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There is a little known secret in Amarillo. Check out the Orient Express restaurant on Paramount Blvd. It’s a Thai restaurant specializing in out call Asian girls, including the owner. I have been going there for lunch for about 3 months and got to know the owner. Her name is Tiffany ( Nok.) After talking with her and her explaining how business is slow, she proposed we meet at hotel next door ( Motel 6 )and for 150.00 dollars she would ( as she put it ) whatever makes you happy.

Well, we got to the hotel and the first thing she wanted to do was take a shower together. As soon as we got in shower she began washing my member and sucking it ( bareback) for all she was worth. After about 10 minutes of this I just could not control myself and took her from behind right there in the shower. Her hole was so tight I thought she was going to cry. She thrusted into me so hard I could not control myself and had to blow my load in her. She screamed Cum inside me. It was an amazing experience. Since then I have been back to the Orient Express twice. The last time she told me to hang out till the lunch crowd left. We sat talking at one of the tables until everyone left and then she said did you stop by the ATM, which of course I did.

She then gave me the ride of a lifetime right there on the table.. I wonder if the customers now..hahahaha. I have noticed there are a lot of guys hanging out there and this would explain it. If you are in town or wanting some Thai food, pussy etc..stop by there around 2:00 pm and right after the lunch crowd and let her know you would like to make a contribution to her struggling business. She will know what you are there for.

Midnight Cowboy
On 6th (enter through alley in back).
Asian massage parlor. $60 goes to the house, any thing above and beyond that the girl keeps. FS 160.

There is a Chinese full body massage advertised in the classified section of the Austin chronicle, and I had my second visit in a week yesterday. They offer a full body massage for $100, which included a hand-job. I had decided before going that I was going to get the basic service, see how that was, and go from there. Very nice girl, cute, clean, and the massage was so well done, I would have been content leaving without getting more service. For a one-hour visit you get about 30 minutes of traditional massage, and then the girl will concentrate on one area, making you feel even better.

The mood got the better of me and I asked if she accepted tips. Her English wasn’t very good, and all she would say was, I’m not clean. Took me a few second to figure that out. The hand-job was great, lots of oil, fingernails all over, and she went slow for quite a while to make it last, instead of jerking hard and fast to get out of there.

On my second visit, the girl spoke even less English. After some awkward talk and trying to figure each other out, she just made a stoking motion with her hand, asking, You want?? and then a finger poking motion to indicate penetration asking, Or?? I voted for the or? option and she said $180. Seemed a bit steep, but I went for it, had to see how it went. She had me undress, take a shower and lie down. Again I got the greatest body rub, making me feel totally relaxed.

Then she left the room, came back with a drink for herself (I thought) and undressed. With me still on my stomach, she began to caress my thighs and butt, and as I moved up to my knees, she gave me a spin-tingling rim job. As she moved under me to give me a blowjob, I looked down and saw that I was wearing a condom, and didn’t even know when it was put on!

She gave me some first class head, and stopped so I could lie on my back. She took a sip of her drink, and when she took me back in her mouth, it was full of hot tea! WHAT a sensation! Every time she went down the heat just drove me crazier. After a while of this, we were ready to fuck. I stayed on my back and she started by rubbing her pussy over my dick, finally sliding it in. Nice and smooth, pretty tight, and she rocked on me enthusiastically.

I couldn’t take anymore, and grabbed her hips and held her down while I came, and I think she enjoyed it too, as when I started to move her up, she stopped me saying, No move, no move. We were still for a few minutes, then she got up and cleaned me off, sent me off to the shower again, and held my clothes while I dressed.

Pricey, yes. But you get what you pay for, and I plan to go back again.

I recently went to a strip club while passing through Corpus Christi from Colorado. It was called Peppers. Now this was on a Friday night. The place on the outside looks kinda weird. Kind of reminds you of a library. But as you get near the door, the loud music let’s you know where you are at. The pretty young blonde at the door did not charge a cover charge. (I don’t why, I wasn’t going to ask.) Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. Now as soon as you enter the place, you get to feel a cool blast of air conditioning to your face. And the dark hue of black lights are very abundant. There was a pretty auburned hair girl dancing in the center stage. (The stages are round, with the usual pole down the center.) As I sat down around the stage, a waitress or bargirl, whatever, asked me what kind of drink I wanted. I said a beer. O.k. so she brought me a beer. (It was $2.00) Now while I was sitting there sipping this ice cold beer. These guys came out on stage, and started covering it with white sheets. And placed white candles all around it, then they proceeded to light them up. Then someone started a fog machine, and some cool music. I think it was Prince playing. Anyways these two hot twins, sisters, came out on stage. They both looked exactly like Paulina Porizkova, the super model. They were all dancing real dirty with each other. And they smelled of baby oil. What I didn’t expect was the amount of horny guys that surrounded the center stage. They all sat down. And were all throwing money and yelling obscene things. Then one of the sisters got one of the candles and poured it all over herself. She just let all the hot wax burn right down her beautifully tight ass body. Then all the guys started doing the same things with the other candles. Her sister was moaning like she liked the pain. I told myself damn, she must like that ••••. So I took the candle in front of me, and motioned for the sister nearest me to come here. She crawled to me like a panther crawling towards its prey. And she turned around and started wiggling her ass in front of me. So that’s when I poured a lot of the wax down her nice crack. (Now I know why the girls had no ass hair.) Anyways she was moaning. And I was blowing cool air up her ass to cool off the candle wax. She let me do her entire body, especially her nipples. She looked like 100 guys had CUM all over her. After the show, the girls went backstage to clean up, and peel off all the wax. Then some big guy came up, and asked me if I was staying for the Party. I asked what Party? He told me at midnight they had a special party on special occasions, when the boss is in. I said O.k. But he told me that it was going to be $200.00 bucks to stay. I gave him the dough. So I went to the restroom to get rid of all the beer I was drinking, and sat at the bar to order another one. When I turned around, the big guy was throwing out a lot of the guys, who I guess did not want to stay for the party. Then he and the pretty blonde girl, at the entrance, brought out these huge chains. They locked the door with keys. And chained it up really good. Then the cute blonde went back stage. The big guy started putting out these huge gray trash cans all around the stage. It was like 10 minutes before the music started again. And all the girls from the club were on all the stages dancing. There must have been like 20 something men in there, and about only 6 or 7 girls. Then they did something totally unexpected. They all got completely nude. Instead of the guys lining up to throw money at them, they were lining up to have sex with them. Especially the big tall lanky black guy with the huge cock. Suffice it to say the whole thing went on till 4 in the morning. And most of the girls got fucked 8 or 9 times each. I busted both of my nuts there. And will definitely go back for more, next time I come down from Colorado, and swing through to Corpus. It was a blast. But they do hand out a lot of condoms. And the girls really seemed to enjoy what was being done to them. One of the girls even did some DP action. Go figure. I give Peppers a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. I have yet to experience a Strip Club experience like the one I had at Peppers.

This is an update of the street scene in Fort Worth and Arlington. Things have been pretty slow because of the winter weather and from crack downs by cops. The cops aren’t really running stings, but they have been sending more cruisers through the areas. The cops know many of the girls on sight (even behind the tinted windows of cars!) and will stop those vehicles. Usually the driver gets a warning, although he could get an expensive ticket (up to $650!). That’s the city’s new way of cutting down on prostitution. Instead of spending tax payer money to arrest a john and have prosecutors and officers have to go to court, the cops just issue tickets. Most johns will pay (all at once or by installment) because it saves them the embarrassment of having to go to court.

As for the prime areas of street action, try the North Riverside/East Lancaster/Vickery/Tennessee area. Most of the girls have been on Tennessee, but that’s where the cops have been concentrating patrols. Beware, too, because those guys standing around on the street corners are either pimps or drug dealers. Remember this if a girl asks you park near Tennessee for some action. Most of the girls will have you drive several blocks away to avoid being recognized by cops.

There are a few girls on East Lancaster and North Riverside. A few years ago, these streets used to be alive with hookers, but a plethora of police stings and arrests have lessened the action to a point where several churches have now sprung up on the streets. There are so few girls around the cops don’t hassle them unless they get into a john’s car right in front of them. North Riverside north of Interstate 30 is virtually dead, though it may pick up a little when warmer weather returns. The best place to try in the daytime is near the church-run shelter near North Riverside and East Lancaster. Many of the women there are prostitutes, but many are and still have to pay a small fee to stay at the mission. Just beware of cops.

Vickery, near Tennessee, has some action in the daytime, but not really at night. Since there are few houses along Vickery, a girl walking up and down the street won’t be able to claim she’s just walking home if the cops hassle her. Also, beware. Many of the girls on Vickery are dopeheads and crackheads. The cops arrested three big dealers recently and the girls virtually disappeared off Vickery.

Another area to check, but only if you’re desperate, is Evans Avenue and Rosedale. Rosedale was once “thriving” but not now. The cops don’t even bother with the girls here, but these girls are so pathetic, you won’t feel any arousal, just pity. Evans Avenue girls are mostly black and, not to knock black girls (I’m a black man), but they’re much more independent than the white girls. That means they’ll be more defensive, more likely to be carrying protection (as in knife, not condoms) and more businesslike. They will try to have you drive to a secluded spot, do your business and get them back on Evans very quickly. White girls tend to drive a little further out with their customers, usually because they want to get out of the heat or cold or just get away from their pimps.

A note: if you see a strange man across the street or a little ways down the street from a girl, he’s probably her pimp. She’ll frequently look at him, usually with fear. Try not to pick the girls up when these vultures are hanging around. The girl will rush it for fear of incurring the wrath of their pimps, who will be able to see them get into a car and be able to time how long they are gone.

Another thing that will help you avoid rip-offs is that the girls know how to defuse any fears that customers might think they are cops. They will usually ask to “date” you and then get in your car. Many will just get in your car, then talk business. The cops won’t do this because it compromises their safety and makes for a potential hostage situation if their backups move in. To avoid stings, avoid the really good-looking girls, girls that ask how much you want and what you want while standing outside of your car and girls that direct you to a motel room. The girls who want to go to a motel will still get in your car, even if its 10 feet away. They don’t want the motel managers seeing them walk all the way to a room or wait near a room for a customer to meet them.

Prices for girls in this are range from $10 blowjobs for girls on Evans to $30 for half-and-half, not counting the cost of a room. I usually pay $30-40 but I never do it on the street. It’s too dangerous, you’re liable to get caught and, besides, would you want to look out your window and see some guy getting head in a car parked on your curb?

Enough about Fort Worth. Arlington is virtually dead, despite what others may have said. My job requires me to spend a lot of time driving through there. You will still find a few girls near Collins and Division Street, Collins and Park Row and Collins and Arkansas Lane. Division Street used to be a prime place, but the building of the Ballpark In Arlington caused city officials to really crack down on the older parts of Arlington because they are the main thoroughfares to the stadium.

If you want to be aroused and have money to burn, try one of the city’s many strip clubs. The Fare and Fantasy Ranch are upscale. You’ll spend a lot of money to look at a woman who won’t touch you. Flashdancer Cabaret and Hardbody’s are much better. Try them during the day when there are not many customers and the girls have to put out a little extra to make money. The best place is Peep-n-Tom’s. It’s 99 percent black girls, so if you’re uncomfortable outside of your race, don’t go there. The girls will give a table dance that will often require an immediate trip to the dry cleaners. I’ve had many of the dancers pull my cock out, fondle me and ride me. Depending on how many drinks they’ve had, some girls will even screw you just for the price of a table dance ($20). Careful, though. They don’t use condoms and who knows what you’ll get from them. Again, try to go there during the day. After 5 p.m., the place is packed every night of the week. Also, the cover charge jumps to $10. It’s expensive, but no one must mind because there is never any parking space when it gets dark. Since it’s the only club catering exclusively to blacks, you have to expect this.

About the only other place in the area where you can get street action is on Jefferson Boulevard and Main Street in Grand Prairie. There are several small motels along Main (which is what Division Street becomes). There are some girls around there. Best bet is to get a room at one of the motels, then start scouting. Grand Prairie police officers know the area by heart and will know the places to look for johns. On Jefferson Boulevard, try to avoid their apartment complexes. I had a girl from one who let me fuck the hell out of her (at a motel on Main Street). An hour afterwards, she was in jail, arrested not for prostitution but for being with her pimp, who was also a drug dealer. There are lots of dealers in this area and the cops have one eye permanently on the complexes. Wait for the girls to get on Main. If you see one and she’s heading across the tracks to Jefferson, let her go.

Prices range from $15 for a BJ to $50 for half-and-half. For $50, you can let them hang around in your room for a while afterwards and maybe get another session. Just like in Fort Worth, many of the girls are looking to stay warm, stay cool or just get away from their pimps for a while.

Street Action
Galveston Island, cruise down the seawall, look for girls walking by themselves. Make the next block and wait, they will see you. Guys keep it cheap, anything more than $20 for full service is too much. These girls will ask for more but will take the $20. There is one in particular that if you find her you will not regret meeting, long black hair, light complexion, anglo/hispanic mix. Real tight twat and knows how to make it work. I gave her another $10, for the pleasure afterwards

Street Action
I made a recent trip to SA. Street action on Gadelupa and Hamilton Streets was great. Many girls out, but I found you really need to start looking about 1100PM. It seems the later you go the fewer girls. Maybe they only do 1 or 2 guys a night. Most girls were Hispanic, but many were good lookers. I had 4 BJs in as many nights, and all were good to better.

What surprised me the most was the attitudes. None of the girls rushed you, and a couple of them had to really earn their money, because I wasn’t too quick to cum. None of them complained or asked for more money as so often happens. Prices were $20 for BJ, and 30-40 for half and half. I highly recommend a visit to the corner of Guadelupe an Hamilton if you travel to SA in the near future

Was in San Antonio, recently went to baby dolls club. nude, drinks, women 5-8, some touching but mostly watching


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