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Recife has changed in the last few years. The beach scene to boa viagem consists only of beach salesmen. The daily costs are very favorably, since the Brazilian real lost more than 40 percent. You get the normal dinner one Comida a Kilo starting from approx. 5-6 reals.

The night scene essentially are around the old church. the girls are fantastic, always nice and naturally beautiful and they never stops samba dancing.

In the evening go to TERTULIA, a restaurant for 15 real you can eat as much as you like and a open air terrace with live music. Here is a starting point for many chicas, where you have a good selection of girls. Just smile at your favorite then she’ll come to your table.

CHAKATAK cocktail bar with nice interior, natural girls 7-8.
BAMBOO BAR many Germans but good music.
SAMPA DISCO the big place with the best chicas 8-10 starting at midnight.

Between the above you have some good pubs. Downtown in the restaurant district there’s very good night life as well but only on weekends. At the Discotheque Sampa starts an area with street walkers.

Recife is a town with two million inhabitants, not a real vacation metropolis. The girls are all very nice, hot and pretty as I expected. I never pay more than 80 reals for the whole night.

When Recife becomes to excessive and loud drive to Porto De Gallinhas taxi approx. 100, bus 3.50 R. It’s a very beautiful place, 60 km south of Recife. Great place to meet young and beautiful people from Recife on the weekends. Better to take your girl with you from Recife. You get one Capirinha for only 1 to 1.5 real. Good restaurants, pubs and discos. Between the gas station and the police station is an open air dancing area, mainly natives, super music and great prices.

It is a great alternative to the more high-priced action in the south, i.e., Rio & Sao Paulo. Spend most of your time in Boa Viagem, which is the Beverly Hills of Recife. Most of the pick up bars are there and it has the best beach in Recife. The best bars are Sampa where the most beautiful girls tend to hang out and Eclipse where many beauties are available at a lower price. You’ll pay between $70 – $100 at Sampa, and $50 – $80 at Eclipse. Another option is the street in Boa Viagem, called Conseilero Aguilar. It’s the street where Sampa is located. You can pick up a girl on the street for short time, for the price of $15 – $35. Of course, be very careful with street girls. I trust street girls in Recife before I would trust a girl in HELP disco in Rio. The girls in the Northeast of Brazil are not as sophisticated as those in the South and are a lot less mercenary. There are a couple of Termas in town but I wouldn’t recommend them as they’re overpriced and the girls there tend to be pros. When you tire of the night action the town of Olinda, contiguous to Recife has some great history. Take a city tour of the area.

Well, Porto de Galinhas, 70 km south of Recife is a safe tourist resort. Ask the taxi driver for the M&B boate / pousada / brothel in Nossa Senhora do O (7 km) if you like Lolitas. Very cheap but not so nice ambience. For 30 – 50 r you can stay there all night long but the pink painted rooms don’t have any windows just A/C.

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