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Spent ten days in Rio over Xmas – new years. this was my 3rd visit to Rio and i had decided on a slightly different experience. Arrived at my hotel Ouro Verde around noon. Hotel is very nice, perfectly located two blocks from Barbarella. my room was superb at $80 a night a little more than some others but the view was spectacular and the sound of the ocean delightful. Very girl friendly just pay the difference between a single and a double about $15. Although I did it a few times they frown on taking 2 girls up. They want you to rent another room. After a short nap I headed over to Meridian for a swim and a drink. Just give the attendant Armando $2 and he will treat you like a king every time you return. at 5R a drink at Mabs next to Meridian. A leisurely dinner and a walk on the beach until 11 pm then to Barbarella. It costs about $40 bucks to get in and out of there but the quality is infinitely better than Help and the prices not much different. I spent about 1/2 an hour there kind of interviewing the talent and selected a cute blond who spoke very good English. When I asked her to leave she asked me if it was ok to bring her friend a very cute dark haired 19 year old. Of course I knew I’d have trouble taking both back to my hotel so we instead went to a place called Vips. Vips is a sex motel about a 10 minute taxi ride from Barbarella. It’s a fabulous place with balcony and small pool looking over the ocean in a quiet neighborhood. Huge bathroom ,giant TV with appropriate movies and room service. Cost is $100 for 8 hours but well worth trying at least once. Well the three of us stayed there until about 9 next morning. the experience was all one could hope for sex every which way, BBBJ, anal, two at at time, Etc. Was fun watching them do each other they have no concept of lesbianism they’re just totally uninhibited and love sex. Both girls were delightful and I took their numbers. I paid each 200R and they were very grateful. We parted company and I went for a nap and some more time at Meridian. Saturday was calm went to Solarium at 5pm and later called two girls I had been with last year. We all had dinner at a modest restaurant and went to a dance club in Ipanema called Hippopotamus. This is the nicest club in Rio and the people were extremely attractive. No working girls though spent the night at the girls apt. Sunday was a boat trip to one of the islands nice time and plenty of friendly normal girls to talk to. Some were definitely available. Sunday night I went to Solarium at 8pm for their orgy night. I’m an exhibitionist and a voyeur so sex in public suits me fine. I managed to have three different girls all rather cute in the shower and steam room. Called the girls from the night before and arranged to meet them at 11am Monday. My plan was to spend 3 days in a town called Buzios as I was getting a little tired of Rio. We got in the mini bus and rode the 2 hours north. Buzios is an absolute paradise beautiful beaches of all kinds very fashionable. European it felt like St. Tropes without the traffic. There are no cars and by the way no free women you must bring your own. We stayed at a place called Pousada Brancas. Cost $115 a night for the three of us. Located right in town near all the restaurants and dance clubs. The experience was exactly what I was looking for. We cycled, went sailing and spent lots of time on the nude beach just beyond Praia Brava. There were usually 3-4 couples there, much kissy face but no real sex. This isn’t done outside in public in Brazil. It was a lot of fun prancing around with my two girls being generally outrageous.
We of course had unlimited sex 2xs a day for a 46 year old, with a little help from the blue pill. The girls were great and amused themselves when I needed a break. I loved watching them licking each other and rubbing clits. I paid them each $50 per day plus food etc. Altogether less than $300 per day for real unadulterated GFE we ended up staying for four days. Back in Rio for 3 days was more of the above, wishing I’d stayed in Buzios.

This was my second visit and the action was just as hot this year as it was last year during carnival. The women were very hot and plentiful. I picked up girls on the beach during the day. I picked up girls at night at a restaurant called MAB’s. I also picked up girls in disco Help. Disco Help had lots of pretty young under 25 girls. All in all I was there for 7 nights and I had a different women every night. Most of the ladies cost $75-$100 US and they usually stayed all night.

I found the previous reports regarding the locations and other general info pretty accurate. One thing that I’d like to add is that I think those who mentioned that “I went to Help and saw the greatest collection of women or I went to XYZ Terma and saw all 10’s and 9’s” or crap like that are a bunch of losers who have never seen or been with really beautiful women. I went to Help a few times and I would say that a quarter of them were so ugly and disgusting that I wouldn’t touch them even if they paid me and the rest mostly average. The Termas that I went to also were short of outstanding mostly average looking girls with big butts and thick thighs. But there are beautiful ones too. The good news is that there are girls available all the time for reasonable prices, and they are generally very friendly and sweet.

First of all let me say that there is nothing on earth to prepare you for all of the nastiness that can go on in Rio. I’ve read every single post and have found most to be accurate. I’ve been to Rio 3 times. If you ever go to Rio you will find yourself in paradise. I go to Rio for one reason the women. Two reasons I started going. Watching the Butt-man goes to Rio movies and a website I stumbled across called I couldn’t believe all the things I had heard and had seen.

I landed on Copacabana Beach and inside of 4 hours, I had sex with this 20 year old Brazilian bombshell. She had the sexiest body and an incredible ass to be kissed all day. She loved having her ass licked and I was only to happy to oblige. She did BJ like no women ever had. It was if she owed me money and was trying to settle a debt. I paid her $75 US dollars. She gave me the sex of my life.

I went to Club Help later that night. You’re best bet is to get some sleep until about midnight. Go to help about 1am. If you like to dance the music is the best. We sat upstairs to survey the ass. I decided on a 19 year old with the most incredible ass. She agreed to stay all night for $120US. I took her back to my apartment and spent the first 15 minutes her with my face up her ass. She kept giving me sex most of the night. I banged her pretty ass against the wall in my bathroom at 4am in the dark.

The next day I went to Centaurus it’s a terma located in Ipanema. Before I got to Centaurus I thought I had pretty much seen the extent of what Rio had to offer. I was wrong never go to Rio without stopping for a 4 hour stay at Centaurus. Centaurus has some Brazilian Magazine models  You pay about $120US and inside there are 60 of the most stunning women Rio has to offer. One girl was trying to entice me. She liked me but I wasn’t totally convinced. She had her girlfriend who worked there come talk to me. Her girlfriend told me that this girl really knew sex. How could I turn down a reference like that.

We went back to one of the small room and she now claims the title as the woman who gave me the sex of my life. It was the most incredible experience. Do yourself a favor. Don’t go ever to Rio. Because at least now…you don’t know what you’re missing.

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