Sao Paulo

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Rua Nestor Pestana
Some nice middle-high end nightclubs featuring a variety of shows (not just sex) from 11 p.m. and on and plenty of go-go girls. Drinks are ranging around USD$10. Pay for drinks only if you plan to take the girl out of the club later. Be careful, these girls earn a commission on the drinks. Most of the girls are very professional, seeking maximum revenue in shortest time. recommended The Kilt, mainly due to its foreigner-friendly management, and handling of complaints, i.e. regarding the bill. Ask for Tania, who is the co-owner. Many girls that are 7-9 speak English. If you take one with you, usually to a hotel nearby, your hotel or a motel (if you have a car), you ha pay for drink two drinks as a bar fine. The girls ask usually R$ 200 for short time.

Rua Augusta
Low class area of the city with some sauna houses. Lower end of the market which offer cheap, quick and mostly safe “programas”. The fee is R$60 and includes one half an hour of full service. Sauna (price less than 5 USD), Be careful, the girls are quite aggressive at getting customers here.

Central Aurora Gen Jardim
This area features middle/low end nightclubs aiming to take every customers they can. The girls here are young and from outside Sao Paulo, seeking quick cash. Price level: R$ 50 – R$ 100 for a “programa”. Careful, some of these establishments are dealing with illegal drugs. If you listen to only one thing I say here it’s; stay away from illegal drugs in this country they will come down hard on you.

Internet Cafes
Internet Café
Av Paulista, 1,919 Bela Vista
Hours 11am-10pm

Rua Pamplona 1766 Jardins
Reasonable prices

Masp Restaurant
Av Paulista 1578
Price/Hour: For each real spent in the restaurant you get 1 internet min. for free.
11am to 3pm
Monday thru Friday
12 pm to 5 pm
Saturday and Sunday

R.Gal.Roberto Carvalho Filho 419 Sto Amaro
8 terminals
8am -7pm
Monday – Saturday
R$4.00 per hour

Na Rede
Rua Ministro Godoi 1169 Perdizes
Monday – Friday
11am – 11pm
except Tuesdays
11am – 3pm
R$1 for 10 mins
R$6 per hour

After reading the opening report I thought I’d correct some basic misinformation on Sao Paulo. All in all the girls in Sao Paulo are prettier than anywhere else in Brazil not just my opinion 90% of those long timers i know agree. On the other hand it’s more expensive than Rio, Recife or other cities.

The Rua Augusta is the home of most of the widely known clubs, BigBen, Kiltz, Scorpio and 4-5 others are within 2 block of the Brazilton hotel. Typically there is a small charge 15-30 reals to enter, which covers a drink or two. The flavor of the clubs varies but all provide sex shows and plenty of willing companions. Most of the girls are available for about $200 reals for 2-3 hours, obviously they will start higher and ask for dollars vs real’s…take your time and act based on your desires and the girls other possibilities. There is a short time hotel a block up from Big Ben’s across freeway from the rest that charges $60US this may or may not be better than guest charge from your hotel. If you go there do not walk up and to the right from Kiltz go the long way via the rue Augusta a couple more steps but much safer.

The Termas scene in Sao Paulo is a bust, I wouldn’t bother. The escort services are pretty decent and should run about $200 reals again. Cafe Foto is an institution similar to Help the girls are prettier and more expensive with the range from $100 to $300 US for an over nighter. These are the same girls who show up in Rio for carnival and yes they charge the same or more when in Rio.

There is an upper tier in Sao Paulo, some is private some not. I’ve been a couple other places there as a guest that I can’t really recollect clearly Brazil will do that to you. Personally I’m hooked on the Rio Termas but Sao Paulo is worth the trip.

First time in Sao Paolo an unpleasant business city. No problem to find night clubs full of girls. Just ask the taxi driver from your hotel. But honestly no good experiences girls are expensive and boring. They try to leave you as soon as possible going back to the club to meet another client.

You guys can just log on to the internet to look at girls in Sao Paulo or across Brazil. Try , , or as a few examples.

There are plenty of other pages as well. Just search under “acompanhantes.”

The Bars are just a 10 minute walk from the Renaissance Hotel.

You could also try the lounge just up from the lobby in the Renaissance, there were some mind blowing babes in there.

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