Termas Solarium

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Termas Solarium
J. Botânico
Rua J.J. Seabra, 21

Depending on your tastes, this is right up there in my book with Monte Carlo. We went here on Sunday night, so I don’t know whether that made
the difference. According to reports I read, Solarium was the only terma which was supposed to be open on Sunday. I had a strange type of
“butterfly” experience in this place. It would
seem that I was too obvious in my evaluation of the talent. I think that I must have come off as too morose, quiet, or maybe “too into it”. I do
remember that I wanted to hit at least three different girls on Sunday night. That type of hell bent for leather style can turn off several of the girls. A beautiful girl hanging out with my
traveling buddy pointed out that I was much too intense in my manner. Checking out the girls too thoroughly. It was a valuable lesson. I made a
mental note to be more gregarious, out going, and playful. That helped a great deal in the attitudes I received back from the girls.

I tend to be quiet and reserved in my demeanor, especially in situations where I am nervous and/or
uncomfortable. Personally, I think sitting stone cold sober in those faggy white robes in among beautiful and scantily clad women who don’t
speak English is going to make me to be at least a little nervous. I usually use alcohol as my social crutch. Normally this is not a problem,
but doing 2 to 3 girls a day for 5 days wears on you a little bit. I made the classic mistake of switching from beer to hard liquor, and “over medicated” shall be say. I end up going with a
striking 9+ to a cabina.

She is everything I could ever want physically in a girl. She is all ready to go, naked as a jay bird, and obviously in the mood when its as
if someone somewhere turns off a switch. Mr. Johnson is limp. I don’t have any Vitamin V with me. She speaks virtually no English, I am
humiliated, try to ask for some “assistance” from her, and she either can’t understand me or pretends not to. With no help coming from her
corner, the pressure builds, and now I must try to explain why I am not ready to go at it. Naturally this doesn’t go well, and I am left to
suffer the entire period in the room with an incredibly hot girl who I can’t fuck. I manage to convince her to stay over at my place, and she quotes $150 U.S. Same refrain from up top: I am a fucking moron. I had to have her though. I couldn’t walk away form it. We did have sex,
but it was cold, robotic and unsatisfying to the core. Well, okay on one level it was great, but there was no chemistry at all. It was obvious
that she thought I was a low life, screwing anything that moved. Not that she was all that off base, except the low life part- most people
who know me think I’m a hell of a nice guy. It was one of my biggest disappointments. Sex
is not the only thing these girls sell. They are experts at making you believe that they are enjoying the session as much as you are. It is
this illusion [and their expertise] that makes the experience so incredibly unique. When that illusion was disspelled, I felt every bit
the slimy low life she judged me to be.

entrance 40BRL
girl 140BRL for 40min in std room
soft drinks 2-3 BRL
About 20girls present, around 7-8’s
I find that girls tend to be more professional here than in L’ Uomo

Sunday night my favorite place Centaurus was closed so I tried Solarium in jardim botanico. The service was average, popular among Americans. There were at least nine top-level girls. What the girls object to is the inability of most Americans to speak Portuguese. Because it means trying to speak a language they do not know.

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