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Newcastle has a great selection of women. Maitland Road, Islington is great for street walkers, be careful as some are pretty rough on the eye. I picked up a girl, Bianca (about 21, good tits, great legs) she always wears a short skirt showing her legs (they are worth showing off!). For $100 took her to a motel for three hours. Great time.

The best brothel is Remy & Co. at 4 swan street, Hamilton. Great women. Last time saw Sheridan (about 22) and Danielle (29) both were great, allowed anal, tongue kissing; If I had tried they probably would have gone for BBBJ.

There is also two girls advertising in the Newcastle Herald, they advertise as models. There names are Sam and Nikki (both early 20’s, one blonde, one brunette). I have had both at once and once just with Sam. They are always late, but they make up for it. Get them in the right mood and they will do anything! (especially if you can offer them something to “powder there noses with”)

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