Washington DC

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Dupont Spa, 1333 Connecticut Ave, 4th floor. About 1 1/2 blocks south of Dupont Circle Metro station. Neighborhood’s OK – lots of restaurants, shops. Single door for this address. Buzzer on left side. One button labeled 4FL Spa. Lady on phone sounded Asian, and confirmed that they had some Asian girls. Open until 3am.

I finally found a perfect spot in Washington DC .The spot is located indoors away from the heavy police cars and cameras that are watching you if you do business with the street action on 13th and Vermont . If Asian cuties are you thing then this is the place for you .It is a full service place and you get a great hot shower/massage (laying down ) and the works if you choose . And the cutie was a ten in all aspects ….including the massage . And after all was said and done she even put my clothes back on. The Perfect spot in Washington is located at 1810 Vermont ave . Walk up 3 floors and ask for Kim or Lilly

There is a new hot club in Washington DC called Dreams . It is packed full of young beautiful Black women who are rocking and ready to go . It takes a bit of coaching but if you are willing to buy a few drinks you might get lucky and have a young cutie for the night as i did last night

For those of you who like cruzing the area between 14th street and 11th street in the NW area of Washington Dc , beware because they are quite a few Cameras located on rooftops and various other locations manned by BIG BROTHER watching your every move. So my advice to you is be careful and beware !

dc has a lot of amp and the cost is 160 flat rate most places only other i heard is Latin palace on Florida ave cheaper

Downtown Spa (don’t know whether this is the name or their description of what and where it is) is at 1018 Vermont. About 1/2 block north of MacPherson Square. Recommend not walking through there at night. Address is very visible, only other sign is for now-defunct Thai restaurant. Small lobby on ground floor looks like abandoned building. Same with floors 2-3. Fourth floor stairs lead to door with Visa/MC sign on door. Ad says 7 Oriental ladies.

between 11th and N street N.W. after 10:30 pm until 5:00 am.

On Rte 1, just off of 495, there is a little street action. There is a clump of several motels where you can find a hooker. These hookers vary in looks and prices. Definitely practice safe sex though as some use needles. Beware of police stings as they are active. You can usually tell if it is a sting because the woman usually is very pretty. Cost is between $20 for a BJ and $50 full service

I don’t know this area but I went to downtown DC between K and M streets and from 11th St., NW to 16th St. Nw and it was a madhouse. Lots of girls.And a literal parade of cars, especially on L street, it was like a backed up drive through at MacDonald’s or something. The police were out but girls were getting in cars in plain sight, just too many people for the cops to handle. Both white girls and black girls were out and I even saw a couple of Asians. What surprised me is these bitches wanted 50$ for head. The white girls (and there were about 5 of which 3 were at least 7s wanted 100$) Maybe this is a negotiation thing but if I’m going to pay 100$ I may as well add another 25 or 50$ to it and either go to an incall or find an out call service. But the action is there and I imagine on a weekday night prices are less. Well there it is.

I’ve been to the intersection of route 1 and I-495 twice now and didn’t see any action. No motels either. I drove down Route 1 both north and south. You know how it is with development and everything, maybe it’s moved to another spot. Does anyone know where that might be?

Well I discovered the motels this time just still no action. It is near I-495 and route 1 but you have to actually enter into fair fax county and then go up route 1 another mile or so. Then you’ll see the hotels. These are more like motels,less expensive but not dumps. pretty quiet last nite around 1:30 am. Well maybe something will be jumping off to nite.
I’ll let you know.

Last Saturday nite about 1:30 am. Not as many whores as the previous weekend but still the selection wasn’t too bad. this time i actually ran up on a couple of girls working out of a hotel room on New York ave NE. I got head for 40$ cause I drove the bitches to the hotel. But 50& is pretty much the going rate like you said. there were cops on 12th st just sitting there with the cherry flashing to scare people away. The hoes have moved over to 11th st dude, between Rhode Island and L street.

I found the girls a bit to expesive for my bank account on 13th sreet and the cops are buzzing around like flies.

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