Terma Centaurus

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(Rua Canning, 44, Ipanema)
The most expensive of these termas, and it has some quirky drawbacks, but the women can’t be beat. The arrangements are somewhat different at Centaurus. As you enter you are asked to pay $210. This covers admission, and 40 minutes in a nice room with any girl. Drinks are additional and are paid for as you leave. You can also arrange to have two girls at once but will need to pay an additional $100 in advance. After you enter you will be escorted by a girl to the dressing room. She will help you out of your clothes and into a robe and sandals. This is one aspect of Centaurus that’s not good. The girls typically hangs around and expects that she will be your date for the evening. Always make it clear that you want to go somewhere to relax for awhile and then look around…they get the message. After a shower on the ground floor you head upstairs to the bar area. There is a small room with a TV and massage tables that is often crowded with guys and girls getting friendly while watching soccer (what else!). The bar area is fairly large and has seating at the bar and bench seating elsewhere where it is easier to get to know the girls. There is a small stage where they have live music on some nights and where the girls do striptease routines every evening. The great thing about Centaurus is the girls. There are a lot of them and most are stunning. As good as L’uomo is, there’s a substantial leap in the beauty of the girls. You will find a number of girls to your liking, and will likely find yourself paralyzed by indecision. When you find the one you like, just smile and wink and they’ll come over. Another advantage at Centaurus is that there are several girls who speak fairly good English. I spent an evening with one blonde lovely who was a law student and spoke perfect English. Many of the girls at Centaurus are college students (many from the local Catholic college!) and are better conversationalists than girls at the other termas. The sex at Centaurus has been excellent.


(1) A great Thermas is Centaurus. It is of such quality of woman, that trying others will gain you little value. If you cannot find satisfaction with the 75+ beautiful woman of Centaurus then you will never be satisfied. All of them are at least a 7 in looks and my sample of 5 woman each had an attitude of 9 to 10. Most had asses to die for and rock hard B cup breasts. A really sexual combination. If you go to Centaurus, I would recommend taking a sauna first, then a dip in the small pool before going up to the room with the woman. My first night I didn’t do this and the woman who helped me get undressed latched on to me and I ended up with her for an hour session. Not that she wasn’t fantastic, but she picked me rather than the other way around. After that, I always went for a sauna and drifted upstairs on my terms. The upstairs room is really 3 rooms – a bar area, an area to mingle with a small stage and a private area where the ladies can more privately convince you to choose them. At any given time there appear to be about 50 to 75 choices, all beautiful with great bodies.

Bar drinks are very reasonable and in 5 nights no woman even asked me to buy her a drink. They got me my drinks and put in on my tag number. The pricing is very straight forward with no negotiation. For 240 Real ($130) you get unlimited stay in the facilities (including sauna and pool), a standard room ( I never saw one so I cannot comment on the quality)and 40 minutes with the lady of your choice. For an additional 100 Real ( $54 ) you get an upgraded room and 1 hour. I always chose the upgrade – king sized bed, mirrors on the walls, large bedroom like environment, sensual lighting, fragrance and an extra 20 minutes. This was always enough time for a passionate first session, a massage session, followed by a prolonged stimulation session with a second climax. Each of the women, in different ways made this an intimate and passionate encounter. On of the ladies had inner thigh muscles that grabed you in a way that you never wanted to leave. She was the most unbelievable sex of my life and I have had some experiences in Bangkok and Amsterdam. in the upstairs room, the ladies flirt, compete for your interest, etc.. The only difficulty is as you try to audition each one, it is difficult to move from a beautiful 8 to another possibility – they do not make it easy because they want your business.

The only downside is that only a few of the girls ( my estimate is 15%) speak any English. But of the 5 ladies I had, only one spoke passable English and it was never a problem, only more communication who have been better. A second issue is that many of the woman will want to get you to do a double. But the pricing structure is against you. For the second girl in the room they want 220 Real ( $119). But for 20 Real more you can have the girl by herself in a regular room fo 40 minutes by herself. But from the girls perspective, they want to be paid for the full hour, whether they are full time or as part of a team. Your call, but I preferred to go single.

I went to Centaurus each day in the early evening (7pm), relaxed in a sauna/pool for about 45 minutes, went upstairs and had a drink and auditioned my choice (checked kissing and fore-play ability) for about 45 minutes, relaxed with my choice in the back room (additional more intimate foreplay) for 15 to 30 minutes, then the 1 hour session. I then went back to the meeting room for about 30 minutes for another drink and scouting, then left. Total time was from 7 to 10:30. I then walked to Help Disco area and had a small meal in the cafes on either side of the disco which is situated on Copacabana Beach.

I had mixed feelings on this one. I went there early on a Friday evening and the atmosphere was a turn off. The girls really do the hard sell.
They are constantly trying to get you to take two girls at one time, or a switch off between two guys and two girls. My buddy and I paused over the second option a little while, and then decided that neither of us wanted to see each other naked, so we politely refused that offer. I did go back alone on my very last day in Rio, and had an incredible romp. So much so that I was still smiling when I landed in Houston 14 hours
later. The place is very overpriced compared to the other top Termas, but I would have to admit that the girls there are incredibly hot. It is R$305 for gringos who pay with a credit card [R$290 for cash] that’s the regular cabina, 40 minutes with the girl, and the admission price. The upgrades [suites or longer time] may seem like they are making a bad situation worse, but IMHO the opportunity to nail the “right” girl twice, is well worth the extra R$70. One thing though, you have to stop what you are doing, go back to the front desk and sign another slip approving of the upgrade. [Unless of course that was the option you chose upfront]. My very last experience in Rio was with a beauty from Centaurus. I only had time for one go around, so we got the suite and the extra time. We went at it twice [a little frustration from the night before helped]. and she wouldn’t let me leave without performing anal sex. I shit you not. That was the deal she had suggested before we went up stairs. One throw was supposed to be conventional and the other, … well not.

This was hands down my best memory of Rio. There is just something absolutely priceless about a knockout 19 year old hard body, with an angelic face suggesting anal sex with perfect girlish glee. I got so carried away by her in the suite that I forgot the original deal and did her twice conventionally [Vitamin V helped plenty here]. After all, I wasn’t all that sure she really meant anal sex, remember I have no Portuguese and her English was broken at best. Not only that, but I was already running late to meet Kenn at the apartment to check out and go catch my plane at GIG. To borrow a line from Seinfeld, I calculated the odds of ever being offered a rock hard Portuguese ass like that again, so I had to do it. And yes, Kenn was still waiting for me patiently at the apartment. I can understand why some people would not like Centaurus, I know I didn’t the first time I went. But the second time
made a believer out of me. The upgrade to the suite is more expensive, but the girls get more money from it and I think it effects their
performance. Both girls I had were superior technicians, shit the first girl I had at Centaurus sucked my dick like she owed me money. I think going for extra time is a good strategy, I also think they definitely earn their larger pay checks here. If you’re on a tight budget, it is not the place to go, but if you want a couple of drop dead gorgeous professionals to work you over until you’re just a cum stain on the sheets- then, this is your place.

We ran into several other Americans on our magical mystery tour of Rio Termas, and each time I would get their impressions on the termas. Some
liked Centaurus best, some liked Monte Carlo the best, several thought that the girls in Centaurus were more elegant. I did not find that to be
true, but to each his own. Of the hundreds of reports I read on the Rio Termas, I was surprised how unequivocal some people were in what they
considered the best Termas. All I know for sure, is that everyone’s tastes differ. I can remember that some of the girls who I rated as easily the best in the place, would from time to time spend an hour or two alone! Sitting down and talking to the other girls. People will honestly disagree over the desirability of each particular girl, but the market usually corrects for an imbalance in price. Whatever the critics think of Centaurus, it is hands down the the most expensive terma. But, for whatever reason, they continue to get that higher price.

Terma Centaurro Pic:
Rua Caning, 44
R290 first session, R250 for 1 hour, R200 for 40 minutes
bbbj and ball sucking, french, DATY, positions, drinks
Terma centaurros is a bit pricey but the girls are top notch in looks and TOTALLY uninhibited. They stay with you the entire hour and not one of the girls I chose wanted to leave the session early. I would recommend you try this Terma even for just one session. Made a trip into Centaurus can report that is place has the highest quality girls with the best attitudes but was one of the more expensive places in Ipanema. Centaurus is a good place to go if you don’t speak Portuguese, because most of the girls spoke English here. Many girls to pick from could spend a week here and still have more girls to try. Centaurus was my number one choice on the trip for Termas. The girls here were not any better looking than at any of the other Termas, but they do tend to be more professional. No jealousy here, you can butterfly all you want and you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. They do however, push the two girls at one time deal.

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