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ACT X or “Act Ten” as is pronounced by them in Richmond. Totally awesome!. They are in the Nov 1999-Nov 2000 yellow pages under massage. They advertise a 2-3hour massage, body brush bath, tub bath, etc…. Your first time must be out call and then in call after that. Fixed price – $175 great massage, attractive lady. She made the room reservation, then we meet there, she instructed me that several parts of the service are traditionally nude it is my choice. (guess which one). Started with the massage me on my stomach (never finished) As she got close to my jewels I gyrated some, she ask if she could touch. I said yes. To make a long story short, great oral and after several positions later, a shower. Total time 2hrs/ 45 mins, 2 “O”s. Best money I ever spent. I can’t wait til in call.

There is a place in Woodbridge, VA on Lake Ridge drive called HWC. This place is an easy F**k. My first time going I was ushered in by an old Asian lady who appeared to the Madam. She ushered my into a room that looked like any other typical massage room with a bed lamp, etc. After about 3min another Asian lady, who looked to be in her late 30’s came in and began massaging me. After about 10min of a really good massage, she asked me have I been there before. I told her no a friend had recommended me. She tried to get $100 for full service. I told her I only had $80 and she gladly excepted. She had  really nice c tits, but clearly they were implants. She let me have it any way I wanted until my half-hour was over. Half hour runs 40 and an hour 60. All in all good experience. I went around 6pm. They didn’t have many girls, so try latter to get better variety.


8121 Richmond Highway
Alexandria, VA
$40 1/2 hr, $60/an hr. Always Helping People. Open 7 days, 9a-llp. Hr session includes a hot sauna, table shower and Acupressure massage. Girls: range from early 20’s to early 30’s, all of them good-looking. From center city, take Route I to exit 1-A and get on Richmond Highway, go past a K-mart and movie house and follow it to the building on the left with the AHP sign outside.

Backlick Holisitc (ake KWP, aka Cherub Therapeutic)
5105 M Backlick Road
(703) 658-8786
It was reported that you can get HJ first visit and CBJ second visit.
Unfortunately I did not encounter this. The woman who met me at the door was about 40 years old and fat. I had thought she was the mamasan, but she turned out to be the masseuse. I paid $70 for an hour, had to take a stand up shower (no TS), and didn’t even get a hint of more service even though I did ask politely.
I don’t think I look like LE. I’ll probably go to Star Salon Star Salon on Backlick and Industrial Road tonight.

Kim’s Spa
Centered in the Korean area. $60 entry fee. Women in mid thirties, no sauna, but have a table shower. Entry fee $60.

Arlington Therapy

1025 North Filmore St. (I495W Exit 30B)
Arlington, VA
$40 1/2 hr, $60/an hr. Basic sessions include a steam sauna & massage, manual release available for extra $20 or more. Better selection evenings. From center city Washington take I-95 to exit 8 and follow Washington Blvd. to 10th St. in Arlington. At intersection of 10th and Filmore.

China Acupressure

Off of Lee Hwy! You can get a decent table shower and hj. $40 1/2hr or $60 hr. Tip $10-20. No more than that. Asian chicks, some very attractive! They are good looking. If ya do not want the one that the older Mama San sends in, ask for another…if they tell ya that is the only one working..leave….that simple..most were fairly foxy though…good suburban hand job and f/s”

Golden Spa
8558 Lee hwy
Merrifiled, VA
$40 1/2 hr., $60 hr. Merrifield is west of Arlington. On Lee Highway which is also US 29.
Typical shower table. Sex services will be given out for $40 tips and up. Good service.

Street Action

Downtown Newport news around jefferson and 1-25th street

Was in Norfolk last week… dead as a door nail. Went to all the old places (Oceanview, Chesapeake, Princess Anne) and they were deserted. Many of the strip bars on Oceanview, especially near Little Creek, are gone. I thought I stumbled on one street walker, but as I pulled up in my 2003 Red Grand Prix (definitely not a cop car), she high tailed it into the apartment complexes. Norfolk will never be the sailor town we once knew years ago.

Aqua Health Spa

Private rooms. Open till 9pm

While in Richmond I came across a spot called the red light inn. Located on Grace Street near club boss and across from the vcu campus police department. On Sundays and Mondays they have black girl nights and during the rest of the week they have white girls ( whatever you are into) but there is a number you can to set a date or private showing most of the girls prices vary but the highest that they can go is $150.00. The number to call is 1-877-393-8038 it is a text and voice pager leave a message and if you leave a callback number put #44 at the end. She will call you right back the girls name is shy. peace and happy hunting.

Went to T. K. Therapy Services, 703-912-3010, advertised in the Washington Post. No sex at this place, at least not for new customers, but you can get a good table shower, massage and hand job. I paid the $60 up front, got my table shower first, then a massage. She was given me an actual body massage, I wasn’t sure I was going to get anything extra. Then during the massage she finally started massage my pubic hair, but not quite touching me where I most needed it.

Finally, I was rock hard and wanted to cum. Then I just turned over, she flipped the towel away and finally started to touch my rock. Then she asked me if I wanted lotion. YES! was my answer. She was good, quite gentle. When I came I was shooting all over the place. The fact that I wasn’t sure I would be cumming must have charged my batteries. She touched me some more, smiling. She hadn’t asked for a tip, so I asked her if it was okay if I gave her a tip. I gave her $60, she gave me a hug and I was gone. If you’re just looking for a hand job I would recommend the place.

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