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56 Edward Street, east Perth
$105 for 30 mins.
Better during the day (nice ladies, no rush)

La Cherie
near McIver train station
$110 for 30 mins.
Better at night, after 7 pm

A great Gentlemens club in Perth. close to the casino so you can take the train or just tell the cabi to take you there, they all know it well.

a great atmosphere with a wide varitey of girls, some imported talent. last year there was a couple new girls from S. Africa, Japan and Korea.

The place offers a great many themed rooms, pool tables and tv`s to watch. you dont have to pay right away, you can mingle first before you and your sweetie dissapear. No alcohol unless you have paid first but free soda and the like before hand. A bit pricey but well worth it, A150-200. you can get multiple pops if you still have time. Antics depend on the lady you are with, so talk first before you choose. there is no pressure here.

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