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Maceio 250 km south of Recife, is the cheapest, safest and cleanest place in Brazil. It offers wonderful beaches 2 inside the town, 2 25 km south. Garotas da programma only cash 50 reais =12 EUR for really good service and are in front of the Ibis Hotel costs 59 R$, 13 €, no problems and no extra charge at all with taking girls to the room). Avoid dangerous cities like Rio and Recife.

I was there again, some days ago, and Maceio is still the same. Girls are 200m right and left in the park bound to the port of the Ibis, which costs 59 reis 19 EUR, 20 dollars  and does not charge anything for girls, they just need their ID. Maybe Maceio is a little bit boring, compared with Salvador, Rio or Fortaleza.

The garotas da programas charge 40-60 R and at first sight you see nobody, but don’t be frightened, once, going home, a few meters in front of my Ibis one talked to me. There are 2 night clubs, 209 Urugay and cocktail bar, both charge 30 R entrance fee, the girls are 150-200 R and the motel there is 15-50, without any drinks. So that way costs you at least 250-300 reis, about 10 times more than on the street. And you need a taxi, too. The girls there are 8-10 indeed, but if you dim the light a little bit, what does it matter. The last night I met Claudia again, I knew her from last year and we had a great fun in all positions and real GFE.

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