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Free Night is a club
Club about 20 minutes from downtown by taxi.
45-55 girls
Entry 20R ($1.00US = 2.6 reals 5/2002)
Bar fine 20R club
Girls ask for 100 to 200R

Expensive club down the street, less girls

Street Scene around these clubs you can pick up a girl for what you would pay for drinks, entry, and bar fine.

Casquinha de Siri
Food is good and working girls hang here, but let them make a move to be sure some non working women here too.

Area around the center of town a good pick up area. Several girls at rate of 50R hour about $19 dollars US.

I was in Brazil a while back Salvador is a beautiful city with a large historical background. People claim that Brazil started here. Well, I know that you are not interested in History so let me tell you about others things.

I was looking for some girls and although there is a lot in the streets I prefer to go to clubs where the quality is much better. So I asked a taxi driver and he took me to Free Night which seems to be the best one in the town. There you will find about 15 to 20 girls, mainly young ones from blond to black passing through brunettes.

I chose a blond girl, slender but with nice curves, aged 19 years. Back in the hotel we took a bath together so we had enough time to wash and to know each other’s body very well. Then we went to bed where she was anger to be licked and I didn’t refused it. She a very nice and wet push and the only concern was her loud voice. After that she gave me one of the best blow job with condom I ever had.

It was very nice since she was really good in shaking her hips but I decided that I would like to take control and changed position. After a few different positions I came. We stayed hugging and kissing each other for a while. It was so nice that after a small rest I was ready for another session. We did it three times and it cost me only 150 BRL (about 80 USD) plus 40 BRL that I paid in the club.

Another option there is to go a bar with live music called Casquinha de Siri. There you will find tourist, local girls looking for some action and some professional girls. That’s up to you but the chances of getting something for free there is quite high.

I have been there in December and it was a great fun, since my last visits everything was better, safer and cleaner and even cheaper. Now the r$ (Real) is 1:3,6 to us$ or EUR, and it is extremely cheap in Brazil. 4 star hotel less than 25 EUR, about 100 R$, 3 start hotel about 60 R$ or 15 €, Salvador is now clean and safe and the old upper town (Pelourinho) is wonderfully restored by Unesco.

Street action garotas da progarma is at Pelourinha, Praca da Se Cathedral and in the show dancing restaurant Casquinha de Siri the charge 80-100 R$, about 20€ or $

Best place for nightly safe street action is Porto da Barra between the old fort and the Praiamar there is also a place with cafes on each side of the street near Hotel Praiamar or behind Grande Hotel da Barra near a Chinese Restaurant. The place is full of Garotas da Programma 50 reis 15 EUR. Police do not bother you or them they protect you if girls are not over 18). Nearby you can rent flats or apartments if you stay longer.

The scene on Pelourinho and Praca da Sé is more aggressive, there are many black beauties.

If you are in Salvador the first place to visit is Casquinha de Siri a wonderful Disco where you can find tons of Garotas de Programa 7-9, the price starts at 30 to 65 US for FS and all night. Be careful because not all are working girls but they’ll explain this fact.

Forget working girls in Salvador you can find thousands of beautiful Brazilian girls especially blacks that only want romance and sex with a gringo. The best hunting places are shopping centers like Iguatemi or the beaches of Ondina and Piata.

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