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Wellington great place…
pick up escorts in the paper, try the evening post newspaper they list freelance escorts in there.many to choose from.I think Wednesday or Saturday paper is best…many great bars also in the area to pick up free…THE BIG EASY club..just the like the name its that easy at times…also a lot of Thai girls working the crowd picking up guys for blowjobs etc. anyway check out the papers all is said there.

Just to let you guys know about the scene with escorts in Wellington. Let down to Wellington earlier this year on a trip by myself to have a holiday. Arrived there Friday….spent the day mucking around looking at the city…not much there, however if you go there, you must visit the museum and take the cable car ride.

Anyway, after my day, it was 5 in the evening when I was back at the hotel, feeling tired but frisky. Since I was there by myself, I decided to ring an escort agency…was hesitant at first, there are a few in the phone book (try the yellow pages under escorts or massage0. Settled for “First Impressions”…had heard of them before…rang the agency…there were only two ladies available…asked for Jasmine or Jessica (can’t really remember her name)…she arrived a few a short while later…turned out to be a brunette, 19 years old, nice looking…paid her $140NZdollars for an hour…she asked me to take a shower…following the shower she sat there and started talking to me and carried on…before I knew the hour was up and she left…boy was I pissed off, I felt completely ripped off….rang the agency to complain, of course they wouldn’t believe me.

Anyway once I had settled down, I asked for another lady…25 year old Annahlese…she was of south American descent…was told she looked like Jennifer Lopez, she doesn’t, but was quiet nice anyway…she arrived at my room at about 7pm…made me have another shower…second in a few hours time…then got down to action, boy was she hot!!!! made me forget my original experience with the first girl… she said it was her first night on the job and I was her first customer…believed her!!!! Anyway the following night on Saturday called her back again, wasn’t as great as the previous night, but worth it anyway…

Whilst down in wellington, also went to Liks Strip Bar…has a massage parlour downstairs “Cigar Bar”…girls aren’t that great looking even though they are advertised as the best women in the world…didn’t hire any girls, wasn’t there for that anyway….wanted to watch the dancers….put on a great show…average looking girls though, but very entertaining… Overall my experience of wellington was okay….I would definitely recommend Liks Strip Bar for a good show!

CJ’s – relatively modern building – NZ$150 for one hour all inclusive – a Thursday night and about 5 girls to choose from – chose Estell – she let me finger her vagina, gave a good body massage and very good blow job – then I fucked her missionary – tight vagina – does not do anal – good performance

Mayfair – an old hotel – NZ$160 for one hour all inclusive – a Thursday night and about 7 girls to choose from – chose Mandy – late 20s and wearing a wig – she works Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night from about 8.00pm – body in great shape from aerobics – she let me finger her vagina – I fucked her cowgirl and then doggie – vagina not so tight – said she might do anal if the guy had a small cock – I didn’t qualify! – fun to be with

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