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Large club outside of town 75-100 girls
Hotel next door

O Lapino
Sex disco club
Outside the city
Woman out number the men 5 to 1
No hotel next door.

About 30 minutes south
Any taxi driver can take you, closes early so don’t go late.

Street Action
Go to the square in the center of town girls working early evening.
Rates 2 hours full service $30US

Is a city in the north of Brazil a bit out of the normal tourist run, but should not be out of your run if you seek fine, fun woman. There is a real benefit to not being jaded by the tourist trade. Here, you with find the girls gentle and willing to meet your EVERY need.

It does help to know some Portuguese. Knowing the language will allow you to really broaden your horizon. If you can speak the language, most any girl you see on the street will be open to an encounter with an foreigner, just for the thrill and the experience.

For a foreign visitor, the best options for fun are the Bar do Parque an open air bar next to the historic Opera house and across the street from the Hilton Hotel. There are always girls looking for action usually after about 4 pm. You will be able to find girls who speak many languages English, French, German, Dutch. Some working girls will drop by. These are not professionals and less likely to speak English. They’ll accept 100 reals about US$55.

The Hilton is a bit more restrictive bringing girls to your room. They require the girls to registrar when they arrive and leave their Identification cards at the front desk. There are cheap to upper end sex motels intended only for sex.

Try the Cafe Milano for action earlier in the day. Many of the girls start arriving around noon. This is just a couple of blocks from the Bar do Parque toward the main waterfront.

Late at night, the best place for action is O Lapina. Any taxi driver will take you there. This is a dance club. Women outnumber the men 4 to 1. The easiest way to meet someone is to find a girl on the dance floor you like and start dancing with her. The girls start by dancing in groups. Beginning around midnight there ware strip shows on the stage. These girls are available too.

There are lots other dance clubs in Belem. Any unattached girl is looking for action. If you speak a little go for it.

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