Vina del Mar

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This is a wonderful beach resort about one hour drive from Santiago, Chile.
Play Old Club
Ave Valparaiso 1115
Vina del Mar
Is an upscale night club in the nice part of town. Here vacationing Chileans men buy the girls overpriced drinks and dance with them. It is not allowed to take the girls home while they are working. The girls are a real mixture some are in Vina del Mar on vacation working here to make money to pay some bills when they return home to Santiago. Pretty much middle class girl-next-door types who work as clerks or secretaries at home. By late night most of the guys are drunk or sleepy and have drifted off. At closing time 3:00AM there are thirty girls and maybe eight guys. The remaining guys usually take their girl home for the night for about $30. The rest of girls who are often the best are all available for about $30 and will stay until breakfast if you wish. Most are willing to see you outside since after 3:00AM they are free to do what the please until 10:00PM the next day. Many of the girls are housed above the Play Old Club. The entrance to the girls housing it the doorway to the right of the club entrance. At the top of the stairs is an informal reception area. You can drop in afternoons or early evening for an hour of in call it you like

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