Brothels 2

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Sydney is a place where brothels and sex are legal. The best thing is buy the local Daily Telegraph newspaper and you can see it all. My experience with an Asian establishment was great. I paid $120 ($80 US), get a shower, the lady would always suck your cock without condom. Then you get into full action with a condom. Once I came during her sucking (yes, it’s great!), she asked me to shower and we continue towards my 2nd load. All the Asian places that has 5+ girls are once you should try. Stay off ones working by themselves, mostly too old or rip-offs. I like Tiffiany, Blackcat and Harrolds Manor.

The Brothels – (a term not used very often – Massage Parlour, Studio, Escort Service etc common terminology) Prices are typically in the range of AUD$80-90 30 mins to AUD$130-$180 per hour “full service” (USD$105-$135)- Prices have dropped a bit over the last year and are cheaper than Sydney or Melbourne for comparable establishments; with the price drop there has been an increase in ladies charging extra fantasy fees of $30 / $50; ensure you understand beforehand what you are getting and complain to the receptionist-manager is you are genuinely deceived by the girl. Read my full report under Canberra

Hey guys, thanks for the quick responses! Much appreciated. Maybe I’ll give Tiffany’s a try. I see no one responded regarding “A Woman of Pleasure” which is supposed to be in the “Rocks” area of Sydney. Has anyone been there? Their website has a feedback page where a lot of nice comments have been made and the gal who runs or manages the place answers your questions in a very polite manner. I definitely want to try this place out unless some of you guys out there report back to this board with a lot of bad experiences there. Let me know if you try this place out. Thanks

Australia is a great value! For under a 100.00 US you can get a great incall for a half hour at most places. Went to the Getaway club not many girls when I was their but it was highly recommended by a couple of cab drivers who said they dropped of very good looking girls that worked there. Did not stick around but I did see a couple of good taken ones.

Went to Tiffanys saw several nice looking gals took Anferny(sp) great time she handled two loads with pride telling me it was my time and she was gonna make it count. Another time was spent there with a shaved (downstairs) eastern European that was all business although fun. Went to the Kings Cross most of the girls looked liked they were way drugged out althought there were a few that looked doable best value in my mind was the incall scene at Tiffanys also visited the Penthouse several times no real talent there(that was for the picking). Hope this helps.

I have tried the Penthouse on one of my trips to Sydney. It was a little small with the room to meet the girls very cramped as it was a Saturday night. However, everyone was very cordial and the girls very friendly. I liked sitting at the bar on the left end where you could see the girls passing in the back hall going to and from the rooms. I noticed some of them never even came out into the main room as they were busy. I was able to get the attention of a nockout Austrlian gal who had not set foot in the main room. We had a fabulous session, I hope to get back soon to try again.

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