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There is an area in Brazil that is under explored by Adult tourists. It is the Pantanal Region. I should mention that it is a Place that has something for everyone, because not only are there beautiful women readily available, but the Pantanal is also the world’s largest wetland system. I would like to emphasize that this is not the Amazon. You should check out the natural beauty of this area by going to ( I have just returned today from a Trip out there. I will call it “(A Tale of Two Cities and a Swamp). The Cities a re named Cuiaba and Campo Grande. The Pantanal lies between them. Cuiaba is in almost the exact center of South America Andes far to the North of Campo Grande. I first went to Cuiaba to find a girl who would go with me to visit the Pantanal. When I arrived I first looked in the newspaper and found a few massage/blowjob places. They cost about $35.00 for an hour including an excellent massage. That night I went to some clubs where you can either have sex with a girl on the premises running between $75100 or if you find one you really like you can pay the house $25.00. make a deal with her and bring her back to your hotel for a all nighter the cost of which depends on your ability to negotiate with the girl. I was tired the first night so I just gave my number at the hotel to the girl I really liked and went back to get some sleep. She called me after she got off work at 3AM. Then she came over arriving about 4AM. We had a nice Tryst and fell asleep. Next morning over breakfast she asked me if I would take her with me to the national park named Chapada dos Guimaraes. I had rented a car and it was about a 2 hour ride from the center of town. It is super beautiful there, but I’ll let you look it up. We had a wonderful time, and she is a stunningly attractive woman she could easily be a Latina photo model, the kind you see in photo shoots on Miami Beach that you couldn’t get for any price. It got dark and we went back to town. The club she works at was Closed Sat & Sun, so we picked up a friend of hers , went out to dinner, and later went out to a Disco named the Apototese. That was cool. There was I with my 50 year old saggy fat flat ass body with an 20 year old slim photo model quality rent a girlfriend and her Super Buxom 25 year old natural Blonde friend hanging off me like I was King Farouk! Young good looking guys who tried to hit on them they told to get lost. I was in heaven! But it got better!! After dancing and sweating until 2:30 AM the Blonde suggested that the three of us should go back to my hotel to sleep, so we could get up early and go to the Pantanal. I was pretty tired so sleep sounded like a good idea. We got back to the hotel and that was when I found out they were Bisexual! well well!. They have a word for 2 on one in Portuguese Soruba. You might call it a sandwich. They fucked and sucked me, ate each other out etc.. I used a Viagra and those new polyurethane rubbers until I was completely frazzled. I fell asleep and the two of them were still going at it. The next morning they woke me up early so we could go to the Pantanal  woke me up by sucking my on my dick and toes what an alarm clock. Ok I’m dragging the story out, so I’ll cut it down. We went to the pantanal, did a boat ride, rode horses etc. I took pictures of monkeys, gators birds, etc. on Sunday I stayed only with the thin one, then Monday we went to another place that has some waterfalls and crystal clear water. Monday night I dropped her off at work. I gave her $400 for both of them. Well worth it if you are a cheapskate you can get girls for less, but for me it is worth it to pay extra for quality and mostly for going out on the town and having a good time. Don’t expect a discount because you’re spending money on them going out There are 3 clubs that have the best professional girls in Order Pantanal Nights across the street form the Airport has the best girls followed by the Executive which is near the bus station and the Sex Appeal downtown. There is a superb open air restaurant called the Papa Guio that you should try. If your thing is to pay as little as possible you get what you pay for you can pick up 1530 dollar girld by the airport where there are motels for 56 dollars. I did that my last day because I was running out of time. I had a car, but you could get a cab driver to chauffeur you around. The girl did a good job and was cute, but she was not somebody I would want to go out in public with. Of course if you don’t Speak Portuguese you can’t tell much about the personality so you might very well go around with an Airport girl. They would be thrilled to go around to the cheapest places with you expect them to ask you to marry. Watch out for Transvestites.

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