, told me the prices, and told me to get comfortable. I waited about 5 minutes until she returned.

She started to give me a fully nude handjob(full service was not in the menu). After about 10 minutes of a great penile massage, I asked her if she would allow me to go down on her(Why not? She wouldn’t do full service). She allowed me to eat her succulent pussy for about 10-15 minutes, while I massaged her huge tits. She stopped me to tell me to lay on my back, which I promptly did. Angel straddled my face with her pussy and proceeded to give me an unexpected blow job and a damn good one at that. This lasted for about 5 minutes, until I asked her again if I could get full service. She said that she would not do full service at all and came up to kiss me. We kissed for a couple of minutes and then she told me she would finish me off with a nice blow job, which she promptly proceeded to do. Afterwards we kissed and I gave her a nice tip. I got out of there minus about $150, but I came out a happy and new man.

I don’t think they are in business anymore, but I have seen Angel’s name and face on the Nashville Times website working for another establishment. I recommend finding this beautiful lady and taking care of her. She will definitely take care of you

In Bristol right where you get the I 81 on the TN & VA border I know there was this place called bottoms up. A strip bar where with the right price around $100 (at the most) you could what ever you wanted. Some actual hot chicks there. Hard to believe in the retard country area.

Tokyo Spa
2754 Alcoa Hwy. Alcoa Tn.
This is a full service spa for sure. The girls are average with usually 3 working. I took a $40.00 half hour session with a girl named Kay. She is attractive & very friendly. I got undressed & got a full body massage for about 15 mins. She then asked me if I wanted extra & said yes as I signaled for a hand job. She pulled down the top of her dress exposing her tits then proceeded to give me an excellent hand job using body lotion. During the hand job she let me play with her tits. Then she did something that for some reason really turned me on. She fingered my ass & started licking my chest all at the same time. I had a major orgasm that was enhanced by her finger being in my ass. I have had a girls do this before in spas but they always put a condom over their finger. Kay acted as though she enjoyed the session as much as I did. She even tried to give back $10.00 of the tip I gave her saying that it was too much for just a hand job. That’s something I have NEVER had a girl to do !!! She told me the next time I come in we will have intercourse. I recommend Kay she is hot!

Dee’s Swedish Massage
Jackson, TN: Guys….try Dee…she’s give a danm good massage and always gives hand jobs…you don’t have to ask and she doesn’t ask for a tip….it’s just a 60.00 flat fee. She does mainly outcalls to your hotel…but once you get to know her…she’ll let you come to her house( although it’s in a pretty seedy part of town)….she usually has 3 or 4 other black college girls working for her sometimes…but I would request Dee herself.

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