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466 City Rd South
Clean rooms, more exotic girls, more upmarket than ToT.
$120 per 30 minutes, credit cards accepted.

Candy Club
Richmond: Very young ladies all the time. Recently the parlor has been renovated. I saw Ericka for several times. She is half Asian half Yugoslav. 8-9 look at my scale. 7 body, good massage, very enthusiastic service. Following Ericka’s retirement just before Christmas time I have been back a few times. Ladies are still young and eager to please, but a bit disappointing I have to rediscover them. $105 (half hr)/ $155 (3/4 hr)/ $190 (hr) – business class economic price, only 5 minutes from the city, Reviewer highly recommend you to try the young ladies out before price goes North.

Classic Ladies
Yes Melbourne has some great brothels and I have been to lap dancing establishments where the lady allowed more than a lap dance for a lap dance price. However there was one lady I saw recently at a brothel “”Classic ladies”” in Dudley street near the Victoria market that deserves a special mention.

Club 234
European style, which I do not feel particular comfortable with. You pay $75 to go in – then pay the rest to the lady of your choice. $140 /$190/ $230 quite steep given you have to spend money to get in and there is no way to reclaim your entrance fee once you are in. Did not try.

Club 77
77 Racecourse Road, North Melbourne
03 9326-5933
A great brothel to visit. The price is around $200 for the hour (incl GST) You enter, the Madam/Receptionist answers the door and you are taken into a room, where the girls come in and do an “intro” after this you pay for the service and are taken to one of say 8 rooms. You then shower, Condoms are a must and all in all for one hour its nice and relaxed. I would highly recommend Club 77, its in Racecourse Road in Nth Melbourne, be sure to check it out

Crystal Place
next to Village Drive-in Cinema, many young girls of every nationalities work here, but they look like very bored without much business. Free porn video playing on wall-mounted TVs. I noticed many man left in less than 5 minutes.

The Daily Planet
9 Horne St, Elstenwick (Melbourne suburbs)
03 9528-1766
It’s a $20 taxi ride from downtown Melbourne. The cab driver said I made a good choice and that it’s widely considered to be the best brothel in Australia. There were 16 ladies of virtually any type. Both White & Asian, everything from near model-quality to girl-next-door to biker chick. It’s $110 for half hour and $220 for the hour. That’s Australian dollars – for Americans that’s about $60 and $120 in US dollars. The price includes oral and straight sex. Additional services are at a set price which the girl will tell you about. Before you pay, you’ll get a tour of the place and if you want to stay, then you pay half the money. The other half, you give directly to the girl of your choice. The clock doesn’t start until you pick a girl, take her to a room, and shower. So have a coke and take all the time you want to pick our girl. There was no pressure at all. The clock does not stop if you come early — you’ll still get your full time.
Offers a menu, with “extras” including “kissing”, “toys” and “fantasies.”
Largest of its type, 8-25 girls per shift, can be expensive, must pay half up front before meeting ladies.

at #9 Horne St in Elstenwick, just south of St, Kilda. (Horne could be pronounced Hor-nY) It is right across from a rail stop #10 If you are a first timer, you get escorted inside. Tia is a much enhanced blonde who has been around quite a while. Not sure if she is the Madam, but who cares. Inside, she shows you the rooming arrangements, which are first class, complete with Jacuzzi, mirrors, showers, etc. Then you are taken to the bar area. There are girls and men circulating around. In another room is a pool table. The deal is this: You go back out front and pay AUD 200 (+5% if by credit card) and you get a “”one hour ticket””. This does not mean you get one hour inside the club. As far as I can tell, your inside time is unlimited. You also get AUD 100 back, which you give to the girl. You sit at a table, or the bar, and admire the scenery, which is bra less, swathed in a clinging lame’ material with thong panties,(or none). The conversation ranges from banal to quite witty. You can chat as long as you like. You are served soft drinks or juices only, they do not have an alcohol license. The girls are all across the spectrum, but mainly locals. They are professional, and able to be quite entertaining outside the bedroom. Appearance range is 5-9+. All shapes and sizes (about 12 the night I was there), but trending to tall leggy blondes with good sized chests. Before making your choice, you are clearly informed of the guidelines, such as No kissing on the mouth. “My face is my Space” No fingers inside my pussy and no touching my pussy. If you don’t like the rules, just terminate your conversation, and go to another girl. Take your time. Take as many as you want. A bi-show is two girl rate plus AUD 50, and the girls get to pick who they want to work with.

Dryburg Street
112 Dryburg St., North Melbourne
03 9329-2424
Small terrace house, good reputation, rear entrance, 4-8 girls per shift, good prices, professional

Exclusively Yours
7 Park St
South Melbourne (03) 9696 6913. PCA 92B. $120 per 30 minutes, credit cards accepted.
A$120 per 30 minutes, credit cards accepted. Mainly Asians. Rear parking/entrance.

Gotham City
70-74 Clarke Street, South Melbourne
03 9699-9269
New place, large building, nice rooms, pricey.

Harem International
55 Park St., South Melbourne
Small shop front, discreet rear entrance, 3-8 girls per shift wearing harem girl outfits, average prices.

In Keyborough, just off Cheltenham Road in Bridge Road. The brothel is laid back type, you can walk in and have as seat while the girls come over and introduce themselves to you. The prices start at about $65 AUD for 20 minutes (Oral and Sex with condom) to $150 of the hour. The girls are mostly Aussies and Thais, although you get a few other Easter Europeans now and then. Here I have two favorites Tasha, 20 something, tall blonde with great legs, who goes out of her way to please. The o the is Annie, a 30 something Thai girl, although she isn’t all that hot she licks every part of your body and refuses virtually nothing.

Oasis in the North
Thomastown has a bar at the front, which is ideal for guys who fancy picking up chick at night-clubs. $140 / $190 / $230 – girls range from absolutely shockingly aweful to plain if you are lucky there are a few cutties but be quick snapping them, there are simply not so many of them here. I once saw a half Italian half Lebanese, mother of 3 children. Oral is good, nothing else special, cunt not so tight – will not encore.

Asian Plums
In Thomastown, about 20 minutes north from the CBD. It’s listed in the yellow pages. Prices are $210 for an hour, Mainly Asian women. Sex is with a condom, as with oral. Big huge brothel in an industrial area. Rooms are large, all with toilet and shower facilities, with porno movies playing. Busiest day there is Thursday, Friday and Saturday, when they have about 10 girls working, all different Asian persuasions, such as Filipino, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

Sasha’s International
182 Rose St / Fitzroy: Used to have young ladies here, busted a few months ago because the owner gets legal trouble. Surely its sorrow for every man in Melbourne.

Southgate International
466 City Rd., South Melbourne
03 9696-0688
Full Service at night, massage during day, 3-7 girls per shift Front entrance, clean rooms, more exotic girls (Asians), more upmarket than ToT. A$120 per 30 minutes, credit cards accepted.

The Boardroom
53 Market St
South Melbourne
(03) 9699 1711
Security door, ring the bell. You can stay for 15 minutes,
then you have to either choose a girl or leave.
15-20 attractive women usually available $150 per 30 minutes.

The Main Course
58 Dudley St, West Melbourne. Melbourne City Central, just of King Street. Opposite large gardens
(03) 9329-1000
In Dudley Street, rear Victoria Market – reasonably busy most of the time. Lots of ladies work there, whenever you are desperate, go there. You are guaranteed to meet some one, but if you are not so desperate, other places might offer better / younger selection. Meet some very charming ladies here. One of the draw back is I went back a few times wanting to meet the same lady – then I was told she no longer works – missed out extra fun of meeting old squeeze – that’s a bit disappointing. “Deep Throat Jane” need to try her at least once, she was available every time I drop in – not of my taste though. $105 / $155 / $210 – for all the joy hunters Next door there is an Asian joint, price slightly lower under run-down settings.

Famous for providing services that you can’t get elsewhere, usually at no extra cost or for a small additional fee ($20-$50). Ladies here are more famous for “forbidden” services rather than for stunning looks. Receptionists are generally helpful. During the day, there are 4-8 ladies on staff, and 15 or more during nights and weekends. Due to limited space, it’s a free-for-all with intros taking place in the hallways, stairwells, etc.
30 mins – $105
45 mins – $155
60 mins – $210
120 mins – $420

The Scarlet Lady
Clifton Hills next to Macdonalds, 10 minutes from city, check out their web site:
$105 / $157 / $190 – recommended not for the look of ladies but good service

Top Of The Town (ToT)
516-518 Flinders St. Melbourne City
03 9614 1414

Large and in heart of CBD, 8-20 girls per shift, can be expensive, must pay half up front before meeting ladies. Brothels in Sydney leave Melbourne brothels for dead. I had the misfortune of wasting $250 at “Top of the Town” in Melbourne (Collins St I think) I chose a real beautiful looking youngish lady, brunette, great legs, cant remember her name. Once I selected her I Paid $200 to the receptionist for an hours session. When we got in the room I started fondling her and then she said “I’m sorry but its an extra $50 if you want foreplay, and if you don’t believe me you can ask the other girls!” Her performance sexually was fairly poor. In-fact, she seemed to want to avoid vaginal penetration for some reason. She really disapointed me and as a result the only orgasm I achieved was from a fairly intense hand-job. Give me Tiffany’s in Sydney any day! The girls are friendly, Most are stunners, they know how to dress, most give you fantastic sex and a really great service, some kiss on the mouth AND THEY DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA FOR FOREPLAY!!

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