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There are many cab drivers, a driver told me more than in New York. This means that business is bad so you can get a taxi for all day for about $50 bucks. My driver was with me from about 8 am till 3 am every day. Better than renting a car. I also asked him to lunch and dinner and half the time he declined. I discussed the chica situation and he told me that there was not a big industry there. He told me that the clubs were ripoffs, but I asked to see anyway. The two I visited were pretty much the same. Small, about 10 chicas. Lots of hustle for chick drinks almost $20 each, and $ 40 for a private dance. In both cases I left because the chicas wanted the drink commissions and really didn’t want to discuss leaving.

After that, we went to his other alternative apartment girls. He took me to a residential area to an apartment building. When I went inside, I was offered a beer and told the rules. The girls would introduce themselves and I would have a choice. They would give us a room for 1 hour, more or less. Total cost about $100. The girls, one at a time about a dozen girls, came into the room, said hello and gave their names, and left. Each was dressed either in a swim suit or lingerie. All the girls were pretty, a couple were beautiful. Ages were early to late 20’s.

In both houses that I visited the girls were not very responsive. No BBBJ, everything was with a condom. There was no kissing. The girls were very mechanical. Just to add my two centavos. Have been in Quito didn’t find much what I did find I actually wouldn’t touch. Ended up with an amateur and almost died from no air trying to do the deed at 12,000 feet. Unless things have changed in the past 2 years, Quito not a real good bet. Guayquil on the coast is another story. Pros and amateurs both in good supply.

Santiago, Great looking women, only a couple or three good establishments. I remember one at house #69 with a large flashing 69 sign hanging out front that had about 60 girls to choose from. An hour was about $35 super looking girls. Other smaller establishments had 4 to 5 gals but the quality was only about average. Used cheap cabbies as described above. Some cabbies really in the know, others were either unknowing or reluctant to put me on the chicas.

The Colombianas are drop dead gorgeous and the Venezuelan girls are as wild as they get. Good value in both cases.

One point regarding the country the economic situation is terrible. This means that there are lots of ladies, and few local customers. In my brief time there, talking with one chica with experience and from my viewing of traffic in the major street prostitution area, you should be able to negotiate for low prices.

The lack of oxygen in Quito makes you get out of breath pretty fast. You notice it just with a quick walk of a block. I was there for a few hours changing planes and took a brief sightseeing walk nothing to see near the airport but it was really noticeable.

I wouldn’t go to Colombia today due to the very problems you describe. Heard somewhere that Guayquil was also having similar problems. Regarding Ecuador versus Venezuela. Other than the altitude problem in Quito, the biggest difference is in the girls themselves. The Venezuelan girls are in general taller, nicer bodies, hotter in the sack and seem to me to have better attitudes. I believe most of them are of mixed Spanish and Carib/Amazon Indian heritage. The Ecuadorian gals tend to be shorter much with a high percentage of Inca heritage. Gives them a cute, somewhat Oriental look. I didn’t find them nearly as attractive or anywhere close to being as hot as the Colombians and the Venezuelans. As they always say, though, YMMV.


1. Colombia has security problems, primarily because of the drug trade.
2. Venezuela also has security problems in Caracas. This is more a crime problem because of poor police capabilities and the impossibly packed city. My local contacts told me not to leave my hotel when I was there and the newspaper reported 28 murders over the previous weekend. They also had recent elections and chose a nutcase as President, which will probably make the situation even worse. Things are better in other cities, but if you go you end up in Caracas.
3. Ecuador seemed relatively safe. It is not as heavily populated and crowded which helps. There are enough pretty girls, at least in Guayaquil, to keep you busy.
4. Peru, if it is covered in the FF destinations, has Lima. Excellent selection, good prices, relatively secure.
5. If you want the most beautiful women Argentina Buenos Aires is best and it is the most secure. Unfortunately, the prices are also high for everything from a room to the Chicas themselves. Short time generally runs into the $ 100 range. In Peru, Ecuador and D.R. you would spend less than half of what you will spend in B.A.

Lucas Bar
yv. Apoquindo N° 64008, Las Condes, Santiago Chile, hours are 12:00 noon until 3:30 AM Monday to Saturday, Sunday?, Much has already been written about Lucas Bar in Santiago Chile and I too will add my chapter. I have traveled to Chile three times and speak enough Spanish to get the basic necessities, but not enough to do business without an interpreter. I am a good looking gringo, and this is important in that it affects your experience, as you will see below. Lucas Bar is, by Canadian tastes, exotic. We have many strips bars with beautiful women, but in Lucas Bar there are all types of bodies and looks, with exotic looking Latina’s as well as classic blond and blue eyed Europeans. If you want to get close to the perfect behind, then come to Lucas Bar. Even better, in Lucas Bar you can touch. The first few minutes at Lucas Bar were surreal. I was lead into the Club, up the stairs to soft chair directly in front of ten girls who were dancing across a 60’s style lit dance floor. It was a Monday night, so, there were at most 20 girls in the club. A third of the girls I did not find particularly attractive, though they were sexy and I have been with worse. About half the girls were attractive and sexy. Five of the girls were to die for – as good as I have ever seen in any night club. Zero body fat, tanned, Charlie’s Angels spandex pant wearing, navel ringed, pouty lipped, killer eyed goddesses. It was spectacular. Within two minutes of sitting down my heart almost stopped beating for I gazed upon a Carmen Diaz look alike with the smoothest dance moves. The legs and ass could not be improved upon. They way she moved reflected the kind of person she was: sincere, adventurous, fun. She was mid twenties. Compared to her it was very obvious which girls had bad attitude and should be avoided. I found the ability to choose the girl in this strip club empowering and absolutely opposite to the experience that I had dealt with my entire life. As I sat in my chair, sipping my $15 US beer, five girls sat down, uninvited, to talk with me. They were all attractive, and two were to die for. But ‘Carmen’ had hooked me completely, and so I did not buy these girls drinks, nor did I take my eyes off Carmen, and so, after some small talk, they disappeared. A problem emerged when Carmen was asked by another party of men to sit and have a drink. She obliged, following club policy. Yet, we smiled and lip synced the words of several songs from across the room. It was, actually, rather bizarre. I went into the club in the mood for hard sex with an escort and found myself fixated physically and, dare I say, emotionally, on Carmen yes, I need therapy. I had my choice of four absolutely knockouts, but no, I had to have only one. I motioned to my waiter, who earlier had told me to let him know if I liked a girl, and told him of my interest. La Rubia? he asked. Oh yeah baby! Shortly thereafter Carmen was stroking my chest, giving me a kiss, and snuggling up to me like a high school date. So it was time to go. As we left the club Carmen was strutting like a cat, grabbing my hand, and all eyes were on her. At least on this night, getting a client to take you out of the club was a big deal that she was flaunting. She had her gringo. Now comes the bad part. To get out of the club with Carmen cost $200 US total, which includes four drinks and the exit fee Salida. Her pimp? or maybe the owner of the club, came over and told me if I had any trouble with the girl I should talk to him. No doubt her $200 per hour rate helped pay the bills here. Overall it was a ridiculous amount to pay, and I can’t say that it is worth it in practical terms, but it was to fulfill a priceless fantasy. Of course, I am obviously addicted to sex, in which matter practicality is often moot. Back to the hotel in a free limo provided by the club, we are necking and I am squeezing her everywhere, and she me. We enter the hotel, she leaves her ID at the desk, and upstairs we go. Inside the room we slow dance and laugh and kiss and touch. Soon she is naked and my god, she is a stunner. The amazing thing is that my pre programmed program of raunchy action spun by excessive internet porn viewing fell by the wayside as we danced and made out, before a teasing, brief, but well done bare blow job, followed by missionary and from behind. In all one hour of absolutely supreme enjoyment, that was indeed intimate. The cost was $200 US: about double what I think is realistic to pay. Yet again, the fantasy value rules. That, plus a tip, and we are looking at over $400 US, an outrageous amount in a city where you can call up a beautiful young women to your hotel for $100 US. I don’t think I will ever go back to Lucas Bar, unless I fall victim to massive wealth. But I won’t ever forget it either. As for Carmen, I wonder, was she digging me or just a good actress?

Check out the all of the pretty street girls around the barrio suizza, Swiss neighborhood lots of variety to choose from. All of the girls generally walk a strip along the park at night. Went to a strip club about 3 or 4 miles from the barrio suizza, forgo the name, but the taxi driver took us there. Hooked up with a beautiful, blond haired Chilean girls, nicely trimmed. Lots of tongue during kissing, great body, no English, beautiful eyes and nicely tanned. It was $35 for the room and $125 for the girl for the hour. Do not purchase drinks if you can help it. They know you are American and will rip you off, were talking $50 for a can of beer! Ask before you buy and do not buy for the girls! My girl offered to come back to the hotel with me

Santiago was an interesting city because the city is not centralized. Centro is business. It has shopping, restaurants and offices and is pleasant during the day. It is dead after dark. Unlike most cities, there is not a tacky bar filled area surrounding Centro. There is a restaurant area, which on the other side of the river from Centro, but there did not seem to be any working girls there. Because Santiago has an overabundance of taxis, the taxi drivers work long hours and will hire out for the day for about US$50. This is cheaper than renting a car and paying for gas. On my first night I hired a taxi driver for a single ride back to my hotel after exploring and when he offered to be my chauffeur I accepted. He drove me to my destinations, waited for me and took me to my next appointment in the day, then took me to my evening activities. He worked for me from about 8 am to the following 3 am. He napped in the taxi when I was on business or pleasure or taking my siesta from about 5 pm to 9pm. The first night with Juan Carlos, I asked if he knew any strip joints Clubs de Noche donde las chicas baillan desnudas He told me that there were none. We discussed other alternatives and the only thing available that was similar were bars with high priced drinks where the girls would sit with you and hustle drinks at about $20 a piece. He told me that it was not worth it. Being in the exploring mood, I asked him to take me to one and found out that he was right. I got hustled, and got nowhere. He had also mentioned apartments with working girls, so I asked for that next. There is no use giving an address, because the place did not have one. It seemed to be an ordinary apartment building in a residential neighborhood. If you didn’t know where it was, you would never find it and it had no special sign. The doorman let me in and I went to a small reception room which had a couch and the manager offered me a $5 beer, then explained the rules. The available girls would come in and introduce themselves. After they have introduced themselves, I tell him which one I want and pay approximately $100 for 1 hour. About 8 girls proceeded come into the room and kiss me on the cheek they introduce themselves. Very brief, Hello, my name is.. Then the girl would leave and the next one would come in. In general they were about 2228 years old and pretty, but no centerfolds. They were dressed in either lingerie or swimsuits. Unfortunately, I am lousy with names and ended up describing the lingerie of the girl that I chose rather than giving her name. I paid my money and the girl took me upstairs, where there were several bedrooms and a bath. She gave me a towel and told me to take a shower. I invited her to come with me but she passed on that. After a quick shower, I went to the room and found her on the bed. After she closed the door, she kissed me on the cheek and began removing her clothes. I noticed that the table had a small towel and a pack of condoms. She was pretty, but she didn’t French kiss. B.J was with a condom. Penetration was with a condom. It was all very businesslike. When the hour was over, there was a knock at the door and we dressed. I went back to the reception room, she kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye. The girls were pretty, but it lacked fantasy. In my three nights

My favorite destination is Chile. I speak little Spanish. Sex Mecca is Santiago for other towns lack of Spanish language is mar problems.

All major news papers carry ads. in Spanish. Call the number and request for girl. They will like to know your hotel and room number , please be aware a few hotels in down town area do refuse entry to the girls but most do not but will likely charge double occupancy rates for that day. Try to stay in down town hotels. Most escorts will charge $50 for 2hrs. plus $15 for taxi charge for the girl. Most girls are young and generally 6 to 8. Most perform oral without condom, eager to let you eat the pussy. Every single girl I had was clean and smelled nice. Some agencies for higher clientele like La Bambollia charge $100 but no taxi charge, feature girls in7 t0 10 range. Most of the girls were young and college students and may speak broken English. Stress was on customer satisfaction. Recommend this agency ask for 19 year old Alejandra. Most girls on second visit will be less strict about condom. But I will recommend that you always use one. I have been to CR, DR and TJ. These girls are of much higher socioeconomic level and are not jaded with their work.

Night Clubs
All types, In one club with very strong body odor sat next to me and need less to say I walked out. In one of the club in down town area I went to girlie bar Spotted a tall blonde. After first obligatory drink, She asked for $100 for sex. She took me into a small room where two other girls were working on the Johns. The sex was a blast. Next day I tried club next door, nice girls no sex or nudity was allowed you could apparently talk with the girl, drinks were expensive and chick was quite thirsty. She promised to come to my hotel and gave me a phone number. She never came and phone number was for the club. It was a complete drag.

Girls here are older and many ugly and fat 2 to 6 range. Apartment addresses are in the news paper in same classified section as escorts. I went to the club across my hotel, very nervous looking man opened the door and took me through double doors. Asked for $25 about 20 girls were shown, I selected the youngest about 25 to 30 years in looks. She wanted a $10 tip agreed for $5 to let me kiss her on the mouth. Sex was included in initial $25. She asked additional $20 for anal sex with condom. If you are into anal you should try the apartments other wise escorts are of higher quality.

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